Miss Marianas Universe

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Miss Marianas Universe
Formation 1976
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Saipan
Membership Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Official language English
Organization Stellar Marianas Group

Miss Marianas Universe or Miss Northern Marianas is the national pageant of the Northern Marianas that sends representatives to the Miss Universe pageant. It is organized by the non-profit beauty and talent group Stellar Marianas.


The current Miss Marianas Universe is Sorene Maratita of Kagman, Saipan, who won the title at the Palms Resort Saipan on November 29, 2008. The first runner-up was Winona Chance Camacho who is also from Saipan. Sorene also took home the Miss Photogenic and Best in Native Costume award. Due to a lack of funding and sponsorship, she was unable to compete at Miss Universe 2009 in the Bahamas. However, Sorene competed at Miss International. She was handed the title by MMU 2005 Shequita DLG. Bennett-Sanchez because of the three-year absence of a titleholder, respectively.

In 2014, Miss Marianas Universe will return in new concept from Stellar Marianas Group and will select the winners in 2015 early. The winner will represent the country at the Miss Universe and new titles for Miss World and Miss International.[1]


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Northern Marianas (Miss Marianas Universe) represents her country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. In 2003 the Miss Marianas Universe withdrew at Miss Universe 2003 in unknown reasons and competed at Miss World for first time.

Year Miss Northern Marianas Village Represented Placement Special Awards
Hong Kong 1976 Candelaria Flores Borja As Teo Unplaced
Dominican Republic 1977 Margarita Benavente Camacho San Vicente Unplaced
Mexico 1978 Julia Salas Concepcion Chalan Kanoa Dist.#1 Unplaced
Australia 1979 Barbara Torres Chalan Kanoa Dist #3 Unplaced
South Korea 1980 Angelina Camacho Chong Garapan Unplaced
United States 1981 Juanita Masga Mendiola Tinian Did not compete
Peru 1982 Sheryl Sonoda Sizemore Chalan Kanoa Dist #1 Unplaced
United States 1983 Thelma Mafnas Sadog Tasi Unplaced
United States 1984 Porsche Salas Chalan Kanoa Dist#4 Unplaced
United States 1985 Antoinette Marie Flores Susupe Unplaced
Panama 1986 Christine Guerrero Capitol Hill Unplaced
Singapore 1987 Luciana Seman Ada Fina Sisu Unplaced
Taiwan 1988 Ruby Jean Hamilton Gualo Rai Unplaced
Mexico 1989 Teresa Wamar San Antonio Did not compete
United States 1990 Edwina Taitano Menzies Tinian Unplaced
United States 1991 Sharon Rosario Chalan Lau Lau Unplaced
Thailand 1992 Imelda Antonio Puerto Rico Unplaced
Mexico 1993 Victoria Taisakan Tudela San Jose Unplaced
Philippines 1994 Elizabeth Tomokane Gualo Rai Unplaced
Namibia 1995 Karah Kirschenheiter Capitol Hill Unplaced
United States 1996 Kathleen Williams Garapan Unplaced
United States 1997 Melanie Sibetang Oleai Unplaced
United States 1998 Helene Yun Lizama Dan Dan Unplaced
Trinidad and Tobago 1999 Cherlyn Cabrera Chalan Kanoa Dist#1 Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2001 Janet Han King Tinian Unplaced
Puerto Rico 2002 Virginia Ann Gridley Chalan Kanoa Unplaced
Panama 2003 Kimberly Castro Reyes Gualo Rai Did not compete
Ecuador 2004 Tracy Lynn Del Rosario Koblerville Did not compete
United States 2006 Shequita Deleon Guerrero Bennett Kagman Unplaced
The Bahamas 2009 Sorene Aldan Maratita Kagman Did not compete

Miss Marianas World[edit]

Year Miss Marianas World Village Represented Placement Special Awards
China 2003 Kimberly Nicole Reyes Gualo Rai Unplaced Top 21 Miss Talent

Miss Marianas International[edit]

Traditionally second title of Miss Marianas Universe will be crowning as Miss Marianas International to compete at Miss International pageant. Sometimes the winner of Miss Marianas Universe competed at the pageant.

