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This is a list of actors who have made guest appearances in Doctor Who.

First Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Serial/s Character/s
Howard Lang An Unearthly Child Horg
Virginia Wetherell The Daleks Dyoni
Alan Wheatley The Daleks Temnosus
David Graham The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Chase, "Mission to the Unknown", The Daleks' Master Plan, The Gunfighters Daleks (voices), Mechanoids (voices), Charlie
Mark Eden Marco Polo Marco Polo
Zienia Merton Marco Polo Ping Cho
Derren Nesbitt Marco Polo Tegana
George Coulouris The Keys of Marinus Arbitan
Francis de Wolff The Keys of Marinus and The Myth Makers Vasor and Agamemnon
Peter Glaze The Sensorites Third Sensorite / City Administrator
Ronald Pickup The Reign of Terror Physician
Derek Francis The Romans Nero
Martin Jarvis The Web Planet Hilio
Tony Caunter The Crusade Thatcher
Julian Glover The Crusade Richard the Lionheart
Jean Marsh The Crusade and The Daleks' Master Plan Joanna and Sara Kingdom
Jeremy Bulloch The Space Museum Tor
The Beatles The Chase Themselves (film excerpt only) 1
Peter Butterworth The Time Meddler and The Daleks' Master Plan The Meddling Monk
Max Adrian The Myth Makers King Priam
Brian Cant The Daleks' Master Plan Kert Gantry
Bryan Mosley The Daleks' Master Plan Malpha / Prop Man
André Morell The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve Marshal Tavannes
Leonard Sachs The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve Admiral de Colingy
Eric Thompson The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve Gaston, Viscount de Lerans
Michael Sheard The Ark Rhos
Michael Gough The Celestial Toymaker The Celestial Toymaker
Carmen Silvera The Celestial Toymaker Clara / Queen of Hearts / Mrs Wiggs
Lynda Baron The Gunfighters and later Enlightenment Singer (off-screen) Captain Wrack
Shane Rimmer The Gunfighters Seth Harper
Kenneth Kendall The War Machines Himself
Robert Beatty The Tenth Planet General Cutler

Second Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Serial/s Character/s
Bernard Archard The Power of the Daleks Bragen
Peter Barkworth The Ice Warriors Leader Clent/Clent
Bernard Bresslaw The Ice Warriors Varga
Brian Cant The Dominators Tensa
Pauline Collins The Faceless Ones Samantha Briggs
Marius Goring The Evil of the Daleks Theodore Maxtible
Carmen Munroe The Enemy of the World Fariah
Philip Madoc The Krotons and The War Games Eelek and The War Lord
André Maranne The Moonbase Benoit
Peter Sallis The Ice Warriors Penley
Esmond Knight The Space Pirates Dom Issigri
Jack May The Space Pirates General Hermack
Leslie Schofield The War Games Leroy
David Troughton The War Games Private Moor
Rudolph Walker The War Games Harper
Edward Brayshaw The War Games The War Chief

Third Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Serial/s Character/s
June Brown The Time Warrior Lady Eleanor
Jeremy Bulloch The Time Warrior Hal
Tony Caunter Colony in Space Morgan
Matthew Corbett The Daemons Jones
Paul Darrow Doctor Who and the Silurians Captain Hawkins
Jane How Planet of the Daleks Rebec
Gareth Hunt Planet of the Spiders Arak
Martin Jarvis Invasion of the Dinosaurs The Governor
Fulton Mackay ' Doctor Who and the Silurians Dr Quinn
Hilary Minster Planet of the Daleks Marat
Geoffrey Palmer Doctor Who and the Silurians and The Mutants Masters and Administrator
Susan Penhaligon The Time Monster Lakis
Tim Pigott-Smith The Claws of Axos Captain Harker
Ingrid Pitt The Time Monster Queen Galleia
David Prowse The Time Monster Minotaur
Michael Sheard The Mind of Evil Dr Summers
Carmen Silvera Invasion of the Dinosaurs Ruth
David Troughton The Curse of Peladon King Peladon
John Woodnutt 'Spearhead from Space and Frontier in Space Hibbert and Draconian Emperor
Helen Worth Colony in Space Mary Ashe

