List of terrorist incidents in July 2016

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This is a timeline of terrorist incidents which took place in July 2016, including attacks by violent non-state actors for political motives.

List guidelines[edit]

  • Casualties figures in this list are the total casualties of the incident including immediate casualties and later casualties (such as people who succumbed to their wounds long after the attacks occurred).
  • Casualties listed are the victims. Perpetrator casualties are listed separately (e.g. x (+y) indicate that x victims and y perpetrators were killed/injured).
  • Casualty totals may be underestimated or unavailable due to a lack of information. A figure with a plus (+) sign indicates that at least that many people have died (e.g. 10+ indicates that at least 10 people have died) – the actual toll could be considerably higher. A figure with a plus (+) sign may also indicate that over that number of people are victims.
  • If casualty figures are 20 or more, they will be shown in bold. In addition, figures for casualties more than 50 will also be underlined.


Total Incidents: 189
Total Killed (excluding perpetrators): 1,528+
Total Injured (excluding perpetrators): 2,269+

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
1 Bombing 1 3 Eker, Bahrain Militants detonated a bomb in a village south of Bahrain's capital Manama, hitting a car carrying four passengers, including a woman who died in the blast and three children who sustained minor injuries. Bahraini authorities said the attack was carried out by "terrorists", but no group claimed responsibility.[1] Unknown
1 Shooting 1 3 Mount Hebron, West Bank Gunmen in a passing vehicle fired at a family vehicle on Route 60 south to Hebron, killing a Jewish yeshiva head from Otniel, causing the vehicle to flip over. His wife was critically injured and his two teenage daughters were lightly injured. The gunmen fled and no group claimed responsibility.[2] On July 27, 2016, the Israeli military conducted a pre-dawn raid which resulted in the death of the suspected perpetrator[3] Palestinian lone wolf Israeli–Palestinian conflict
1 Shooting 1-6 (+6-8) Unknown Masisi Territory, Democratic Republic of Congo The Nyatura and the Alliance of Patriots for a Free and Sovereign Congo simultaneously attacked several Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo positions in the Masisi Territory.[4] Nyatura


Kivu conflict
1 Shooting 6+ 2 Mandera County, Kenya Gunmen fired at two buses within Kenya's Mandera County on the border with Somalia, killing at least six civilians. No group claimed responsibility, but al-Shabaab is suspected.[5] Two people are reported to have been injured.[citation needed] al-Shabaab (suspected) War in Somalia
1 Suicide bombing 6 (+1) 19 Baghdad, Iraq Six people were killed and nineteen others injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy market area in western Baghdad.[6][7] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
1 Shooting 6 0 Wak, Kenya Six people, including children, were killed aboard a bus during an attack by religious radicals in Kenya.[citation needed] Unknown
1 Shooting, hostage-taking 24 (+5) 50 Dhaka, Bangladesh July 2016 Dhaka attack: A number of gunmen attacked a restaurant popular with foreigners in the wealthy Gulshan Thana area of Dhaka. At least twenty-two civilians, two police officers, and five attackers were killed in shoot-outs and dozens of hostages were taken.[8] Islamic State Internal conflict in Bangladesh, Attacks by Islamic extremists in Bangladesh
1 Bombing 1 11 Yusufiyah, Iraq Unknown militants detonated a bomb near a shop on the outskirts of Yusufiyeh, south of Iraq's capital Baghdad, killing one man and injuring ten others.[9] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
1 Melee attack 1 0 Bandarban, Bangladesh Unknown militants hacked a Buddhist farmer named Mong Shwe Lung Marma (55), a local official of Bangladesh Awami League, to death in southern Bangladesh. Islamic State-affiliated media said the group carried out the attack.[10] Islamic State Internal conflict in Bangladesh, attacks by Islamic extremists in Bangladesh
1 Melee attack 1 0 Jhenaidah, Bangladesh A Hindu temple worker was hacked to death by three suspected Islamic militants on motorcycles in Jhenaidah. The victim's name was Shaymanonda Das.[11] Islamic militants (suspected) Attacks by Islamic extremists in Bangladesh
1 Assassination 1 0 Caracas, Venezuela Elizabeth Aguilera, a political activist and a local leader of Venezuela's governing socialist political party, was shot dead by a paramilitary group, in retaliation for her work against organized crime in Venezuela. Her body was burned with pictures being posted on-line after her death.[12] Paramilitary group Conflict in Venezuela
1 Shooting 1 0 Dera Murad Jamali, Balochistan, Pakistan Two gunmen on motorcycles fired at a man on his way to a market in the Dera Murda Jamali area of Balochistan. The gunmen fled the scene and no group claimed responsibility.[13] Unknown Balochistan conflict
1 Execution 1 0 Damascus Syria A Syrian warplane crashed, either from technical problems or being shot down. The pilot, who survived, was then kidnapped and executed.[14] Jaish al-Islam and al Qaeda Syrian Civil War
2 Suicide bombing 2+ (+1) 18 Jalalabad, Afghanistan A suicide bomber on a motorcycle targeted a local tribal elder. The blast killed at least two civilians and wounded eighteen, but the tribal elder was unharmed.[15] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
2 Mortar attack 2 19 Baidoa, Somalia Al-Shabaab militants launched 11 mortars in close succession, killing two girls, aged four and five. 19 civilians were wounded.[16] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
2 Shooting 1 0 Khalediya, Iraq An Islamic State sniper assassinated an Iraqi military commander on Khalediya Island, some 20 km east of Ramadi.[17] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
