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Maulana Abdul Bari 'Firangi Mahali (Urdu: مولانا عبدل باری ندوی فرنگی محلی‎), (b. 1878 – d.1926) is a Firangi Mahal scholar.[1]


His family moved from Sihali, Barabnaki to the Firangi Mahal around 1695.[1] In 1915 he was residing in Barabnaki.[2] In 1916 he was assistant professor in Pune.[2]



During First World War he asked Sultan of Turkey to support Britain or remain out of the war.[4]

On 26 January 1919 he presided over a protest meeting in Lucknow against the British attitude against Muslims.[5][6]

He was highly active in the Khilafat movement.[1]

He preached Hindu-Muslim unity and was an associate of Mahatma Gandhi.


He authored around 111 books.[1] Some of them are:

Title Subject Language Barcode Year Reference(s)/Note(s)
Ilm e Akhlaq (Manual Of Ethics) Philosophy, Psychology Urdu - 1923 [7]
Berkeley, Vol-I Philosophy Urdu 2990110005662 1924 ,[7][8]
Berkeley Aur Uska Falsafa, Vol-II (Mubadi Ilm-e-Insaani) Philosophy Urdu 2990100069025 1926 ,[7][9]

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