Fourth Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Serial/s Character/s
Bernard Archard Pyramids of Mars Marcus Scarman
Geoffrey Bayldon The Creature from the Pit Organon
Eleanor Bron City of Death Art Gallery Visitor
John Challis The Seeds of Doom Scorby
John Cleese City of Death Art Gallery Visitor
David Collings Robots of Death and Revenge of the Cybermen Poul and Vorus
Kenneth Cope Warriors' Gate Packard
Adrienne Corri The Leisure Hive Mena
Brian Croucher Robots of Death Borg
Janet Ellis The Horns of Nimon Teka
Julian Glover City of Death Count/Scaroth
David Graham City of Death Kerensky
David Haig The Leisure Hive Pangol
Michael Keating The Sun Makers Goudry
Philip Madoc The Brain of Morbius and The Power of Kroll Mehendri Solon and Fenner
Derek Martin Image of the Fendahl Mitchell
Hilary Minster Genesis of the Daleks Thal Soldier
Patrick Newell The Android Invasion Colonel Faraday
Tony Osoba Destiny of the Daleks Lan
Clifford Rose Warriors' Gate Rorvik
Tim Pigott-Smith The Masque of Mandragora Marco
Deep Roy The Talons of Weng-Chiang Mr Sin
Pamela Salem The Robots of Death Toos
Catherine Schell City of Death Countess
Leslie Schofield The Face of Evil Caleb
Michael Sheard The Pyramids of Mars and The Invisible Enemy Laurence Scarman and Supervisor Lowe
Guy Siner Genesis of the Daleks Ravon
Peter Tuddenham The Ark in Space and The Masque of Mandragora Computer and The Mandragora Helix
John Woodnutt Terror of the Zygons and The Keeper of Traken Duke of Forgill/Broton and Counsel Seron
David Yip Destiny of the Daleks Veldan

Fifth Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Serial/s Character/s
Chloe Ashcroft Resurrection of the Daleks Professor Laird
Rodney Bewes Resurrection of the Daleks Stein
Michael Cashman Time-Flight First Officer Bilton
Tony Caunter Enlightenment Jackson
Maurice Colbourne Resurrection of the Daleks Lytton
Martin Clunes Snakedance Lon
Valentine Dyall Mawdryn Undead, Terminus, and Enlightenment Black Guardian (in all 3)
Peter Gilmore Frontios Brazen
Robert Glenister The Caves of Androzani Salateen
Michael Gough Arc of Infinity Councillor Hedin
Leslie Grantham Resurrection of the Daleks Kiston
Nerys Hughes Kinda Todd
Polly James The Awakening Jane Hampden
Leee John Enlightenment Mansell
Stratford Johns Four to Doomsday Monarch
Burt Kwouk Four to Doomsday Lin Futu
Rula Lenska Resurrection of the Daleks Styles
Ian McCulloch Warriors of the Deep Nilson
Michael Melia The Visitation Terileptil
Adrian Mills Kinda Aris
Ingrid Pitt Warriors of the Deep Dr Solow
Beryl Reid Earthshock Briggs
Michael Robbins The Visitation Richard Mace
Simon Rouse Kinda Hindle
Leonard Sachs Arc of Infinity Lord President Borusa
John Savident The Visitation The Squire
Michael Sheard Castrovalva Mergrave
Barbara Shelley Planet of Fire Sorasta
Jeff Stewart Kinda Dukkha
Nigel Stock Time-flight Prof Hayter
Richard Todd Kinda Sanders
Frank Windsor The King's Demons Ranulf
Anna Wing Kinda Anatta
Peter Wyngarde Planet of Fire Timanov