2 Shooting 1 0 Baghdad, Iraq An employee of the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement was shot dead in his vehicle. No group claimed responsibility for the attack[18] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
2 Suicide bombing Unknown Unknown Tikrit, Iraq An Islamic State suicide attack was foiled, with an unknown number of attackers killed.[19] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
2 Shooting 7+ (+1) Unknown Kariz, Afghanistan A gunman stormed a house and killed at least seven members of the family. Some family members were able to defend themselves before being killed, and they shot and killed the attacker.[20] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
2 Bombing 4+ or 5 Unknown Kandahar, Afghanistan A roadside bomb killed at least four soldiers, with some sources claiming five were killed.[21] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
3 Bombing 342+ (+1) 246+ Baghdad, Iraq 2016 Karrada bombing: At least 346 people were killed, and over 246 injured, in a series of coordinated bomb attacks in Baghdad. Early in the evening of July 3, a large car bomb exploded in the middle of a busy market, killing nearly 346 civilians.[22] The blast occurred in the Baghdad neighborhood of Karrada, which contains Shia Muslims and a large Christian minority. A second car bombing in the district of Sha'ab killed at least 5 people and injured 16, while two more bombings killed at least two more people.[23][24] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
3 Execution 15 Unknown Hawija, Iraq Islamic State executed 15 people. The victims included civilians charged by a court and ex-Islamic State members who were accused of "cowardice".[25] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
3 Car bombing 2+ 7 Benghazi, Libya At least 2 people were killed and 7 injured after an attack by suspected Islamic militants targeting policemen and civilians.[26] Islamic militants (suspected) Libyan Civil War
3 Shooting 1 Unknown al-Aseri, Iraq A civilian was killed by gunmen in central al-Maqdadiya.[27] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
3 Suicide bombing 7 (+1) 0 Inkhel, Syria Seven rebel commanders were killed by a suicide bomber of ISIS.[28] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
3 Land mine 1 0 Khartsyzk, Ukraine Near Khartsyzk, a commander of militants was killed in a land mine blast.[29] Donetsk People's Republic War in Donbass
3 Assassination 0 1 Abudwak, Somalia A senior Somali military commander, Abdiwali Siad, was wounded in an assassination attempt by unknown gunmen.[30] Unknown War in Somalia
4 Suicide bombing 4 (+4) 7 Jeddah, Qatif and Medina, Saudi Arabia 2016 Saudi Arabia bombings: A man blew himself up after police tried to arrest him near the United States consulate in Jeddah. Two Saudi police officers were injured in the blast.[31] Two suicide bombers targeted a Shia mosque in Qatif, but failed to harm anyone but themselves.[32] A suicide bomber targeted security forces outside the Prophet's Mosque in Medina killing 4 and wounding 5 others.[33] Islamic State Terrorism in Saudi Arabia
4 Bombing 2 9 Baghdad, Iraq Two people were killed and nine injured after an IED bombing near a market.[34] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
4 Rockets attack Unknown 50+ Baghdad, Iraq At least 50 people were injured when Camp Liberty, a camp housing the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, the main opposition party to the Iranian regime, was shelled. Over 50 rockets and mortar rounds hit the camp, which is located near Baghdad International Airport, causing extensive damage.[35] Iran-affiliated militias (suspected) Iraqi Civil War
4 Suicide bombing 0 (+3) 2 Monguno, Nigeria Two people were injured when Nigerian troops shot and killed three female suicide bombers who were targeting internally displaced persons in northern Nigeria. The injuries came as a result of one of the suicide bomber's vest exploding.[36] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
5 Shooting, machete attack 9 0 Beni Territory, Democratic Republic of Congo Nine people were killed in a nighttime attack by Ugandan rebels in the city of Oisha, located in the North Kivu province of the DRC.[37] Allied Democratic Forces Kivu conflict
5 Suicide bombing 0 (+1) 1 Surakarta, Indonesia A police officer was injured when a suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonated his explosives after being denied entry to a local police station.[38] Islamic State Terrorism in Indonesia
5 Suicide bombing 25+ (+1) Unknown Al-Hasakah, Syria At least 25 people died in a suicide car bombing in the Kurdish-controlled city of Al-Hasakah, Syria.[39][40][41] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
5 Bombings 4+ 9 Baghdad, Iraq At least 4 people were killed and 9 injured after two explosions in Baghdad.[42] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
5 Execution 7 Unknown Salahuddin, Iraq Seven Islamic State fighters were boiled to death for attempting to flee the battlefield.[43] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
5 Shelling 3 12 Baghdad, Iraq 3 people were killed and 12 injured after a shelling attack of three mortars on a refugee camp.[44] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
5 Execution 40 Unknown Um al-Housh, Syria Islamic State militants kidnapped 40 civilians in a town in Aleppo province, and subsequently executed them for trying to escape.[45] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
5 Grenade attack 0 9+ Mogadishu, Somalia At least nine civilians were injured when a hand grenade was tossed into an open market.[46] Al-Shabaab (suspected) War in Somalia
5 Attacks 2 6 Songkhla and Bannang Sata, Thailand A series of coordinated attacks targeting policemen and mosque attendees left two people dead, and six injured.[47][48] Islamic separatist insurgents South Thailand insurgency
