Mtito Andei

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Mtito Andei
Mtito Andei is located in Kenya
Mtito Andei
Mtito Andei
Location in Kenya
Placement on map is approximate
Coordinates: 2°41′S 38°10′E / 2.69°S 38.17°E / -2.69; 38.17Coordinates: 2°41′S 38°10′E / 2.69°S 38.17°E / -2.69; 38.17
Country Kenya
CountyMakueni County
Elevation2,398 ft (731 m)
Population (2010 Estimate)
 • Total4,760

Mtito Andei is a town in Makueni County, Kenya.


The town is located in Makueni County, in the country's southeastern region, close to the international border with the Tanzania. Its location lies approximately 290 kilometres (180 mi), by road, southeast of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and the largest city in that country.[1] The geographic coordinates of Mtito Andei are:2° 41' 24.00"S, 38° 10' 12.00"E (Latitude:-2.69000; Longitude:38.17000).

From Mtito Andei to Voi is a distance of 96km


Mtito Andei is a small town on the Mombasa to Nairobi Railway and Highway. It lies at the western edge of Tsavo National Park and two entrance gates into the park are located in the town. The town is administered by Mtito Andei Town Council. It also serves as the county headquarters for Mtito Andei County, in which the town is located. It is home of the South Eastern Kenya University a public university a few kilometers from the town. It also banking facilities like Kenya Women Finance Trust and Kenya Commercial Bank.


According to the 1999 Kenya National Census, Mtito Andei's urban population was counted at 4,304 (1999 Census).[2] In 2010, the population of the town was estimated at about 4,760.[3]


Nairobi-Mombasa road near Mtito Andei, early 1950s

Mtito Andei lies on the main line of Kenya Railways, between Mombasa and Nairobi. The town is also served by Mtito Andei Airport. The main thoroughfare going through town is the Mombasa-Nairobi Road (A109). Going south the road continues on to Tsavo and then to Voi and eventually to Mombasa. Going north, the road goes through Kibwezi and Sultan Hamud, before entering Nairobi (See Google Map). The town is also served by Mtito Andei Airport.

Points of interest[edit]

The points of interest located in Mtito Andei or close to its borders include the following:

  • The offices of Mtito Andei Town Council
  • The headquarters of Mtito Andei County
  • The Nairobi-Mombasa Road – The road passes through the middle of town in a northwest to southeast direction
  • The Mombasa-Nairobi Railway Line – The railway runs parallel to the Road
  • Mtito Andei Central Market
  • The Mtito Andei Post Office
  • Tsavo National Park – The town lies just outside the park. Two gates to the national park are located in Mtito Andei; one to the south and another to the northeast of town.
  • Mtito Andei Airport

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