Sixth Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Serial/s Characters
Terence Alexander The Mark of the Rani Lord Ravensworth
Lynda Bellingham The Trial of a Time Lord The Inquisitor
Honor Blackman The Trial of a Time Lord Professor Lasky
Brian Blessed The Trial of a Time Lord Yrcanos
Eleanor Bron Revelation of the Daleks Kara
Faith Brown Attack of the Cybermen Flast
Maurice Colbourne Attack of the Cybermen Lytton
Jason Connery Vengeance on Varos Jondar
Paul Darrow Timelash Tekker
Maurice Denham The Twin Dilemma Edgeworth/Prof Edgeworth
William Gaunt Revelation of the Daleks Orcini
Brian Glover Attack of the Cybermen Griffiths
Sarah Greene Attack of the Cybermen Varne
Geoffrey Hughes The Trial of a Time Lord Mr Popplewick
Martin Jarvis Vengeance on Varos Governor
Michael Jayston The Trial of a Time Lord The Valeyard
Steven Mackintosh Timelash Gazak
Kate O'Mara The Mark of the Rani The Rani
Jacqueline Pearce The Two Doctors Chessene
Christopher Ryan The Trial of a Time Lord Lord Kiv
Alexei Sayle Revelation of the Daleks D.J.
Joan Sims The Trial of a Time Lord Katryca
Clive Swift Revelation of the Daleks Jobel
Jenny Tomasin Revelation of the Daleks Tasambeker

Seventh Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Serial/s Character/s
Christien Anholt The Curse of Fenric Perkins
Richard Briers Paradise Towers Chief Caretaker
Judy Cornwell Paradise Towers Maddy
Ken Dodd Tollmaster
Angela Douglas Battlefield Doris Lethbridge-Stewart
James Ellis Battlefield Peter Warmsly
Ronald Fraser The Happiness Patrol Joseph C
Dolores Gray Silver Nemesis Mrs Remington
Gareth Hale Survival Len
Sheila Hancock The Happiness Patrol Helen A
Don Henderson Delta and the Bannermen Gavrok
Brian Hibbard Delta and the Bannermen Keillor
Stubby Kaye Delta and the Bannermen Weismuller
Dinsdale Landen The Curse of Fenric Dr Judson
Hugh Lloyd Delta and the Bannermen Goronwy
Jean Marsh Battlefield 2 Morgaine
T. P. McKenna The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Captain Cook
Peggy Mount OBE The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Stallslady
Kate O'Mara Time and the Rani The Rani
Joseph Marcell Remembrance of the Daleks John
Tony Osoba Dragonfire Kracauer
Norman Pace Survival Harvey
Nicholas Parsons The Curse of Fenric The Rev Mr Wainwright
Courtney Pine Silver Nemesis Himself
Patricia Quinn Dragonfire Belazs
Ian Reddington The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Chief Clown
Anne Reid The Curse of Fenric Nurse Crane
Pamela Salem Remembrance of the Daleks Rachel
Gian Sammarco The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Whizz Kid
Michael Sheard Remembrance of the Daleks Headmaster
Adele Silva Survival Squeak
Elizabeth Spriggs Paradise Towers Tabby
Sylvia Syms Ghost Light Mrs Pritchard
Peter Tuddenham Time and the Rani Brain (voice)
Simon Williams Remembrance of the Daleks Group Captain Gilmore
Frank Windsor Ghost Light Inspector Mackenzie

Eighth Doctor television movie[edit]

Actor Character
Daphne Ashbrook Grace Holloway
Mi-Jung Lee Anchorwoman
Eric Roberts The Master