5 Execution 2 0 Galcad, Somalia Two workers for the telecommunications company Hormud were executed for "cooperating with the enemy", after the government executed several terrorist group members.[49] Al-Shabaab (suspected) War in Somalia
6 Shooting Unknown Unknown Tete Province, Mozambique RENAMO militants attacked during early morning. According to the commander of the provincial police in Tete Mozambique, Pedro Fabião Nhancololo, the group broke into the residence of the head of the city of Banga and civil registration facilities, and stole all drugs health post.[50] RENAMO RENAMO insurgency
6 Suicide bombing, raid 25+ (+8) 8+ Aden, Yemen Militants launched an attack against the airport army headquarters adjacent to Aden International Airport starting with two suicide car bombs. The militants then stormed the facility and engaged in a firefight with security forces. At least 25 security personal were killed and at least 8 were wounded.[51] Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Yemeni Civil War
6 Vehicular attack 0 3 (+1) Neve Daniel, West Bank Three soldiers of the Israeli army were wounded in a vehicular attack in Gush Etzion. A Palestinian driver rammed a military vehicle at the intersection of Neve Daniel.[52][53] Palestinian lone wolf Israeli–Palestinian conflict
6 Shooting 1 0 Hakkâri, Turkey A village guard was killed in an attack by outlawed PKK militants in the southeastern province of Hakkâri.[54] PKK Kurdish–Turkish conflict
6 Suicide bombing 4+ (+1) 2 Sar-e-Pul, Afghanistan At least 4 people were killed and 2 injured after a suicide bombing that targeted a former Jihadi leader (who was not killed) and his family.[55] Unknown War in Afghanistan
6 Attack 2 (+2) 4 Yala, Thailand Two civilians were killed and two soldiers injured after attacks by insurgents. The suspected assailants were then attacked in retaliation, with 2 of them being killed.[56] Muslim Insurgents, suspected Malay Muslims South Thailand insurgency
6 Assassination 1 0 Oyo, Nigeria Gideon Aremun a Nigerian lawmaker and member of the House of Assembly, was assassinated by gunmen.[57][58] Unknown
7 Bombing, shooting 3 (+1) 13 Sholakia, Bangladesh Militants used homemade explosives and guns to attack policemen guarding an Eid al-Fitr prayer gathering.[59] Islamic State Internal conflict in Bangladesh
7 Car bombing 12 32 Benghazi, Libya At least twelve Libyan soldiers were killed, over 35 injured in the explosion of a car bomb in Benghazi in eastern Libya.[60] Islamic militants (suspected) Libyan Civil War
7 Execution 5 0 Azim, Iraq Islamic State executed 5 Sunni tribesmen accused of being with the Popular Mobilization Forces[61] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
7 Suicide bombing, shooting 56+ to 100+ (+3) 75+ Balad, Iraq Muhammad ibn Ali al-Hadi Mausoleum attack: At least 56 people were killed and 75 injured after a suicide car bomb blew up at the gate of the Mausoleum of Sayid Mohammed bin Ali al-Hadi. Gunmen then entered the mausoleum and started shooting at the people inside.[62][63][64] Islamic State claimed that they killed over 100 people. Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
7 Bombing 0 (+2) 0 (+1) Reyhanlı, Syria 2 Syrian men were making homemade explosives, when they blew up, killing them and injuring a woman who was in another room. Terrorism is suspected.[65] Islamic State (suspected) Syrian Civil War
7 Rocket attack 5 9+ Aleppo, Syria 4 separate rocket attacks ended up with the death of 5 civilians, including children, and the injury of at least 9 people. Many buildings were also damaged.[66] al-Nusra Front and others groups suspected Syrian Civil War
7 Mortar attack 2 1 Rafah, Egypt Two children were killed in a shelling by Islamic State in the Sinai peninsula province militants.The casualties were identified as Reda Ahmed, 16, and his sister Fatma, 6. Their other sibling Mariam, 6, was injured and taken to the Arish general hospital for medical treatment.[67] Islamic State Insurgency in Egypt
8 Mortar attack, suicide bombing 36+ Unknown Baghdad, Iraq The attack on the shrine of seven Dujai: At least 36 people were killed in a bombing near a shrine that is north of Baghdad.[68] Islamic State
8 Suicide bombing 9+ (+2) "dozens" Damboa, Nigeria At least 9 people were killed and "dozens" injured after a suicide bombing attack on a Mosque in Borno. There was also a second suicide bombing at another Mosque.[69] Boko Haram (suspected) Boko Haram insurgency
9 Mortar attacks and other attacks 36+ 143+ Aleppo, Syria At least 36 people were killed and over 143 injured after mortar and other attacks in Aleppo. Rebel terrorist militant groups were behind the attacks.[70] Rebel militants Syrian Civil war
9 Shootdown 2 0 Palmyra, Syria Two Russian military personnel were killed when Islamic State shot down their chopper near Palmyra.[71] Islamic State Syrian Civil war
9 Counter-terrorism raid 3 (+10) Unknown (+5) Afghanistan 10 militants were killed in counter-terrorism raids across the country. 3 members of the Afghan National Security Forces were also killed during the raids[72] Taliban War in Afghanistan
9 Car bombing 3 10+ Cevizlik, Turkey 2 soldiers and 1 civilian were killed in a car bombing in Southeast Turkey.[73] PKK (suspected) Kurdish–Turkish conflict
9 Shooting 0 1 Tekoa, West Bank An Israeli driver was moderately wounded in a drive-by shooting.[74] Palestinian Israeli–Palestinian conflict
9 Execution 9 0 Raqqa, Syria 5 people were executed by Islamic State, including 4 members of a football team, as they consider football "anti-Islamic". 4 other people were also executed for allegedly spying for the Kurdish YPG.[75] Islamic State Syrian Civil war
9 Bombing, Shooting 7+ 8 Kandahar and Paktia, Afghanistan At least 3 people were killed, all children, and 6 injured after an IED blew up when a civilian vehicle drove over it.[76] The Taliban are heavily suspected to be behind the bombing, although they have not claimed responsibility yet. 4 more people were killed and 2 injured after a shooting targeting policemen.[77] Taliban (suspected) War in Afghanistan