Year Miss Marianas International Village Represented Placement Special Awards
Japan 1983 Margarita Tenorio Benavente Saipan Unplaced
Japan 1984 Mary Celeste Sasakura Mendiola Saipan Unplaced
Japan 1985 Antoinette Marie Flores Susupe Unplaced
Japan 1986 Lisa Aquiningoc Manglona Saipan Unplaced
Japan 1987 Luciana Seman Ada Fina Sisu Unplaced
Japan 1988 Gloria Patricia Propst Saipan Unplaced
Japan 1989 Teresa Wamar San Antonio Unplaced
Japan 1990 Edwina Taitano Menzies Tinian Unplaced Miss Friendship
Japan 1991 Christina Rasa Salas Saipan Unplaced
Japan 1992 Christina Vincoy Borja Saipan Unplaced
Japan 1993 Tayna Castro Belyeu Saipan Unplaced Miss Friendship
Japan 1994 Mary Michelle Manibusan Gualo Rai Unplaced
Japan 1995 Elaine Tudela Gualo Rai Unplaced
Japan 1996 Kathleen Williams Garapan Unplaced Miss Friendship
Japan 1996 Jennifer Camacho White Dandan, SV Did not compete
Japan 1997 Maria Theresa "Marites" Acosta Saipan Unplaced
Japan 1998 Sonya Palacios Pangelinan Dan Dan Unplaced
Japan 1999 Michelle Boyer Sablan Navy Hill Did not compete
Japan 1999 Miyuki Coretta Hill Okinawa Unplaced Miss Friendship
Japan 2001 Rowina Taimanao Ogo Saipan Unplaced
Japan 2002 Christine Juwelle Cunanan Saipan Unplaced
Japan 2003 Nancie Rae King Ripple Saipan Unplaced
China 2004 Kenyelyn Litumular Arriola Saipan Unplaced
Japan 2006 Shequita Deleon Guerrero Bennett Kagman Unplaced
China 2009 Sorene Aldan Maratita Kagman Unplaced


  • In 1981, the newly crowned queen, Juanita Masga Mendiola relinquished her title to further education. Her successor is unknown as of this time.
  • In 1989, newly crowned queen Soreen Villanueva was dethroned for reasons undisclosed, and eventually was succeeded by Teresa Wamar who competed at the Miss International Pageant.
  • For the competing years 2000, 2005, 2007 and 2008 no pageant was held.
  • In 2003, Kimberly Castro Reyes was crowned Miss Marianas Universe of that year. Eventually however, she was unable to compete at the national competition in Panama City, Panama that year due to a miscommunication between the pageant's then-organization The Northern Marianas Beauty Pageant Association (NMBPA) and Miss Universe. Outrage and protest had resulted from this by the community and the winning contestant's family and friends. Instead, she was eventually sent to compete at Miss World 2003 in Sanya, the People's Republic of China.
  • In 2004, Tracy Del Rosario was crowned Miss Marianas World for that year. It was the only time since the U.S. territory's pageant participation, that a winner of the pageant would be crowned a different title other than Miss Marianas Universe. The year before, crowned Miss Marianas Universe-winner Reyes had been expected to compete at its national pageant but was instead sent to Miss World. This was the last year the NMBPA held the pageant license for its competing territory. They disbanded quickly after the year's pageant.
  • Since 2005, a new non-profit pageant and talent organization Stellar Marianas currently directs and holds the license to the Miss Marianas Universe.
  • Sorene Maratita, Miss Marianas Universe 2009, did not compete in Miss Universe 2009 due to lack of sponsorship and funding. She will only compete in Miss International.


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