Ninth Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Episode/s Character
Silas Carson "The End of the World" Alien voices
Zoë Wanamaker "The End of the World" Lady Cassandra
Simon Callow "The Unquiet Dead" Charles Dickens
Matt Baker "Aliens of London" Himself
Andrew Marr "Aliens of London" / "World War Three" Himself
Penelope Wilton "Aliens of London" / "World War Three" Harriet Jones
Corey Johnson "Dalek" Henry van Statten
Bruno Langley "Dalek" and "The Long Game" Adam Mitchell
Tamsin Greig "The Long Game" Nurse
Anna Maxwell Martin "The Long Game" Suki Macrae Cantrell
Simon Pegg "The Long Game" The Editor
Richard Wilson "The Empty Child" / "The Doctor Dances" Dr. Constantine
Sam Callis "Bad Wolf" Security Guard
Susannah Constantine "Bad Wolf" Zu-Zana
Davina McCall "Bad Wolf" Davinadroid
Trinny Woodall "Bad Wolf" Trine-E
Jo Joyner "Bad Wolf" / "The Parting of the Ways" Lynda Moss
Anne Robinson "Bad Wolf" / "The Parting of the Ways" Anne Droid
Jenna Russell "Bad Wolf" / "The Parting of the Ways" Floor Manager

Tenth Doctor stories[edit]

Actor Episode/s Character
Penelope Wilton "The Christmas Invasion", "The Stolen Earth" Harriet Jones
Jason Mohammad "The Christmas Invasion" Himself
Sean Gallagher "New Earth" Chip
Zoë Wanamaker "New Earth" Lady Cassandra
Pauline Collins "Tooth and Claw" Queen Victoria
Anthony Stewart Head "School Reunion" and The Infinite Quest Mr Finch and Baltazar
Sophia Myles "The Girl in the Fireplace" Madame De Pompadour
Mona Hammond "Rise of the Cybermen" Rita-Anne
Don Warrington "Rise of the Cybermen" The President
Gethin Jones "Rise of the Cybermen" / "The Age of Steel" and "The Stolen Earth" / "Journey's End" Cyberman and Dalek
Roger Lloyd Pack "Rise of the Cybermen" / "The Age of Steel" John Lumic
Andrew Hayden-Smith "Rise of the Cybermen" / "The Age of Steel" and "Doomsday" Jake Simmonds
Rory Jennings "The Idiot's Lantern" Tommy Connolly
Maureen Lipman "The Idiot's Lantern" The Wire
Silas Carson "The Impossible Planet" / "The Satan Pit" Voice of the Ood
Simon Greenall "Love & Monsters" Colin Skinner
Shirley Henderson "Love & Monsters" Ursula Blake
Kathryn Drysdale "Love & Monsters" Bliss
Peter Kay "Love & Monsters" Victor Kennedy
Marc Warren "Love & Monsters" Elton Pope
Barney Harwood "Love & Monsters" and The Infinite Quest Citizen and Control Voice
Edna Doré "Fear Her" Meave
Huw Edwards "Fear Her" Himself
Derek Acorah "Army of Ghosts" Himself
Alistair Appleton "Army of Ghosts" Himself
Hadley Fraser "Army of Ghosts" Gareth
Trisha Goddard "Army of Ghosts" Herself
Barbara Windsor "Army of Ghosts" Herself as Peggy Mitchell
Raji James "Army of Ghosts" / "Doomsday" Dr Rajesh Singh
Tracy-Ann Oberman "Army of Ghosts" / "Doomsday" Yvonne Hartman
Don Gilet "The Runaway Bride" Lance Bennett
Roy Marsden "Smith and Jones" Mr Stoker
Anne Reid "Smith and Jones" Florence Finnegan
Ardal O'Hanlon "Gridlock" Thomas Kincade Brannigan
Hugh Quarshie "Daleks in Manhattan" / "Evolution of the Daleks" Solomon
Thelma Barlow "The Lazarus Experiment" Lady Thaw
Mark Gatiss "The Lazarus Experiment" Professor Richard Lazarus
Michelle Collins "42" Kath McDonell
Elize du Toit "42" and "The Sound of Drums" Mrs Dexter
Jessica Hynes "Human Nature" / "The Family Of Blood" Joan Redfern
Sir Derek Jacobi "Utopia" Professor Yana/The Master
John Simm Harold Saxon/The Master
McFly "The Sound of Drums" Themselves
Sharon Osbourne "The Sound of Drums" Herself
Ann Widdecombe "The Sound of Drums" Herself
Tom Ellis "Last of the Time Lords" Thomas Milligan
Stephen Greif The Infinite Quest Gurney
Liza Tarbuck The Infinite Quest Captain Kaliko
Catherine Tate "Doomsday", "The Runaway Bride" and as a regular in Series 4 Donna Noble
Debbie Chazen "Voyage of the Damned" Foon Van Hoff
Kylie Minogue "Voyage of the Damned" Astrid Peth
Bernard Cribbins "Voyage of the Damned" recurring since Partners in Crime Wilfred Mott
Geoffrey Palmer "Voyage of the Damned" Titanic Captain Hardaker
Clive Swift "Voyage of the Damned" Mr Copper
Sarah Lancashire "Partners In Crime Miss Foster (Matron Cofelia)
Phil Cornwell "The Fires of Pompeii" Stallholder
Kirsty Wark "The Poison Sky" Herself
Joseph Dempsie The Doctor's Daughter Klein
Georgia Moffett The Doctor's Daughter Jenny
Felicity Kendal "The Unicorn and the Wasp" Lady Clemency Eddison[1]
Alex Kingston Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead Professor River Song
Steve Pemberton Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead Strackman Lux
Colin Salmon Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead Doctor Moon
David Troughton "Midnight" Professor Hobbes
Colin Morgan "Midnight" Jethro
Lindsay Coulson "Midnight" Val
Richard Dawkins "The Stolen Earth" Himself[2]
Paul O'Grady "The Stolen Earth" Himself[3]
Michael Brandon "The Stolen Earth" General Sanchez
Julian Bleach "The Stolen Earth" / "Journey's End" Davros
Shobu Kapoor "Journey's End" Scared Woman
David Morrissey "The Next Doctor" Jackson Lake
Velile Tshabalala "The Next Doctor" Rosita
Dervla Kirwan "The Next Doctor" Miss Hartigan
Michelle Ryan "Planet of the Dead" Christina de Souza
Lee Evans "Planet of the Dead" Malcolm Taylor
Ellen Thomas "Planet of the Dead" Carmen
Daniel Kaluuya "Planet of the Dead" Barclay

