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Kapsabet is located in Kenya
Location of Kapsabet
Coordinates: 0°20′N 35°10′E / 0.333°N 35.167°E / 0.333; 35.167Coordinates: 0°20′N 35°10′E / 0.333°N 35.167°E / 0.333; 35.167
Country Kenya
CountyNandi County
 • Total86,803[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Kapsabet is a town in Kenya. It is the capital of Nandi County and is located 40 kilometres southwest of Eldoret on the way to Chavakali.

The name Kapsabet comes from "Kap"- 'belong to/area of' and "sabit" or "sobet" - 'live' and has come to mean 'a place of life'[citation needed] though external influences and documentation refer it as Kapsabet. The locals praise it as 'Kapsabit ak mego'. Kapsabet municipality has a total population of 86,803 (2009 census).[2]


Demographics and culture[edit]

Ethnicity and language[edit]

Kapsabet municipality has a total population of 86,803 (2009 census). The majority of residents belong to the Nandi section of the Kalenjin ethnic group.


Kapsabet is predominantly a Christian town. Major churches include AIC Kapsabet, CITAM (Christ Is The Answer Ministries) St Peters' Catholic Parish, ACK St Barnabas and SDA.


Kapsabet Town was previously the headquarters of the then Kapsabet Municipality which was run by the Municipal Council. It was last headed at the civic level by His Worship Councillor Michael Rono and at the executive level by Mr. Shedd D. Simotwo, the Town Clerk.

Today the town acts as the headquarters of Nandi County headed by the governor, Hon Dr. Cleophas Lagat.

The County Government has the following executive members (CEMs) as at July 2014:[3]

  • Josiah Kiprotich Korir: CEM in charge of Trade, Investment and Industrial Development
  • Charles Kimeli Muge: CEM in charge of Finance and Economic Planning
  • Rosemary Jemeli Korir: CEM in charge of Transport and Infrastructure
  • Mary Jerubet Ng’elechei: CEM in charge of Agriculture
  • Mathew Kiprono: CEM in charge of Health and Sanitation
  • Dr John Kipkorir Chumo: CEM in charge of Land,Environment and Natural Resources
  • Conslata Kuto: CEM in charge of Devolved Units and Special Programmes
  • Patrick Kiprop Sang: CEM in charge of Youth, Gender, Sports and Social Services
  • James Kipchoge Kijo: CEM in charge of Tourism, Culture and Cooperative Development
  • Paul Kipchoge Rop: CEM in charge of Education and Vocational Training

There is also a mosque on the outskirts of town on the Kapsabet-Kaimosi Road.


Kapsabet is an agricultural town. Within its environs are large tea and maize farms as well as a number of horticulture and dairy concerns. The town has a milk depot operated by New Kenya Cooperative Creameries (New KCC)[4] and the KTDA Chebut Tea Factory.[5]

There are also a number of tourist sites in Nandi county. Notable sites in the county include the rare Sitatunga antelopes found at Kingwal Swamps, and the ‘Cliff of Death’ where suicidal people have reportedly ended their lives.[6]

The Nandi county government inherited about 400 acres from the defunct Kapsabet Municipal Council, on which it plans to build an industrial park, a marketplace and some houses.

Real estate development has seen substantial growth particularly since the advent of devolution. Evidence of demand for space in the town is seen through the entry of 11 bank branches and popular retail stores such as Naivas.

Major financial institutions present in Kapsabet Town are Kenya Commercial Bank,[7] Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Barclays Bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust(KWFT), Equity Bank and National Bank of Kenya. Nandi Teachers and Nandi Hekima Saccos are based in the town.


The notable educational institutions in this town are Kapsabet High School, Kapsabet Girls High School and University of Eastern Africa Baraton.


Major hospitals are Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, Nandi Hills hospital and St Francisca Hospital.


Many successful long distance runners have been born in or near Kapsabet, including Rodgers Rop, Bernard Lagat, Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, Peter Rono, Wilfred Bungei, Pamela Jelimo, Janet Jepkosgei and Martin Lel. Also from Kapsabet are two members of the 2012 US Olympic Team: Janet Cherobon-Bawcom and Bernard Lagat.

The town plays host to the start of the annual Kass FM[8] Marathon which starts in Kapsabet Town and ends in Eldoret.

The Nandi County Government[9] is headed by Governor Stephen Sang, who assumed office after winning in the 2017 general election.


Eldoret International Airport[10] is approximately 30km away on Kapsabet-Mosoriot-Eldoret Road.

Kapsabet is a connection town for Kisumu, Kakamega, Kericho, Eldoret and Nakuru towns.

Recent events[edit]

The town was in the media spotlight in July 2014 when adulterated brew took lives in Nandi and Uasin Gishu counties.[clarification needed][11][12]


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