9 Melee attack 1 0 Abuja, Nigeria A Christian preacher was hacked to death by suspected Muslim extremists.[78] Muslim extremists (suspected) Communal conflicts in Nigeria
9 Attack 7 Unknown Rann, Nigeria Boko Haram militants raided a town with guns and explosives, killing 7 people and damaging buildings.[79] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
10 Attack 2 0 Dinangourou, Mali Two Malian soldiers were killed in an attack near the border with Burkina Faso.[80] Unknown Northern Mali Conflict
10 Attacks 81+ Unknown Benue, Nigeria Multiple terrorist attacks by Fulani herdsmen left at least 81 people dead.[81][82] Fulani herdsmen Communal conflicts in Nigeria
11 Assassination 1 0 Mopti region, Mali The deputy mayor of the Wouro-Mody commune, Kola H. Dia,was killed by terrorists in the Mopti region.[83] Unknown Northern Mali Conflict
11 Shooting 0 1 Dereli, Turkey Unknown assailants opened fire on a police vehicle patrolling in the Dereli district. A police officer was injured in the attack.[84] PKK (suspected) Kurdish–Turkish conflict
11 Bombing 0 2 Dereli, Turkey Another two police officers were wounded when an explosive was detonated near the scene of the first attack .[84] PKK (suspected) Kurdish–Turkish conflict
11 Suicide bombing, Attack 10+ to 30+ (+1+) Unknown Mogadishu, Somalia At least 10 soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing at the Lanta Buro Base near Mogadishu. Militants then entered the base and took control of it. Al-Shabab released a statement claiming that it had killed 30 soldiers.[85][86] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
11 Bombing 2 3 Sinai Peninsula, Egypt Two policemen were killed when an IED exploded by their car. Three others were wounded.[87] Islamic State Sinai insurgency
12 Suicide bombing, bombing 17+ (+1) 56+ Baghdad, Iraq At least 12 civilians were killed in a suicide car bombing which targeted a Shiite open market. 5 more people were killed in separate bombings[88][89] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
12 Car bombing 11 32 al-Rashidiya, Iraq 11 people were killed and 32 injured after a car bomb attack in a market.[90] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi Civil War
12 Execution 4 0 al-Rashidiya, Iraq Islamic State executed 4 doctors for refusing to fight for them and treat their injured.[91] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
12 Land mine 1 0 Jizan Region, Saudi Arabia A Saudi border guard was killed by a land mine near the border with Yemen.[92] Unknown Yemeni Civil War
12 Attack 2 (+25) 7 Kangarwa, Nigeria A Boko Haram attack in Borno State was repelled by the Nigerian Army resulting in the deaths of 25 militants. Two soldiers were killed during the attack.[93][94] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
12 Execution 7 3+ Sirte, Libya ISIS executed 7 people from one of their secret prisons in Libya. Three people were found critically injured by Libyan forces, although more may have been likely injured.[95] Islamic State Libyan Civil War
13 Assassination 1 0 Bujumbura, Burundi Close to President Pierre Nkurunziza, the former minister Hafsa Mossi was murdered in Bujumbura. She had been very quiet since the beginning of the crisis.[96] Militiamen from the opposition (suspected) Burundian unrest
13 Suicide bombing 7+ (+1) 11 Baghdad, Iraq At least 7 people were killed in a suicide car bombing which targeted a military checkpoint in northern Baghdad.[97] 11 people were injured, some critically.[98] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
13 Shooting 2 (attacker(s) also killed) Unknown Baqubah, Iraq 2 people were killed and an unknown numbers of attackers were killed after a shooting that targeted a tribal sheikh.[99] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
13 Bombings 2 7+ Baqubah and Diyala Bridge, Iraq 2 people were killed and at least 7 injured after two bombings in and around Baghdad. One bombing was an IED that killed a doctor while he was driving his vehicle, another bombing blew up at a traffic intersection.[100][101] Unknown Unknown
13 Land mine 0 2 Krasnohorivka, Ukraine Near Krasnohorivka, two Ukrainians soldiers were wounded in a land mine blast.[102] Donetsk People's Republic War in Donbass
14 Shooting 2 (+1) 2 (+2) Rutshuru Territory, Democratic Republic of Congo Two people died and two were injured in an attack of AFDRC position in Tongo-Rusheshe in Rutshuru Territory.[103] DFLR Kivu conflict
14 Suicide bombings 0 (attackers killed) 6+ al-Daur, Iraq Al-Hashd al-Shaabi foiled an attack by Islamic State suicide bombers, killing an unknown number of them.[104] Although, 6 were wounded in other attack on them.[105][106] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
14 Executions 27+ Unknown Mosul, Iraq A mass execution by ISIS included 22 police members and 5 members of Peshmerga.[107] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
14 Shooting 3 Unknown Manilop, Philippines Three marine soldiers were killed by gunmen while they were procuring provisions.[108] Abu Sayyaf Moro conflict
14 Shootdown 1 0 Deir ez-Zor, Syria Islamic State shot down a Syrian Arab Air Force fighter jet which likely killed the pilot, crucifying his corpse.[109] Islamic State Syrian Civil war
14 Vehicular Assault 86 (+1) 434 Nice, France 2016 Nice attack: On the evening of 14 July 2016, a 19 tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, resulting in the deaths of 86 people and injuring 434.[110] Islamic State Islamic terrorism in Europe
14 Shooting 0 (+6) 2 Satghara, Pakistan Eight terrorists opened fire on policemen, injuring 2 of them. The policemen then killed 6 terrorists in retaliation.[111] Islamic terrorists War in North-West Pakistan
15 Shooting 2 0 Rutshuru Territory, Democratic Republic of Congo Two people, aged 25 and 26, were shot dead by Mai-Mai militiamen in Rutshuru Territory in North Kivu. They were killed while chopping wood in the forest.[112] Mai-Mai Kivu conflict
