Grenadian passport

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Grenadian passport
Caribbean Community Grenada Passport.jpg
Caribbean Community Grenada Passport
Issued by  Grenada
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Expiration Normally five years after acquisition

The Grenadian passport is issued to citizens of Grenada for international travel. When issued, the Grenadian passport is normally valid for five years. New applicants are issued with a Caribbean Community Grenada Passport.[1] Philip Agee, a former CIA intelligence officer turned whistleblower was issued with a Grenadian passport in 1980 when his US passport was withdrawn.[2]Following the government policy reversal in 1984 on Grenada's controversial 'economic citizenship programme', the then Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell refused to reveal who had benefited from the scheme by receiving a Grenadian passport, citing 'the best interest of the country and its national security' as his reasons for not doing so.[3]

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