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Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation திருநெல்வேலி மாநகராட்சி
---.--- office suspended due to postponed elections
---.--- office suspended due to postponed elections
S. Siva Subramanian
Sandeep Nanduri, IAS
Seats 55

Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation is the civic body which administers the city of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, India. It consists of a legislative and an executive body. The legislative body is headed by the city mayor while the executive body is headed by a Chief Commissioner.


The former Tirunelveli Municipality was constituted on 1 November 1866 as per the Town Improvements Act of 1865.[1] It initially covered the area of Tirunelveli town and Junction alone while the city limits included the neighbouring municipality of Palayamkottai as well.[1] Tirunelveli was upgraded to a municipal corporation in 1994 along with Tiruchirappalli and Salem.[2]


For administrative purpose the Tirunelveli corporation is divided into five zones - Tirunelveli Zone, Thatchanallur Zone, Palayamkottai Zone, Melapalayam Zone and Pettai Zone.

Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation is the first City Corporation in the whole country to introduce segregation of waste during collection itself. Plastics and polythene bags are collected only on Wednesday. If citizens break the rule then they are fined.


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