Scottish Young Labour

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Scottish Young Labour
Headquarters 290 Bath Street
Glasgow Scotland
G2 4RE
Ideology Socialism
Mother party Scottish Labour Party
International affiliation International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY)
European affiliation Young European Socialists

Scottish Young Labour (SYL) is the youth wing of the Scottish Labour Party and forms a part of the UK-wide organisation Young Labour. It works with the Scottish Labour Students and the STUC Youth Committee, as well as other Labour Party affiliates.

Scottish Young Labour promotes the interests of Scottish Labour through youth involvement. SYL has its own policy forum, as well as having members on the Scottish Policy Forum, the body which decides Scottish Labour party policy.[1] SYL exists to involve young people in the Labour Party and ensure that the view of young people are represented in the wider Labour party.

Having been elected at the December 2015 conference, Lyndsay Clelland serves as the SYL chair. Liam Gleeson was also elected as SYL vice-chair at the same conference.

SYL relations[edit]

Scottish Young Labour works closely with Scottish Labour Students and the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) Youth Committee on determining its campaigning. It also works with affiliates of the Labour Party in the same regard. Scottish Young Labour is also affiliated to Young Labour.


Scottish Young Labour is one of the UK Labour Party’s most active and effective campaigning groups, regularly providing large numbers of activists to assist in key campaigns all around the country. In the 2010 United Kingdom General Election, Scottish Young Labour campaigned in all of Scotland’s key seats and played a large part in ensuring that Scottish Labour returned 41 MPs to Westminster, as well as polling over 42.0% of the popular vote.

Scottish Young Labour also demonstrated the capacity of its large and active membership during the Scottish independence referendum 2014 as it brought large numbers of students and young people from across Scotland to campaign in favour of remaining within the United Kingdom.

Scottish Young Labour has worked with Scottish Labour Students to campaign on university campuses for causes such as the implementation of the Living Wage, reducing the use of zero-hour contracts and Labour representation within student unions and bodies.

In addition to grassroots campaigning, Scottish Young Labour also plays a key role in the formulation of Labour Party policy. It has its own policy forum, whilst also having dedicated representation on the Scottish Policy Forum, the body which is responsible for the formulation of Scottish Labour Party policy.


All Scottish Labour party members under the age of 27 are eligible for membership of Scottish Young Labour. This is in contrast to membership for Scottish Labour Students, which only encompasses those members who are in Labour clubs at Scottish universities or other educational institutions.


Scottish Young Labour hosts an annual conference ever year, usually in November. It also holds an additional range of national events, including fringes at the Scottish Labour Party's annual conference. The SYL annual conference is an opportunity to amend its or Scottish Labour Student's (SOLS) constitution, engage in debate, pass policy motions and hold liberation events.

At the November 2014 conference, a constitutional amendment was passed to reserve either the office of Chair or Vice Chair for a woman in Scottish Labour Students.


The governing body, the Scottish Labour Party Youth Committee, is elected at the annual Scottish Young Labour Conference.[2]

2015/16 Scottish Young Labour Committee[edit]

  • Chair: Lyndsay Clelland
  • Vice-chair: Liam Gleeson
  • Secretary: Nathaniel Butler Blondel
  • Treasurer: Samantha Ritchie
  • Communications Officer: Conor Boyes
  • Mid Scotland and Fife Regional Chair: Louis King
  • West Scotland Regional Chair: Christopher Barbour
  • Highlands & Islands Regional Chair:
  • Glasgow Regional Chair: Laura Dover
  • North East Scotland Regional Chair:
  • Lothian Regional Chair: Jordan Turner
  • Central Scotland Regional Chair: Michael Muir
  • South Scotland Regional Chair:
  • Women's Officer: Rhea Wolfson
  • LGBT+ Officer:Zaic Holbrook
  • Disabilities Officer: Peter Higgins
  • BAME Officer:
  • Under 19s Officer: Ruaridh Groat

Ex officio[edit]

  • STUC Youth Committee Representatives: Jamie-Max Caldwell; Usman Ali;
  • SPF Youth Representatives: Billy McCauley; Kevin O'Donnell; Robin Murphy; Lauren Gilmour


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