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Hangul 수운교
Hanja 水雲敎
Revised Romanization Suungyo
McCune–Reischauer Suun'gyo

Suunism (Hangul수운교; Hanja水雲敎; RRSuungyo) is one of the Korean ethnic religions derived from Sinism.[1] It is a splinter from Cheondoism that in turn originated as an organised formation of the Donghak movement.[2] "Suwun" was another name used by Choe Je-u.[3] Suwunists claim to have transmitted a purer version of his teaching.[4]

The religion's headquarters are located in Daejeon,[5] where Suwun himself moved in 1929 after having preached in Seoul since 1923.[6] The religion focuses on the worship of Okhwangsangje Hanulim (the "Great Jade Emperor of Heaven"),[7] in order to make the earth a paradise through the reconnection to the One.[8] An important symbol of the faith is Gungeul ("Archer Bird").[9] The doctrine includes belief in the Maitreya.[10]

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