Costa Rican passport

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Costa Rican passport
Issued by  Costa Rica
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Costa Rican citizenship
Expiration 6 years after acquisition

Costa Rican passports are issued to Costa Rican citizens to travel outside Costa Rica. Currently, it is valid for 6 years (10 years before 2006). It is issued to people born on Costa Rican soil (who are citizens by default), and to children of Costa Rican citizens born abroad, who are reported to the nearest Costa Rican embassy (whose birth, immediately after such report, is recorded in the civil registry). Children born overseas to a Costa Rican citizen are Costa Rican by birth, not by naturalisation, as stated in the Constitution of Costa Rica.


It is dark blue on the outside, with letters and the Costa Rican coat of arms in gilded-looking letters.

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