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Anant Kumar.

Anant Kumar (born September 28, 1969 in Motihari/Bihar), is a German author of Indian descent. He resides in Kassel, Germany.


The son of an Indian teacher from Bihar, Kumar went to college from 1991 to 1998 at the GHK (Gesamthochschule Kassel), where he received a Master’s degree in German Literature, writing his thesis on Alfred Döblin’s epic novel Manas.

In his literary works, Kumar connects the experiences of a foreigner in German society with Indian culture. His first work, Fremde Frau, fremder Mann (Foreign Woman, Foreign Man), is characterized by its pithy insights and expressive perceptiveness. The aspects of observational satire and finely ironic comment are constant elements throughout Kumar’s work. In his work Zeru—A Seven Day Story Kumar alludes to the literary form of the epos and brilliantly depicts the colorful array of daily life for an African boy amid wild and ancient myths of the dark continent.

Anant Kumar is a member of the Association of German Authors and the Literary Society of Hessen.


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  • 2002: Finalist in the Würth-Literatur-Preis, (Tübingen Poetry-Lectureship)
  • 2003: Poeticus-Shortshtory-Preis, Spittal an der Drau
  • 2003: Scholarship from Stiftung kunst:raum sylt quelle, Sylt
  • 2004: Finalist, May-Ayim-Award (Poetry), Berlin
  • 2006: Rudolf-Descher-Feder, Annual Award from Association of Authors IGdA e. V.)
  • 2010: Finalist, 14th Short Story Contest, h+s veranstaltungen GmbH, Munich
  • 2011: Grant/Scholarship from Ministry of Science and Culture, State of Hess, Germany for the collection of stories “FRIDO – A German Voice”, scheduled in Fall 2011
  • 2012: Finalist, Geertje Potash-Suhr Prize for prose in German, SCALG, Colorado


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