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Chaos beast
Type Outsider
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the chaos beast is an outsider from the outer plane of Limbo.[1] They can be used by Dungeon Masters as enemies or allies of the player characters.

Publication history[edit]

The chaos beast first appeared in the second edition for the Planescape setting in the Planes of Chaos boxed set (1994).[2]

The chaos beast appeared in the third edition Monster Manual (2000),[1] and the revised 3.5 Monster Manual (2003). The ancient chaos beast appeared in Dungeon #97 (March 2003), and the pandemonium beast appeared in Dungeon #124 (July 2005).


Describing the chaos beast as presented in the Dungeons & Dragons game is difficult, as the chaos beast has very little true form. It is a predatory embodiment of chaos, randomness, change and difference. For every second that passes, the chaos beast changes form. It grows limbs, changes color, becomes beautiful, goes ugly, increases and decreases in size, disappears and reappears, and basically, has absolutely no true form. Every time one looks at a chaos beast, it is different. It changes and mutates permanently, and this is basically its purpose. However, even if it changes form, it always weighs about 200 pounds.

In the game, the chaos beast attacks its enemies with whatever weapons its current form has. Whether those be fangs, claws, horns, pincers, tentacles, spikes, magical attacks (like breath weapons), or whatever else. These are surprisingly ineffective, however, as the chaos beast can rarely attack more than twice before changing again, and never has time to coordinate attacks. The main weapon of the chaos beast is its touch which apparently transfers the chaos energy to the victim, turning him/her into an amorphous mass that, if unable to be healed, bubbles, boils, writhes, and shifts. The victim is unable to act coherently, has difficulty hitting a target, and eventually becomes a chaos beast forever. A chaos beast is immune to transformation, petrifaction, and transmutation spells, as it will just continue to shift shape anyway.

Other publishers[edit]

The chaos beast appeared in Paizo Publishing's book Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 (2010), on page 54.[3]