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Gatineau Vikings
City Quebec Gatineau, Quebec
League NCAFA (2006–Present)
Levels Tykes - Mosquitos - Peewee
Founded 2006
Colours Purple, White and yellow               
Home field Mont Blue

The Gatineau Vikings are a youth Canadian football organization based in the city of Gatineau, Quebec. The Gatineau Vikings began in 2006, and compete at the Tykes, Mosquitos and Peewee levels of the NCAFA (National Capital Amateur football Association). They entered the league as an expansion team in the west division while the east division expanded to include the Cornwall Wildcats. The core group that worked on the expansion came from the East Ottawa Generals, but were residents of Gatineau, Quebec.


-The club is founded in March to become the first youth football program in Gatineau's history. Some 150 kids try out in May of that year. The tryouts were held at Pierre Elliot Trudeau elementary school in the Hull, Quebec.

-The Vikings held a pre-season Flag football tournament with open invitations at the Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau football field. Trophies and awards were handed out at the Tykes, Mosquitos and Peewee categories.

-There was a black/yellow pre-season game. The Vikings traditionally have their offensive units wearing a yellow jersey during practices, while the defensive units wear black jerseys. Each category only faces their counterpart. For the game, the tykes defense and mosquito offense switch jerseys. The Black/Yellow game pits the Tykes Defense and Mosquito Offense (wearing yellow) against the Tykes Offense and Mosquito Defense (wearing black). The black jersey team (Tykes offense and mosquito defense) beat out the yellow jersey team (tykes defense and mosquito offense).

-In the NCAFA regular season, the combined record of its three teams is 3-21. The Vikings' first win came on Saturday September 16, 2008, when the Gatineau Vikings (Tykes) beat the West Carleton Wolverines (Tykes) 20 to 6. The Mosquito squad makes a strong late season push and team loses in the C Cup final.

2006 TYKES 2 6 0 5th Lost C quarter
2006 MOSQUITOS 1 7 0 7th Lost C Final
2006 PEEWEE 0 8 0 7th Lost C quarter


-The club adds a spring league named "La Ligue de Football mineur de l'Outaouais (LFMO) to help develop a football culture in the Outaouais region. Some 250 kids from the ages of 7 to 12, sign up to play tackle football in a non-competitive environment under the league's slogan, "everyone hits, everyone plays".

-The Tykes team won the NCAFA Friday Night Tykes event (pre-season) in the western division with a record of 5 wins and a tie.

-In NCAFA regular season play, the Mosquito team surprises the league, and goes undefeated (8-0) in claiming the Western Division Title. The Mosquito team ends up beating the Canterbury Mustangs and South Gloucester Raiders, before falling to the Bel-Air Lions in the A cup final.

-The combined regular season record of the 3 teams improves to 12-12. The Tyke team is now playing 500 ball, while the Pee-Wee team has still yet to win a game. the tykes played against the west Carleton wolverines in the C quarter finals and lost. Eric S and 8 year old boy who played in that game said "it was close the whole game"

2007 TYKES 4 4 0 4th Lost B semis
2007 MOUTIQUES 8 0 0 1st Lost A Final
2007 PEEWEE 0 8 0 7th Lost C Quarter


-The club is awarded the prestigious "Sports Organization of the Year" at the 18th Gala Loisir Sport Outaouais, beating out the regional soccer body ARSO for its work in developing youth football in the region and for its administrative excellence. The Club's President Barry Rodger is also recognized for his work by being named "Volunteer of the Year" by Loisir Sport Outaouais.

-The LFMO enters its second season.

-On the field, The Viking Pee-Wee team ends the season at 6-2. The Tykes continue their 500 football. The combined regular season records of the teams is 11-13. The rebuilding Mosquito team finds its groove during the last few weeks of the year and ends ups in the C Cup Final losing to the Cumberland Panthers.

2008 TYKES 4 4 0 4th Lost B semis
2008 MOSQUITOS 1 7 0 6th Lost C Final
2008 PEEWEE 6 2 0 3rd Lost B Semis


-The LFMO expands into Aylmer, Quebec. And breaks away from the Vikings to form its own identity. The Vikings becomes a partner to the league along with AFMO and continues to develop youth football in the Outaouais region.



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Danny Trepanier

Gawain Harding

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