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Jersey passport
Jersey passport.jpg
The front cover of a contemporary Jersey biometric passport.
The biodata page of the Jersey biometric passport
Issued by

United KingdomJersey Lieutenant Governor of Jersey,
on behalf of
United Kingdom Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
(on the advice of the
United Kingdom

Lord Chancellor being also [British] Secretary of State for Justice),
at the request of the
Jersey States of Jersey
Type of document Passport
Eligibility requirements British citizenship

The Jersey passport is a British passport issued by the Passport Office of the Jersey Government in St Helier to British citizens connected to the Crown Dependency of Jersey.


The Passport Office of the Jersey Government only issues British passports to British citizens living in the Channel Islands, United Kingdom or the Isle of Man who have a connection to Jersey (e.g. is currently in Jersey, were born in Jersey, or are a child born outside Jersey to parents born in Jersey).[1]


British passports issued by the Jersey Government may have an endorsement included to the following effect:

Although British citizens who have only a connection to Jersey are European Union citizens (an EU citizen being defined by the Treaty of Maastricht as a person holding the nationality of a Member State), they do not have EU Freedom of Movement Rights.

However, if British citizens connected to Jersey also have a connection to the United Kingdom (e.g. they have lived in the UK for five years, were born in the UK, or have parents or grandparents born in the UK), their passports will not include such an endorsement and they will be fully eligible to benefit from European Union Freedom of Movement rights.[2]


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