Shadow mastiff

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Shadow mastiff
Shadow mastiff.JPG
Alignment Neutral evil
Type Outsider
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Stats Open Game License stats

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the shadow mastiff is an outsider from the Plane of Shadow.

Publication history[edit]

The shadow mastiff first appeared in first edition in the original Monster Manual II (1983).[1]

The shadow mastiff appeared in second edition for the Dragonlance setting in Tales of the Lance (1992).[2] The shadow mastiff appeared in Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Three (1996).[3]

The shadow mastiff appeared in the third edition Monster Manual (2000),[4] and in the 3.5 revised Monster Manual (2003).


A shadow mastiff resembles a large mastiff dog (though apparently not quite as long), with pitch black fur, cat-like claws and tail, and an ogre/orc-like face.

The shadow mastiff lurks in shadows and lure foes into them to attack. As light counters the only real special advantage they have, darkness, they are frightened of it and try to stay in shadows and darkness whenever possible. They attack with their claws and teeth. It trips people as well. Their howl can panic people. It can also complete disappear into shadows to give it total concealment even in light.

Shadow mastiffs cannot speak, but understand Common.


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