15 Bombing, shooting 3 (+3) 3 Gedo, Somalia A roadside bombing killed 2 Kenyan soldiers and one Somali soldier. Militants then engaged in a firefight with the soldiers.[113] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
15 Shooting 0 2 Siirt Province, Turkey Two civilians, including a child, were wounded early on July 15 when PKK militants staged armed attacks against a military barracks and a police station in the southeastern Siirt Province.[114] PKK Kurdish–Turkish conflict
15 Grenade attack 1 7 Kulgam, India One person was killed and 7 injured after a grenade attack on policemen in Kulgam, India.[115] Unknown militants
16 Assassination 1 0 Rosario de Perijá, Venezuela An Indian chief was shot dead Saturday in the Venezuelan city of Rosario de Perija in Zulia (west), reported the Public Ministry.[116] Unknown Venezuelan Crisis
16 Execution 5 0 Tal Abta, Iraq Islamic State burned 5 civilians alive in a cage for allegedly spying and working with the Iraqi security forces.[117] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
16 Bombing 3 6 Baghdad, Iraq Three people were killed and 6 injured after an IED bombing near a market.[118] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
16 Bombing 1+ Unknown al-Jazeera, Iraq An IED bombing killed Sami al-Hassan, a leader of Popular Mobilization Forces, while he was in his moving vehicle. It was a targeted attack.[119] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
16 Bombing 0 (attacker(s) likely killed) Unknown Nineveh, Iraq A plot to blow up a bridge over the Tigris River was foiled after an airstrike on a boat carrying many explosives.[120] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
16 Clash 0 (+8) 7 Mamasapano, Philippines Eight militants were killed while seven soldiers were wounded in hostilities this week in the province, sparked by an attack last Wednesday on an Army team studying Moro culture in Mamasapano town.[121] Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters Moro Conflict
17 Shelling 0 1 Avdiivka, Ukraine In Avdiivka, one person was wounded as a result of DPR shelling.[122] Donetsk People's Republic War in Donbass
17 Shelling 0 1 Marinka, Ukraine In Marinka, a local woman was wounded as a result of DPR shelling.[123] Donetsk People's Republic War in Donbass
17 Bombing 1 4 Baghdad, Iraq 1 person was killed and 4 injured after an IED bombing targeting a police patrol, killing one policeman and damaging a vehicle.[124] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
17 Rocket attack 5 6 Aleppo, Syria 5 people were killed and 6 injured after a terrorist group fired 5 rockets into a civilian area, damaging many buildings.[125] Unknown Syrian Civil War
18 Shooting 10 (+1) 10+ Almaty, Kazakhstan 2016 shooting of Almaty police officers: Six people were killed, and eight others were injured following an attack on a police station in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city. One of the attackers has been detained.[126] Ruslan Kulikbayev
18 Melee attack 0 (+1) 2 Al-Arroub, West Bank An assailant stabbed and injured two soldiers. Responding to the threat, the soldiers shot at the attacker and detained him. He died of his injuries a day later.[127] Palestinian lone wolf Israeli–Palestinian conflict
18 Suicide car bombings 11 18 Mukalla, Yemen Eleven people, including four civilians, were killed and eighteen people were injured in twin suicidal car bombings.[128] Unknown Yemeni Civil War
18 Suicide bombings 3+ (+3) 5+ al-Rathba, Iraq An attack by Islamic State was repelled. The only known casualties are the death of three Islamic State suicide bombers, 3 policemen, and the injury of 5 civilians.[129][130] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
18 Bombing 1 5 Arab Jabour, Iraq One person was killed and 5 injured after an IED bombing that targeted soldiers. A vehicle was also damaged.[131] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
18 Shooting 9 (+9) Unknown (+25) Benghazi, Libya At least 9 soldiers and militants were killed, 25 wounded and four missing after heavy fighting between moderate Islamist militias allied to the former national government and parliament loyal supporters of Tobruk Army, the military said.[132] Islamic Militants Libyan Civil War
18 Attack 0 (+7) 7 Tikrit, Iraq An attack by Islamic State on Popular Mobilization Forces injured seven people. Seven Islamic State members were then killed in retaliation.[133] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
18 Melee attack 0 (+1) 5 Würzburg, Germany 2016 Würzburg train attack: 5 people were injured, 2 of them critically, when a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker attacked passengers on a train with an axe and a knife. The attacker was killed by police.[134] Islamic State Wave of Terror in Europe
18 Shooting 17 35 Nampala, Mali 2016 Nampala attack: Gunmen attacked a Malian Army base near the town of Nampala in central Mali, close to the border with Mauritania.[135][136] 17 soldiers were killed and 35 others were wounded in the attack, which was jointly claimed by three separate groups.[137] Macina Liberation Front
Ethnic Peul militants
Northern Mali conflict
18 Melee attack 1 0 Oke-Ogun, Nigeria One person was killed after a Fulani herdsman named Amidu Omuru killed and robbed a man using a shepherd club and a machete.[138] Fulani herdsman named Amidu Omuru
18 Shooting 7 5 Kibiriz, Democratic Republic of Congo Seven people were killed and five others wounded during an incursion of armed men in Kibiriz.[139] Nyatura

and Mai-Mai

Kivu conflict
19 Shelling 1 0 Avdiivka, Ukraine In Avdiivka, a 19-year-old man was killed as a result of DPR shelling.[140] Donetsk People's Republic War in Donbass
19 Suicide bombings 10+ (+2) 18 Mukalla, Yemen Two suicide bombings killed at least 10 people and injured 18 at Yemeni military checkpoints.[141] AQAP Yemeni Civil War
