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Pakistan-Malaysia relations
Map indicating locations of Pakistan and Malaysia


High Commission of Pakistan in Malaysia

Malaysia–Pakistan relations (Malay: Hubungan Malaysia–Pakistan; Urdu: ملائیشیا اور پاکستان کے تعلقات) refers to bilateral foreign relations between the two countries, Malaysia and Pakistan. Pakistan has its High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia has its High Commission in Islamabad.[1]


On 5 October 1965, Pakistan severed their diplomatic ties with Malaysia when a Malaysian representative at the UN Security Council (to which Malaysia had been elected in 1965) had taken sides in the Indo-Pakistani war over Kashmir.[1] Pakistan's Foreign Minister A. Z. Bhutto said "Malaysia has taken an immorial position, has violated the solidarity of the African-Asian world". The Malaysian government rejected any Pakistani suggestion that Malaysia sided with India in the dispute and sends a note to the Pakistani high commission in Kuala Lumpur that "Malaysia was not behaved wrongly to a fellow Muslim nations, challenged a Pakistani claimed that Pakistan had tried to mediate the Malaysia-Indonesia dispute".[2]

Shortly after that, Malaysia accused Pakistan being involved in "a sinister pattern of collusion with China and Indonesia against Malaysia". Speaking after a Cabinet Meeting, the Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman said "I knew this was coming for a long time, and in particular because of the peculiar behaviour of Mr. Bhutto. Mr. Bhutto had given a poor excuses for breaking with Malaysia and what surprises me is that they are not broken off ties with India, with whom they are at war".[3] After 11 months break, the relations was resumed with the help of Iran.[4] When the relations have been normal, Pakistan became a supporter to the Federation of Malaysia which they refused to accept the non-inclusion of Brunei and the leaving of Singapore from the Malaysian Federation, Pakistan only established relations with those countries when Malaysia had done so.

Economic relations[edit]

In 1986, Malaysia export $515.5 million worth of goods to Pakistan mainly on palm oil while Pakistan export to Malaysia was only $31.1 million. Thus, Pakistan has stated that it wants to explore more join venture with Malaysian companies.[5] There is a trade and cultural pact between the two countries, under which the import and export of various goods is done on fairly large scale. The President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan along with other high officials visited Malaysia many times and Malaysian officials also paid a good will visit to Pakistan.[6] Malaysia and Pakistan signed a free trade agreement called the Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (MPCEPA) in January 2008.[1]

Pakistan and Malaysia are linked by Air Transport. Pakistan International Airlines operates many flights from Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar to Kuala Lumpur.

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