Ta’Oi language

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Ta Oi
Native to Laos, Vietnam
Ethnicity Ta Oi, Katang
Native speakers
220,000 (1995–2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
tth – Upper Ta’Oi
kgd – Kataang
irr – Ir (Hantong)
oog – Ong (= Ir)
tto – Lower Ta’Oi
ngt – Ngeq (Kriang)
llo – Khlor (Lor)
Glottolog taoi1247[2]

Ta’Oi (Ta’Oih, Ta Oi) is a Katuic dialect chain of Salavan and Sekong provinces in Laos, and in Thừa Thiên-Huế province in Vietnam (Sidwell 2005:12).


Sidwell (2005) lists the following varieties of Ta’Oi, which is a name applied to speakers of various related dialects.

  • Ta’Oi proper
  • Ong/Ir/Talan
  • Chatong is spoken about 50 to 100 km northeast of Sekong. It has been recorded only by Theraphan L-Thongkum.
  • Kriang (Ngkriang, Ngeq) is spoken by up to 4,000 people living in villages between Tatheng and Sekong, such as Ban Chakamngai.
  • Kataang (Katang) is a dialect that has been documented by Michel Ferlus, Gerard Diffloth, and other linguists. It is not to be confused with the Bru dialect of Katang.[3]


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