19 Bombings 2 3 Baghdad, Iraq Two bombings in Baghdad resulted in the deaths of a policeman and a member of Popular Mobilization Forces. Three other people were critically injured, and several vehicles were damaged.[142][143] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
19 Kidnapping 0 5 kidnapped Sabah, Malaysia Five Malaysian citizens have been kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf Filipino jihadist group, related to the Islamic State (EI) in waters of the Malaysian state of Sabah in northeast Borneo, the Philippine government said Tuesday.[citation needed] Abu Sayyaf Moro Conflict
19 Suicide bombings 0 (attackers killed) Unknown Diyala, Iraq Suicide bombings by 6 assailants were foiled with an unknown number of assailants killed.[144] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
19 Shootings 12 (+20) Unknown Mosul, Iraq 12 protesting civilians were shot dead by Islamic State. In retaliation, Iraqi soldiers killed 20 Islamic State members.[145] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
19 Shooting 3 5 Kyanyunda, Democratic Republic of Congo Two people died and five others were wounded after militiamen attacked a truck Kyanyunda.[146] Mai-Mai


Kivu conflict
19 Attack 5 0 Balad, Somalia Al-Shabaab killed at least five soldiers serving with Somali National Army (SNA) in Balad city,30 km southwest of Mogadishu.[147] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
19 Execution 1 0 Handarat, Syria A young Palestinian boy named Abdullah Issa was beheaded for allegedly being a member of Liwa al-Quds.[148][149] Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki Syrian Civil War
20 Bombing 1 0 Kiev, Ukraine The journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed when a bomb exploded under his car in the center of Kiev.[150] Unknown
20 Execution 33 0 Qayyarah, Iraq Islamic State militants executed 33 civilians near Qayyarah.[151] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
20 Shooting 1 2 Baghdad, Iraq 1 person was killed and 2 injured after a sniper attack at an army checkpoint.[152] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
20 Attack Unknown Unknown Anbar, Iraq A terrorist attack was foiled by Buraq Popular Mobilization Forces members and border guards with an unknown number of casualties. Vehicles were destroyed.[153] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
20 Suicide bombing 5 (+1) 6 Aden, Yemen Five people were killed and 6 injured after a suicide bombing targeting policemen.[154] Unknown Yemeni Civil War
21 Bombings 2 10 Baghdad, Iraq Two bombings in and around Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 10 injuries. Several vehicles were also damaged.[155][156] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
21 Melee Attack 1 (+3) 0 (+2) Mitwaba, Democratic Republic of Congo Five Mai-Mai militiamen tried to attack a prison in Mitwaba. In the confrontation they beheaded a policeman and cut his body into pieces. The police subsequently killed three militiamen and wounded the remaining two, who were then arrested.[157] Mai-Mai Katanga insurgency
22 Shooting 2+ 2 Lower Shabelle, Somalia Unknown militants opened fire on a passenger bus, killing at least 2 people.[158] Unknown War in Somalia
22 Shooting 3 Unknown Diyarbakir, Turkey In the province of Diyarbakır Ergani in the operation organized members of the PKK organization, three policemen were killed and a policeman was injured. Security officers organized operation to an address that was used as a "nest" .One of the two wounded policemen entered the Ergani State Hospital fell despite the effort[159] PKK PKK rebellion
22 Shooting 9 (+1) 36 Munich, Germany 2016 Munich shooting: A gunman opened fire on a shopping mall, killing nine before committing suicide. 36 people were wounded, four by gunfire. The shooter was a bullied man who was said to be obsessed with mass shootings. The massacre was conducted on the anniversary of the 2011 Norway attacks. The suspect was described as being a "very nationalistic" racist, with him boasting about similarities with Adolf Hitler. David Sonboly Terrorism in Germany
23 Suicide bombing 80+ (+2) 260+ Kabul, Afghanistan July 2016 Kabul bombing: Two suicide bombers targeted ethnic Hazaras at a rally in Kabul, killing over 80 people and wounding at least 230 more. Islamic State later claimed responsibility for the attack.[160][161] Islamic State[162] War in Afghanistan
23 Bombing 1 4 Baghdad, Iraq 1 person was killed and 4 injured after an IED bombing on an army patrol.[163] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
23 Bombing 6 8 Sharqat Island, Iraq 6 people were killed and 8 injured after a roadside bombing targeted civilians attempting to flee Islamic State.[164] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
23 Bombings 3 13 Dawra and Diyala Bridge, Iraq Two IED bombings resulted in the deaths of 3 people and the injury of 13.[165] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
23 Suicide bombings Unknown (+5+) Unknown (+9) Kirkuk, Iraq An Islamic State suicide bombing attack was foiled by Peshmerga, with at least 5 attackers being killed, 9 being injured, and a vehicle being destroyed.[166] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
23 Suicide bombings Unknown (dozens of assailants killed) Unknown al-Qayyarah, Iraq An Islamic State suicide bombing attack was foiled by the Nineveh Operations with dozens of assailants being killed.[167] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
24 Suicide bombing and other bombings 26+ (+1) 50+ Baghdad, Iraq A suicide bombing in the Shiite neighborhood of Kadhimiya in Baghdad left at least 21 people dead.[168] More bombings left 5 people dead and 15 wounded. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the first attack, and is suspected in the others.[169][170] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
24 Bombing 1 2 Rashed, Iraq An IED bombing killed 1 person and injured 2, targeting families fleeing from Islamic State.[171] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
