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Alignment Chaotic Neutral
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the Catfolk are a race of humanoid felines.

Publication history[edit]

The catfolk first appeared in the third edition in the Miniatures Handbook (2003),[1] and were further explored in Races of the Wild (2005).[2]

Physical description[edit]

Catfolk resemble a cross between a large predatory cat and a human, with a sleekly muscled humanoid body and the head and mane of a feline. Most male catfolk wear their thick hair in braids, while females keep theirs short and sleek. The most common catfolk have feline characteristics reminiscent of lions, including thick manes for the males. Other groups have the characteristic markings and appearance of leopards, tigers, or cheetahs. Catfolk have thicker nails than other humanoids, but not the powerful claws of their feline counterparts, and they make unarmed attacks just like humans. They have the habit of leaping impulsively out of hiding and into combat when a foe is in the vicinity.

Many catfolk favor the use of charms and totems that they braid into their hair for luck in battle, success on the hunt, and good fortune in other such endeavors.

Catfolk are usually Chaotic Neutral in Alignment.