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This article lists political parties in the Republic of China. It developed into a multi-party system with two dominant parties after the late 1980s. As of July 2014, there are 254 legally registered political parties in Taiwan.[1]


The Republic of China was founded by the Kuomintang (KMT) leader Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1912. The Kuomintang's prior revolutionary political group, the Revive China Society, was founded on 24 November 1894. It later merged with various other revolutionary groups to form the Tongmenghui in 1905. In August 1911, the Tongmenghui further merged with various other political parties in Beijing to form the KMT. In July 1914, the KMT re-organized itself as the "Chinese Revolutionary Party" in Tokyo, Japan. In 1919, the party officially renamed itself as "Kuomintang of China", which literally translates to "Chinese Nationalist Party".[2] It was China's first major political party. In 1921, the Communist Party of China (CPC) was founded by Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao in Shanghai as a study society and an informal network. Slowly, the CPC began to grow. These were the two major political parties in the ROC, during the time when the ROC ruled mainland China from 1911 to 1949.

During the Chinese Civil War, under the leadership of the CPC, the People's Liberation Army defeated the National Revolutionary Army of the Kuomintang in 1949. The Kuomintang had no choice but to leave mainland China and move to Taiwan. It continued to use the name "Republic of China" (ROC) even though the CPC claimed that the Republic of China ceased to exist after 1949.

As Taiwan democratized during the 1980s, the number of legally registered political parties in Taiwan had increased exponentially and continued to increase year by year, indicating a liberal democracy and high political freedom in Taiwan.

Political parties[edit]

Parties with representation in the Legislative Yuan[edit]

Party Representation Comments
  Kuomintang (KMT)
Zhōngguó Guómíndǎng
64 Led by Eric Chu, the acting leader of the Pan-Blue Coalition.
  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)
Mínzhǔ Jìnbù Dǎng
40 Led by Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the Pan-Green Coalition.
  Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU)
Táiwān Tuánjié Liánméng
3 Led by Huang Kun-huei and aligned with the Pan-Green Coalition.
  People First Party (PFP)
2 Led by James Soong Chu-yu ruling with the Pan-Blue Coalition.
  Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (NPSU)
Wúdǎng Tuánjié Liánméng
2 Led by Lin Ping-kun, not formally aligned with either coalition.

List of registered political parties in Taiwan[edit]

Here is a list of parties according to the Ministry of the Interior, by order of registration. Dates indicate date of founding.

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