24 Execution 3 0 Rashad, Iraq Islamic State burned 3 family members to death, including a 2-year-old-girl, for trying to escape ISIS-held territory.[172] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
24 Shooting 1 0 Arish, Egypt An Arish police captain was killed in a targeted assassination. Islamic State claimed responsibility.[173] Islamic State Sinai insurgency
24 Suicide bombing 0 (+1) 15 Ansbach, Germany 2016 Ansbach bombing: A 27-year-old Syrian refugee detonated a bomb at a wine bar in Ansbach, killing only himself, but wounding 15 civilians. He had previously been denied entry to a nearby music festival. Authorities found a recorded video message on the attacker's phone, pledging his allegiance the Islamic State.[174] Islamic State Wave of Terror in Europe
24 Melee attack 1 2 (+1) Reutlingen, Germany A Syrian asylum seeker armed with a döner knife attacked a co-worker and bystanders in Reutlingen, Germany, killing the coworker, a pregnant Polish woman, and wounding two other people in the forearm and head, before being subdued by a civilian who hit him with a car and arrested by police.[2] Lone Wolf Wave of Terror in Europe
25 Land Mine 3 0 Mardin Province, Turkey Three policemen were killed in a PKK roadside bomb attack in Turkey's southeastern Mardin Province.[175] PKK Kurdish–Turkish conflict
25 Suicide bombing 17+ (+1) 25 Al Khalis, Iraq A suicide car bombing at a checkpoint in central Iraq killed at least 17 people.[176][177] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi Civil War
25 Bombings 5 17 Al-Amin, Iraq An IED bombing at a market in the eastern Baghdad suburb of Al-Amin al-Thaniyah left 2 people dead and 7 injured.[178] Another IED bombing killed 1 and injured 4, and another killed 2 and injured 6.[179][180] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
25 Shelling 30 Unknown Juhalh, Iraq An Islamic State mortar attack resulted in 30 casualties.[181] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
25 Execution 23 0 Mosul, Iraq Islamic State executed 23 people for allegedly working with Iraqi forces.[182] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
25 Shooting 0 Unknown Niassa Province, Mozambique A RENAMO Gunmen from Mozambique’s opposition party Renamo on morning attacked a health centre and a police station in the administrative post of Muapula in the northern province of Niassa. The armed men stole medicines and surgical equipment from the health centre. No casualties have been reported.[183] RENAMO RENAMO insurgency
25 Shooting 0 2 Barue, Mozambique Two truck drivers received minor injuries over the weekend when a convoy driving along the EN7 highway was ambushed by gunmen from the opposition party Renamo.[184] RENAMO RENAMO insurgency
26 Suicide bombing 13+ (+2) 5 Mogadishu, Somalia At least thirteen people were killed, and five injured, when two suicide car bombs exploded near an African Union base in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.[185][186] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
26 Land Mine 1 2 Van, Turkey A truck bomb exploded when passing on a landmine in the eastern city of Van, killing one person and injuring two more.[187] PKK Kurdish–Turkish conflict
26 Rocket attack 1 1 Diyarbakır, Turkey One soldier was killed and another injured in a rocket attack on a military checkpoint near the Silvan Dam.[187] PKK Kurdish–Turkish conflict
26 Melee Attack, hostage-taking 1 (+2) 3 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France 2016 Normandy church attack: Two assailants killed a priest and seriously wounded a woman in a church in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray. The two assailants were killed by French Special Forces. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.[188][189] Islamic State Wave of Terror in Europe
26 Bombings 2 9 Baghdad, Iraq Multiple bombings in Baghdad left 2 people dead and 9 wounded.[190][191][192] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
26 Bombing Unknown Unknown Baghdad, Iraq A bombing at the headquarters of Popular Mobilization Forces left an unknown number of casualties.[193] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
26 Bombing 5 Unknown Sharqat, Iraq A family of 5 people was killed in a path-side explosion.[194] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
27 Suicide bombing 57+ (+2) 171+ Qamishli Syria 27 July 2016 Qamishli bombings: A terrorist detonated his van packed with explosives at a checkpoint in the Kurdish city of Qamishli. At least 48 were killed and 140 were wounded[195][196][197] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
27 Suicide bombing, other attacks 18 (+1) 37+ Baghdad, Iraq A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a checkpoint in a Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad killing 6 people and wounding at least 15.[198] Other attacks in and around Baghdad killed a further 12 and injured 23 people.[199] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi Civil War
27 Attacks 12+ (+4) 24+ Baghdad, Iraq Another series of attacks in Baghdad left at least 12 people dead and at least 24 injured.[200][201][202] 4 attackers were also killed in the attacks.[203][204][205] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi Civil War
27 Attacks 3 4 Anbar, Iraq Two separate attacks in Anbar left 3 people dead and at least 4 wounded, including a military commander.[206][207] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
27 Execution 25 Unknown Fallujah, Iraq Islamic State executed 25 people in the teacher's institute during their occupation of Fallujah.[208] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
27 Land Mine 3 0 Siirt, Turkey A military vehicle exploded when passing on a landmine in the eastern district of Siirt, killing two soldiers and injuring two more.[209] PKK Kurdish–Turkish conflict