Doctor Who spin-offs[edit]

K-9 and Company[edit]

Actor Episode Character
Bill Fraser "A Girl's Best Friend" Bill Pollock
Colin Jeavons "A Girl's Best Friend" George Tracey


Actor Episode/s Character
Kai Owen Recurring since "Everything Changes" Rhys Williams
Tom Price Recurring since "Everything Changes" PC Andy
Indira Varma "Everything Changes" and "They Keep Killing Suzie" Suzie Costello
John Normington "Ghost Machine" Tom Flanagan
Gareth Thomas "Ghost Machine" Ed Morgan
Caroline Chikezie "Cyberwoman and "End of Days" Lisa
Paul Jones "Small Worlds" Man In Street
Owen Teale "Countrycide" Evan Sherman
Daniela Denby-Ashe "Greeks Bearing Gifts" Mary
Yasmin Bannerman "They Keep Killing Suzie" Swanson
Roger Ashton-Griffiths "Random Shoes" Mr Garret
Paul Chequer "Random Shoes" Eugene
Nicola Duffett "Random Shoes" Bronwen Jones
Steven Meo "Random Shoes" Josh
Olivia Hallinan "Out of Time" Emma
Mark Lewis Jones "Out of Time" John Ellis
Louise Delamere "Out of Time" and "End of Days" Diane
Ciaran Joyce "Captain Jack Harkness" Smiler
Matt Rippy "Captain Jack Harkness" The Captain
Murray Melvin "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End of Days" Bilis Manger
Carrie Gracie "End of Days" Newsreader
James Marsters "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", "Fragments", "Exit Wounds" Captain John Hart
Alan Dale "Reset" Aaron Copley
Richard Briers "A Day in the Death" Parker
Nerys Hughes "Something Borrowed" Brenda Williams
Ruth Jones "Adrift" Nikki Bevan

