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Rewind YouTube Style 2012
Release dates
December 17, 2012 (2012-12-17)
Running time

Rewind YouTube Style 2012 is a mash-up video and a parody of PSY's song "Gangnam Style" created by YouTube.[1][2] The video mashes up the two songs "Gangnam Style" and "Call Me Maybe", and besides featuring various popular YouTubers, the video also references other events throughout the year, such as the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 United States elections.[3] The video was directed by Peter Furia and produced by Peter Furia and Beau Lewis. The video was posted on December 17, 2012. As of November 2014, the video has over 145 million views. The video was created as YouTube's annual "Year in Review" video.[4] The video featured 21 easter eggs via video annotations.[5]

Video synopsis[edit]

The video opens with the message, "nothing is more powerful than a video whose time has come", and "has come" changes to "is 2012". The video then begins with Walk off the Earth standing with a guitar, and as the first few notes of "Gangnam Style" plays, everyone appears in blue suits. PSY then grabs the guitar and destroys it, eventually stating, "Rewind YouTube Style". Iman Crosson (as Barack Obama) then appears next to a row of horses, one being Dope Zebra, and begins lip-syncing "Gangnam Style" while doing the "invisible horse dance". An elevator then opens, with KassemG (as Ryan Lochte) pelvic-thrusting above Grace Helbig (as Katniss Everdeen, doing the "McKayla Maroney is not impressed" smirk). In a parking lot, Joe Penna, Dave Days and Pyrobooby have a dance duel with DeStorm Power. All four then group hug, before driving off in a convertible. Barely Political is then seen lip-syncing the song and playing the keyboard, with "hey's" being shouted by Walk off the Earth and PSY, before switching to Annoying Orange (as Felix Baumgartner) lip-syncing. The video then switches between video clips of popular culture throughout the year, which then pans to a barn, where Freddie Wong and Brandon in Master Chief's armor take off their helmets, saying "Oppa Gangnam Style", before performing the horse dance with Corridor Digital dressed in Minecraft armor. A rover with a camera then rolls in, and Ian and Anthony, operating the rover, begin celebrating, until the rover explodes. The two then begin crying, as everyone turns silent. Anthony then calls Felicia Day, beginning the "Call Me Maybe" segment.

Day then begins washing her car, while attempting to catch Chester See's interest. At the same time, the Epic Meal Time crew tosses food at Day, while iJustine (as Lindsey Stirling) plays the violin and Hannah Hart drinks wine. The food then knocks Day off the car, and the video pans to a bus featuring Jenna Marbles and Shit Girls Say wearing Harvard clothing while lip-syncing "Call Me Maybe". The video later transitions to the entire cast doing the horse dance, while a remix of both "Gangnam Style" and "Call Me Maybe" begins playing. The video then cuts to space, where Ryan Higa is seen falling down to Earth, as the clips from the video and other pop culture are seen, before PSY states, "Rewind YouTube Style", as everyone strikes a final pose. Higa is then seen continuing his fall, before getting stuck to the roof in a cartoon graphic.

The clip ends with interactive credits (linking to the YouTube pages of the clip's participants) played over an instrumental mix of "Call Me Maybe".

YouTubers featured[edit]


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