Angara Naado

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Angara Naado
Angara Naado is located in Kenya
Angara Naado
Angara Naado
Location of Angara Naado
Coordinates: 1°15′S 35°59′E / 1.25°S 35.98°E / -1.25; 35.98Coordinates: 1°15′S 35°59′E / 1.25°S 35.98°E / -1.25; 35.98
Country Kenya
County Narok County
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Rift Valley
Rift Valley
Geographical map of Kenya

Angara Naado is a settlement in Kenya's Narok County.[1]


The people of the Rift Valley are a mesh work of different tribal identities, and the Kalenjin and the Maasai are two of the best known ethnic groups. Most of Kenya's top runners come from the Kalenjin community. The Maasai people have the most recognizable cultural identity, both nationally and internationally, and serve as Kenya's international cultural symbol.


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