The Sarah Jane Adventures[edit]

Actor Episode/s Character
Samantha Bond Invasion of the Bane, Enemy of the Bane Mrs Wormwood
Jamie Davis Invasion of the Bane Davey
Konnie Huq Invasion of the Bane Herself
Gethin Jones Invasion of the Bane Himself
Jane Asher Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Andrea Yates
Phyllida Law Eye of the Gorgon Bea Nelson-Stanley
Doreen Mantle Eye of the Gorgon Mrs Randall
Floella Benjamin The Lost Boy, The Day of the Clown Professor Rivers
Anthony O'Donnell The Last Sontaran, Enemy of the Bane Commander Kaagh
Bradley Walsh The Day of the Clown Odd Bob/Elijah Spellman/The Pied Piper
Russ Abbot Secrets of the Stars Martin Trueman
Gary Beadle The Mark of the Berserker Paul Langer
Jocelyn Jee Esien The Mark of the Berserker Carla Langer
Ronnie Corbett From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love Ambassador Eranius

BBC Radio productions[edit]

Big Finish Audio productions[edit]

As the Doctor[edit]

As other characters[edit]

Charity Specials[edit]

As the Doctor[edit]

As other characters[edit]

Actors from EastEnders[edit]

Independent video productions[edit]

Kaldor City audio dramas[edit]

Theatrical movies[edit]

Webcast productions[edit]

Returning Guest Stars[edit]

The following actors, in order of their first appearance, have all appeared in episodes of both the classic series (between 1963 and 1989) and the revival (2005 to present):

Whilst Sir Derek Jacobi, who appeared in the 2007 episode Utopia as Professor Yana, never appeared in the classic series - his involvement with Doctor Who stems back to two appearances in licensed productions in 2003 - the Big Finish audio Deadline featured him as a character who believed he was The Doctor, and a few months later, he was cast as The Master in the webcast animation Scream of the Shalka.

Bernard Cribbins appeared in the 1965 feature film Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD, an adaptation of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, and was later given a cameo role in the 2007 Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned. He reprised that role as Donna Noble's grandfather Wilfred Mott in series 4.

Mark Benton, Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson) and Mark Gatiss have all appeared in Big Finish audio productions prior to guesting in the revived tv series.

Chipo Chung became the first person to guest star in the revived series, then return as a guest star again, but as another character. She first appeared in Utopia in 2007, and returned in Turn Left in 2008. Previous returning cast members had become regulars or recurring characters (such as Freema Agyeman and Adjoa Andoh).

Future regulars[edit]

On rare occasions, future series regulars have been cast in other roles, and later asked to return to the series in much bigger roles.

The first instance of this phenomenon occurred when Jean Marsh was cast as Joanna in The Crusade in 1964. She would briefly become a companion when recast as Sara Kingdom in The Daleks' Master Plan the following year - becoming the second series companion to die whilst adventuring with The Doctor. She would later return to the series in the 1989 story Battlefield as the villainous Morgaine. For a period, she was also married to Third Doctor actor Jon Pertwee.

Nicholas Courtney, cast as Bret Vyon for the first half of The Daleks' Master Plan, also featuring Jean Marsh, would return to the series as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, best known as 'The Brigadier', many times over the next two decades, appearing with the second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh Doctors before finally meeting the sixth in the charity special Dimensions in Time. The Brigadier also appears in the series finale of the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures.

In 1965, Peter Purves appeared in The Chase playing Morton Dill, a young man from Alabama visiting the Empire State Building, when The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki arrive on the run from the Daleks, who later appear to Morton's bemusement. Later in that story, Purves was asked back to play the role of space pilot Steven Taylor who became a regular character at the end of the story upon the departure of Ian and Barbara. To date, this is the only (and probably the last) time this has occurred in the space of one story!

