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This is a list of books portraying sexual relations between women, works of fiction with characters who may be lesbians, bisexuals or straight-identified women who have sex with women. It includes a list of characters that make recurring appearances in fiction series.

Fiction and Drama (20th century)[edit]

Fiction and Drama (21st century)[edit]

Mystery Series, by lead character[edit]

Romance Novels[edit]

  • The Interpretation of Love and the Truth – Barbara Winkes[6]
  • It's Complicated:Misconceptions - Erika Renee Land
  • Owning Regina – Lorelei Elstrom[7]
  • Curious Wine, Emergence of GreenKatherine V. Forrest
  • All True Lovers, Cytherea's Breath, AmanthaSarah Aldridge
  • Legacy of Love, Love in the Balance, Dawn of the Dance, Never Ending, Mirrors, Under the Witness Tree, Dance in the Key of LoveMarianne K. Martin
  • Mulligan, House on Sandstone, Just this Once, Secrets So Deep, Out of Love – KG MacGregor[8]
  • Sunset Island, Awaiting My Assignment, The Interim, Anything Your Heart Desires - AJ Adaire[9]
  • Beyond Midnight, Beautiful Strangers (Hyacinth Dickinson Series) - Ellen Dean[10]
  • Honor Series, Justice Series, Provincetown series – Radclyffe
  • All the Wrong Places, Car Pool, Embrace in Motion, Finders Keepers, In Every Port, Just LIke That, The Kiss that Counted, One Degree of Separation, Painted Moon, Sugar, Unforgettable, Making Up For Lost Time, Substitute for Love, Touchwood, Wild Things, Watermark (sequel to Touchwood) – Karin Kallmaker
  • Course of Action, Coffee Sonata, Sheridan's Fate, September canvass – Gun Brooke[11]
  • Define Destiny JM Dragon[12]
  • First Instinct, Forever Found, Rising Storm, Hotel Liaison – J. Lee Meyer[13]
  • More Than Paradise, the Moon Island Series: Passion Bay, Saving Grace, The Sacred Shore, A Guarded Heart, and the Dark Vista series: Dark Dreamer, Dark Valentine – Jennifer Fulton
  • I Found My Heart In San Francisco Series, Arbor Vitae – SX Meagher[14]
  • Sweet Bitter LoveRita Schiano
  • Sierra City, Gulf Breeze, Hunter's Way, Behind the Pine Curtain, Coyote Sky, Dawn of Change, The Rainbow Cedar, One Summer Night – Gerri Hill[15]
  • The Light Fantastic – L A Tucker
  • Never Say Never, Class Reunion – Linda Hill
  • None So Blind, Prairie Fire, Tumbleweed Fever – LJ Maas
  • Galveston 1900: Swept Away, The Bluest Eyes in Texas, and Borderline – Linda Crist
  • The Price of Fame, The Cost of Commitment, The Value of Valor – Lynn Ames[16]
  • Infinite Loop – Meghan O'Brien[17]
  • Innocent Hearts, Love's Melody Lost, Love's Tender Warriors, Tomorrow's Promise, Passion's Bright Fury, Love's MasqueradeRadclyffe
  • Hunter's Pursuit, Force of Nature, Whitewater Rendezvous, Focus of Desire – Kim Baldwin[18]
  • A Gift of Time, Gloria's Inn – Robin Alexander[19]
  • Private Dancer – TJ Vertigo[20]
  • 96 Hours, Turning the Page, Thy Neighbor's Wife, Too Close to Touch, Fresh Tracks, Mine, Starting from Scratch --- Georgia Beers[21]
  • Turning Point – Lara Zielinsky[22]
  • Such A Pretty FaceGabrielle Goldsby
  • Trails Merge, Learning Curve – Rachel Spangler[23]
  • On the Air - Geonn Cannon[24]
  • Gemini - Geonn Cannon[25]
  • Out on the Sound, The Girl Back Home, Sweet Carolina Girls - R.E. Bradshaw[26]
  • Zen and Tonic (novel), Kris Howard (author)(2011)
  • Like Lovers Do, Different Dress, Ricochet in Time - Lori L. Lake
  • As You Were[27], - Kelli Jae Baeli[28]
  • Broken Star – Joann Lee[29]
  • Aspen's Stunt – Melissa Grace[30]
  • "Double Shot, Mile High Club, Switching Teams, Girlfriends With Benefits, Sugar in the Morning, Velvet Canyon, Care by Kera, Broken Wing, Commando Jane" - Ella Wrylee
  • Heart of the Hurricane, Woodworth, May 1920's female bisexual couple Eliza & Joanna survive the August Gales of Nova Scotia and find love

Historical Novels[edit]

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror[edit]

These science fiction works frequently address the issue of feminist/lesbian separatist communities. See Lesbian science fiction for a more detailed review.

Young Adult Fiction[edit]

Fan Fiction[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Femslash.

Fanfiction writers have produced many works in which female characters from fictional sources (such as television shows, movies, video games, anime, manga or comic books) are paired in romantic, spiritual, or sexual relationships. The genre is known by a variety of terms, including femslash, saffic, yuri and f/f slash. Lesbian content in fanfiction dates at least to 1977, but has become more popular during the 1990s and 2000s.

Lesbian & Feminist Publishing Houses[edit]

Further reading[edit]

  • The Lesbian in Literature by Gene Damon (Barbara Grier). Bibliography of any title with lesbian content through 1969.
  • Chloe plus Olivia – An Anthology of Lesbian Literature from the Seventeenth Century to the Present, ed. Lillian Faderman, Penguin Books 1995

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