Security Intelligence Agency

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Security Intelligence Agency
Безбедносно-информативна агенција (БИА)
Bezbednosno-informativna agencija (BIA)
BIA emblem.jpg
Emblem of the BIA
Agency overview
Formed 1 August 2002
Preceding agency
Jurisdiction Serbia
Headquarters Kraljice Ane Street, Belgrade, Serbia
Minister responsible
Agency executive

The Security Intelligence Agency (Serbian: Безбедносно-информативна агенција, БИА / Bezbednosno-informativna agencija, BIA) is a national intelligence agency of Serbia. The agency is responsible for collecting, reporting and disseminating intelligence, and conducting counter-intelligence in the interest of Serbia's national security.[1]

The BIA was formed on 27 July 2002 from its predecessor, the State Security Service.[2]


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