John Levene, best known for playing Sergeant Benton in various stories between 1968 and 1975, first appeared as a Cyberman in The Moonbase, then as a Yeti in The Web of Fear. Another UNIT member, Harry Sullivan, was played by Ian Marter, who first appeared in the series as the dashing John Andrews in Carnival of Monsters opposite John Pertwee in 1973 before joining the series as Harry for Tom Baker's first season as The Doctor. Marter also co-wrote a script for a possible Doctor Who feature film with Baker, and wrote numerous novelisations of Doctor Who serials for Target Books, before his untimely death in 1986.

The next occurrence did not occur until 1978 when Lalla Ward guested in the series as Princess Astra in The Armageddon Factor. After expressing disappointment at the way her character Romana had developed, Mary Tamm departed the series after this story had finished recording. But as her character was a Time Lady, she could easily be regenerated, and the following story Destiny of the Daleks sees Romana deliberately choosing to model herself after Princess Astra - allowing Ward to join the series as a regular. She later went on to have a whirlwind romance with her co-star Tom Baker which led to marriage and divorce within 18 months.

A few years later, Sarah Sutton was cast as Nyssa in The Keeper of Traken. At the end of that story it was decided that she should join the TARDIS crew as a regular, and she was hastily written into the following story Logopolis, albeit as the same character.

When casting the 1983 serial Arc of Infinity, the production office stumbled upon Colin Baker and cast him as Commander Maxil, a Time Lord who gets to shoot The Doctor, as played by Peter Davison. Fourteen months later, Davison left the series and regenerated into the Sixth Doctor, as played by Baker. To date, this is the only time an actor who has played The Doctor has appeared in the series prior to his casting as the lead. It was also the last time this occurred during the original run.

There have also been instances of guest actors returning as regular or recurring characters in the series revival, and oddly they are all members of the same family and all made their first appearance in the first episode of series three, "Smith and Jones". Adjoa Andoh, cast as recurring character Francine Jones, first appeared in the 2006 episode "New Earth". Her on-screen husband, Clive Jones, has also appeared in the series before - actor Trevor Laird played the villainous Frax in the Mindwarp segment of The Trial of a Time Lord back in 1986.

The most obvious returning actor in this story, however, was Freema Agyeman, who would go on to portray the companion Martha Jones. She first appeared in the 2006 episode "Army of Ghosts" as doomed Torchwood employee Adeola. It was whilst playing this role that the series producers realised she'd be perfect for the role of Martha, and she was soon auditioned for the role, making her debut less than a year after her first appearance in the show. The episode also had Martha explain that Adeola was her cousin.

Donna Noble as played by Catherine Tate was originally meant to be a temporary companion in one episode ("The Runaway Bride"). However she was brought back as a permanent companion at the start of Series 4.

Eve Myles was cast as Victorian-era maid Gwyneth in the episode The Unquiet Dead, and was later cast as the female lead in Torchwood as a character with a similar name, Gwen Cooper. While there has been no in-story explanation for the coincidence, Davies states in Doctor Who Magazine that any similarity was unintentional, however the similarity was commented on by The Doctor and Rose in the season 4 finale, Journey's End.


  • ^Note 1 : The producers had originally planned to have The Beatles appear as elderly versions of themselves, but had to settle for using a film clip from the BBC musical series Top of the Pops. This particular edition is one of many that were deleted, therefore making the clip seen in The Chase the only surviving footage of this Beatles performance.
  • ^Note 2 : Jean Marsh was at one time married to Jon Pertwee, who played the Third Doctor, albeit prior to either appearing in the series. Marsh's character in The Daleks' Master Plan, Sara Kingdom, is considered by many as one of the Doctor's companions.
  • ^Note 3 : Richard E. Grant has the distinction of being the only actor to play two different incarnations of the Doctor in officially licensed productions. (This does not count Sylvester McCoy briefly donning Colin Baker's costume in Time and the Rani.)

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