27 Bombing 7 18 Marib, Yemen A bomb detonated in a market selling qat in Marib killing 7 and injuring 18.[210] Unknown Yemeni Civil War
28 Execution 14 Unknown Mosul, Iraq Islamic State executed 14 civilians who were attempting to flee the city.[211] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
28 Bombing, Mortar Attack, Suicide bombing 9+ (+1) 19+ Baghdad, Iraq At least 9 people were killed and at least 19 were wounded in several incidents. In the first, an IED bombing in northern Baghdad killed two people and injured eleven others.[212] In the second, an IED bombing in the al-Amel neighborhood in southwest Baghdad killed one person and injured eight others.[213] In the third, a refugee camp in Baghdad was shelled with mortars killing 5 people. Lastly, a suicide bomber killed a police officer named Shafi Alwataifi who prevented him from entering a crowded market by embracing him.[214][215] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
28 Execution 1 0 Hawija, Iraq Islamic State executed a person for allegedly working with Iraqi forces.[216] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
28 Shooting 2 (+1) 4 Commune of Gisozi, Burundi Two patrons were killed in a shooting in a pub.Four people were injured in the attack.One of the attackers were killed[217] Unknown Burundian unrest
29 Shooting 0 1 Nyamilima, Democratic Republic of Congo Mai-Mai attack an army positions in Nyamilima (North Kivu). An old women was wounded.[218] Mai-Mai Kivu conflict
29 Execution 24 0 Manbij, Syria Islamic State executed 24 civilians in a village near Manbij.[219] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
29 Shooting 5 8 Çukurca, Turkey Five soldiers were killed, and 8 were injured in a PKK attack in Çukurca.[220] PKK Kurdish–Turkish conflict
29 Kidnapping 0 1 kidnapping Santa Rosa del Aguaray, Paraguay A 17-year Mennonite guerrillas kidnapped by Paraguayan People's Army (EPP), read a statement sent today by the armed group that he founded the kidnapping by "the violation of revolutionary laws prohibiting deforestation."[221] Paraguayan People's Army Paraguayan People's Army insurgency
29 Attack 3 4 Al Qoseama, Egypt An police patrol was attacked by Islamic State members.[222] Islamic State Sinai insurgency
29 Attack 9 14 Cabinda Province, Angola Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC) reportedly killed nine Angolan soldiers and wounded 14 others in recent clashes in the oil-rich Cabinda Province. (Reuters) Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda Cabinda War
30 Bombing 2 8 Baghdad, Iraq A bomb killed 2 and injured 8, in a popular market in the south of Baghdad.[223] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
30 Shooting Unknown Unknown Mopeia, Mozambique A group of 20 armed men invaded the village of the headquarters of the Renamo Mopeia province of Zambezia, in central Mozambique district and occupied the police headquarters for an hour, normalcy returned after the departure of men (RENAMO), after a 45-minute shootout with police.[224] RENAMO RENAMO insurgency
30 Bombing 1 8 Larkana, Pakistan A roadside bomb exploded by a vehicle carrying paramilitary rangers killing one and wounding eight.[225] Jamaat-ul-Ahrar War in Waziristan
31 Shooting Unknown unknown Maiaca, Mozambique Renamo gunmen overran Sunday Maiaca city in the province of Niassa, northern Mozambique, and attacked the health center, police facilities and the administrator's house, local sources cited by Radio Mozambique.[226] RENAMO RENAMO insurgency
31 Suicide bombing, Shooting 6 (+7) 15 Mogadishu, Somalia Two suicide car bombs targeted the Somalia's Criminal Investigative Police Division headquarters killing five civilians and one police officer. Five gunmen then attempted to storm the building but were killed by security forces.[227][228][229] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
31 Shooting, Suicide bombing 5 (+4) 8 Kirkuk, Iraq Four gunmen stormed into an oil station of the North Oil Company, situated some 20 kilometers from western Kirkuk. Firing indiscriminately, the gunmen injured two guards and killed four employees who were stationed in the control room. The gunmen then escaped to another oil station 25 kilometers north of the first one where three of then set off their suicide vests. The fourth was killed in a shootout with security forces. One person was killed and 6 were injured at the second oil station.[230][231][232] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
31 Bombing, Shooting 11+ 12 Baghdad, Iraq 1. An IED exploded near a lake at Suteih village in Madain district in southern Baghdad, killing two persons and wounding three others.[233] 2. A family of 7 was gunned down by unknown militants who stormed the family's home.[234] 3. An IED bombing in northern Baghdad killed at least 2 and injured 9 others.[235] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
31 Suicide bombing 2 (+1) 5 Anbar Province, Iraq A suicide car bomb targeted the headquarters of border police in Anbar Province killing two and injuring five.[236] Unknown Iraqi Civil War
31 Shootings Unknown (+18) Unknown Punjab, Pakistan Police were able to stop terrorists from killing civilians, and they were attacked instead with an unknown number of casualties. Seven militants were killed.[237] 11 more militants were killed at a different time.[citation needed] Taliban (suspected) War in North-West Pakistan
31 Shootings 3 77 (+3) Yerevan, Armenia 2016 Yerevan hostage crisis: About 20 gunmen took control of a police station, killing two officers. 77 people were injured and 100 others were arrested. 3 gunmen were also injured. Hostages were taken. The gunmen surrendered on July 31, two weeks after seizing the police station.[238] Daredevils of Sassoun Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
31 Shooting 1 0 Timbuktu, Mali A captain of the Malian army was shot dead by four AQIM gunmen in Timbuktu in northern Mali.[239] AQIM Northern Mali Conflict

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