Wythenshawe and Sale East (UK Parliament constituency)

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Wythenshawe and Sale East
Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Outline map
Boundary of Wythenshawe and Sale East in Greater Manchester.
Outline map
Location of Greater Manchester within England.
County Greater Manchester
Electorate 85,058 (February 2014)[1]
Current constituency
Created 1997
Member of parliament Mike Kane (Labour)
Number of members One
Created from Manchester Wythenshawe, Altrincham and Sale, Davyhulme
European Parliament constituency North West England

Wythenshawe and Sale East is a parliamentary constituency in the city of Manchester and the borough of Trafford. It returns one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, elected by the first past the post system.

The constituency has always been a safe Labour seat. The current MP is Mike Kane of the Labour Party who was elected at the 2014 by-election in February 2014. He succeeded Labour's Paul Goggins who died in January 2014, and who had held the seat since its inception in 1997.

Coordinates: 53°25′N 2°16′W / 53.41°N 2.27°W / 53.41; -2.27


The constituency of Wythenshawe and Sale East is one of three in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford and one of five in the City of Manchester, encompassing three of the five electoral wards in Sale and all five wards of Wythenshawe. The constituency was created at the 1997 general election combining most of the former Manchester Wythenshawe constituency with parts of the Altrincham and Sale constituency.

Sale East contains the following wards:

  • Brooklands - All three Conservative
  • Priory - All three Labour
  • Sale Moor - All three Labour

Wythenshawe contains the following wards:

Constituency profile[edit]

The seat broadly comprises two very contrasting areas - the massive post-war built council estate in Wythenshawe (once the biggest in Europe), eight miles south of Manchester city centre, and the suburban, more middle-class and affluent areas of Sale. Two different wards in the constituency are somewhat confusingly named Brooklands; on the Trafford side of the seat, it is safely Conservative, while on the Manchester side it is safely Labour, as are virtually all of the wards there. The Priory ward is Labour's strongest in Sale, and they also have councillors in Sale Moor.

The Wythenshawe area has historically suffered from some severe social and economic problems (the former ward of Benchill was assessed as the most deprived in the country in the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2000) and these safe Labour holdings are enough to make this a secure seat for them at Westminster, despite some Conservative strength in Sale. The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats suffered a huge setback at the 2014 by-election, when UKIP pushed them into third and fourth place respectively, though Labour maintained a strong majority (securing more than 55% of the vote) despite low voter turn-out.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member[2] Party
1997 Paul Goggins Labour
2014 Mike Kane Labour


Election in 2015[edit]

General Election 2015: Wythenshawe and Sale East
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Democrat Victor Chamberlain[3]
UKIP Lee Clayton
Conservative Fiona Green[4]
Labour Mike Kane[5]
Green Jessica Mayo[6]

Prior elections[edit]

Election Political result Candidate Party Votes % ±%
General election, 1997 [7]
Electorate: 72,086
Turnout: 45,533 (63.2%)
Labour hold
Majority: 15,019 (33.0%) +18.4
Swing: 9.2% from Con to Lab
Paul Goggins Labour 26,448 58.1 +8.6
Paul Fleming Conservative 11,429 25.1 −9.8
Vanessa M. Tucker Liberal Democrat 5,639 12.4 −2.1
Brian Stanyer Referendum Party 1,060 2.3 N/A
Jim D. Flannery Socialist Labour 957 2.1 N/A
General election, 2001 [8]
Electorate: 72,127
Turnout: 35,055 (48.6%) −14.6
Labour hold
Majority: 12,608 (36.0%) +3.0
Swing: 1.5% from Con to Lab
Paul Goggins Labour 21,032 60.0 +1.9
Susan F.M. Fildes Conservative 8,424 24.0 −1.1
Vanessa M. Tucker Liberal Democrat 4,320 12.3 −0.1
Lance D. Crookes Green 869 2.5 N/A
Fred B. Shaw Socialist Labour 410 1.2 −0.9
General election, 2005 [9]
Electorate: 70,744
Turnout: 36,184 (50.4%) +1.8
Labour hold
Majority: 10,827 (29.9%) −6.1
Swing: 3.0% from Lab to Con
Paul Goggins Labour 18,878 52.2 −7.8
Jane E. P. Meehan Conservative 8,051 22.3 −1.7
Alison P. Firth Liberal Democrat 7,766 21.5 +9.2
William H. Ford UKIP 1,120 3.1 N/A
Lynn Worthington Socialist Alternative 369 1.0 N/A
General election 2010 [10][11]
Electorate: 79,923
Turnout: 40,751 (54.3%) +3.1
Labour hold
Majority: 7,575 (18.6%)
Swing: 5.9% from Lab to Con
Paul Goggins Labour 17,987 44.1 -8.0
Janet Clowes Conservative 10,412 25.6 +3.3
Martin Eakins Liberal Democrat 9,107 22.3 +0.9
Bernard Todd BNP 1,572 3.9 N/A
Christopher Cassidy UKIP 1,405 3.4 +0.4
Lynn Worthington TUSC 268 0.7 -0.3[12]
By-election 2014 [1]
Electorate: 85,058
Turnout: 23,961 (28%) -23
Labour hold
Majority: 8,960 (37%)
Mike Kane Labour 13,261 55.3 +11.2
John Bickley UKIP 4,301 18.0 +14.5
Daniel Critchlow Conservative 3,479 14.5 -11
Mary Di Mauro Liberal Democrat 1,176 4.9 -17
Nigel Woodcock Green 748 3.1 N/A
Eddy O'Sullivan BNP 708 3.0 -0.9
Captain Chaplington-Smythe Monster Raving Loony 288 1.2 N/A

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