Authorized marches of the Canadian Armed Forces

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The following is a list of the notable authorized marches for various organizations of the Canadian Armed Forces. The first march listed is the march most commonly performed for that organization on parade; it is commonly referred to simply as that organization's "march" or "march past". In addition, many organizations also have additional pieces for slow marches, marches for mounted parades, pipe marches, etc.; they are subsequently listed and footnoted as applicable.

Within each grouping, the organizations are listed in their order of precedence, i.e. the order the organizations would march on parade and the order the marches would be played.

Military college[edit]



Personnel branches[edit]

Armoured regiments[edit]

Artillery regiments[edit]

Infantry regiments[edit]

Miscellaneous organizations[edit]

Note: These organizations are NOT in order of precedence.

Former organizations[edit]

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(1) - For pipe band
(2) - Slow march
(3) - Quick march for dismounted parades
(4) - Trot-past for mounted parades
(5) - Gallop-past for mounted parades
(6) - Double-past
(7) - Concerts, mess dinners, and mounted parades
(8) - Dismounted parades


  • Canadian Forces Administrative Order 32-3: Marches of the Canadian Forces[1]

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  1. ^ Marches of the Canadian Forces