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Bhutanese passport

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Bhutanese passport
Issued by  Bhutan
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Bhutanese citizenship

A Bhutanese passport is a document which authorises and facilitates travel and other activities in Bhutan or by Bhutanese citizens.

Foreign travel passports are issued to citizens of Bhutan for international travel, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[1]


A Lhotshampa man holding his Bhutanese passport

In the Kingdom of Bumthang, which constitutes a part of modern-day Bhutan, feudal passbooks or 'dzeng' (Dzongkha: ཛེང) were issued to court messengers in order to travel from kingdom to kingdom.[1] Diplomacy and mediating were crucially important measures in pre-modern Bhutan chiefdoms.[2]


The passport contains text in English and Dzongkha (Tibetan script).[3]

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