List of colonial governors in 1816

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This is a list of the governors of colonies, protectorates, or other dependencies in 1816. Where applicable, native rulers are also listed.




  • Aruba
    1. Occupied by British (1805–1816)
    2. Lodewijk Christoph Boyé, Commander of Aruba (1816–1819)
  • Dutch Gold CoastAbraham de Veer, Commandant-General of the Dutch Gold Coast (1810–March 1, 1816); Herman Willem Daenels, Governor-General of the Dutch Gold Coast (to 1818)
  • Surinam
    1. Occupied by British (1804–1816)
    2. Willem Benjamin van Panhuys, Governor-General of Dutch Guiana, (1816)
    3. Cornelis Reinhard Vaillant, Acting Governor-General of Dutch Guiana, (1816–1822)


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