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Bomet County

Coordinates: 0°48′00″S 35°14′00″E / 0.8°S 35.2333°E / -0.8; 35.2333
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Bomet County
Flag of Bomet County
Coat of arms of Bomet County
Location of Bomet County in Kenya
Location of Bomet County in Kenya
Coordinates: 0°48′00″S 35°14′00″E / 0.8°S 35.2333°E / -0.8; 35.2333
Country Kenya
Formed4 March 2013
 • Total1,630.0 km2 (629.3 sq mi)
1,962 m (6,437 ft)
 • Total875,689
 • Density540/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Bomet County is a county in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Initially a district, Bomet District was created from the former Kericho District in 1992. The capital of Bomet County is Bomet. It has a population of 875,689 in 2019 and an area of 1,630.0 km2 (629.3 sq mi).[1]

Local authorities[edit]

Local authorities (councils)
Authority Type Population* Urban pop.*
Bomet Municipality 42,024 4,426
Bomet County County 340,770 244
Total 382,794 4,670
* 1999 census. Source:[2]

Administrative and political units[edit]

Bomet county has five sub-county administrative units with 25 county assembly wards and 66 locations.[3]

Administrative Units and area by Sub-County/Constituency
Sub-County (Constituency) Wards Area in km sq. No. of locations No. of Sub-locations
Bomet Central Silibwet, Singorwet, Ndarawetta, Chesoen & Mutarakwa 266 8 23
Bomet East Longisa, Kembu, Chemaner, Merigi & Kipreres 311.3 10 27
Chepalungu Sigor, Kongasis, Chebunyo, Nyongores & Siongiroi 535.8 15 42
Sotik Ndanai/Abosi, Kipsonoi, Kapletundo, Chemagel & Manaret/Rongena 479.2 17 36
Konoin Kimulot, Mogogosiek, Boito, Embomos & Chepchabas 445.1 16 37
Total 2037 66 176


Governors Of Bomet County
Term of office Governor's Name Political Party
2013-2017 Isaac Ruto URP
2017-2019 Joyce Laboso Jubilee
2019-2022 Dr. Hillary Barchok N/A
2022 Dr. Hillary Barchok UDA

County government[edit]

Bomet has had three governors since devolution, Isaac Ruto was the first Governor and was replaced by Joyce Laboso who died of cancer while in office.[4] Dr. Hillary Barchok, being the deputy, was sworn in as the third governor on 8 August 2019.[5] Linet Chepkorir Toto is the current women representative[6] and Lawyer Hillary Sigei is currently serving as a Senator. http://www.parliament.go.ke/the-senate/sen-wakili-hillary-kiprotich-sigei The county ward assemblies are run by members of county assemblies.

Electoral constituencies[edit]

The county has five electoral constituencies:


Bomet has a population of 875,689 person with a population density of 346 persons per square km as per the 2019 census report, out of this 434,287 are females, 441,379 males and 23 intersex persons.[7]


Religion in Bomet County

Majority of the residents of Bomet County are Christians. Islam and Hinduism is adhered to by less than 1% of the population of whom majority of the same are non residents of Bomet County.


Religion (2019 Census) Number
Catholic 129,547
Protestant 387,001
Evangelical Churches 225,608
African Instituted Churches 56,401
Orthodox 2,858
Other Christian 32,527
Islam 997
Hindu 96
Traditionalists 2,514
Other 11,045
No ReligionAtheists 23,413
Don't Know 957
Not Stated 59


Stats for Bomet County
Stats for the County (Per cent)
Attending School (15-18 Yrs)
Paved Roads
Good Roads
Electricity Access
Poverty Rate

Stats for the County

Source: USAid Kenya

Secondary schools[edit]

  • Tenwek Boys High
  • Longisa Boys High School
  • Moi Siongiroi Girls High School
  • Kabungut Boys High
  • Ndaraweta Girls secondary School
  • Kipsingei Mixed Day Secondary School
  • Kaboson Girls School
  • Chepalungu Boys High School
  • Chebunyo Boys Secondary School
  • Chebunyo Girls Secondary School
  • Siwot Secondary School
  • Kiptobit Secondary School
  • Kaplong Boys high school
  • kimuchul Secondary school
  • Kaplong Girls Secondary school
  • Moi Minariet Boys Secondary School
  • Muiywek Secondary School
  • Gorgor Secondary School
  • Chebilat Boys High School
  • Kamung'ei Secondary School
  • Kamureito Secondary School
  • Ndanai Girls High School
  • Solyot Secondary School
  • Olbutyo Boys High School
  • Olbobo Secondary School
  • Mulot High School
  • Kakimirai High school
  • Lelkatet High School
  • Saseta Girls Secondary School
  • Simoti Secondary School
  • Merigi Secondary School
  • Kaporuso Secondary School
  • Sigowet Secondary School
  • Chemaner Secondary School
  • Sigor Boys High School
  • Kaboson Secondary School
  • Sugumerga Secondary School
  • Kipreres Secondary School
  • Toronik Secondary School
  • Plokyi Girls Secondary School


The Bomet University College, a constituent of Moi University, is located in Bomet town.

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Bomet Senator http://www.parliament.go.ke/the-senate/sen-wakili-hillary-kiprotich-sigei

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