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Kiambu County
The Fourteen Falls 02.jpg
The fourteen Falls
Flag of Kiambu County.svg
Kiambu County in Kenya.svgKiambu County in Kenya.svg
Kiambu County in Kenya
Sovereign state Kenya
Region Central Kenya
Established March 4th 2013
Preceded by Central Province
Capital Kiambu Town
Seat of Government Thika Town
Governor Ferdinand Waititu
Deputy Governor Dr. James Nyoro
Senator Kimani Wamatangi
Woman Member of National Assembly Gathoni wa Muchomba
County Assembly County Assembly of Kiambu
Speaker Stephen Ndichu[1]
Elected Members of County Assembly 60[2]
Judiciary Kiambu High Court
Constituencies/ Sub-counties 12
Area 2,449.2 km2 (945.6 sq mi)
Population 1,623,282[3]
Time zone East Africa Time (UTC+3)

Kiambu County is a county in the former Central Province of Kenya. Its capital is Kiambu and its largest town is Thika. The county is adjacent to the northern border of Nairobi County and has a population of 1,623,282.[3] Its governor is Ferdinand Waititu. The county is 40% rural and 60% urban owing to Nairobi's consistent growth Northwards. Kikuyu are the dominant tribe in the county.

In 2007, Kiambu District was subdivided in two: Kiambu East and Kiambu West. Kiambu West district took Limuru, Lari and Kikuyu divisions,[4] with Limuru as its district capital.

Government and administration[edit]


Governor Ferdinand Waititu, is the head of the county. He was elected for a five-year term during 2017 general election. Although the capital is Kiambu town, the executive conducts business from Thika town.


The legislature of Kiambu County is a unicameral County Assembly. It is composed of 60 elected Members of County Assembly (MCA) from the sixty wards of the county and 27 nominated members.[2] The members hold office for a five-year term each, renewable during the general election. The speaker and deputy speaker of the assembly are elected by the MCAs. The county Assembly is located at Kiambu town.


Kiambu High Court was established on June 20, 2016.[5] As of 2017, it consists of a one-judge bench. It is temporarily located at Thika waiting for a permanent building to be constructed at Kiambu, the capital.

County Administration[edit]

The county has a county administrator who is appointed by the President of Kenya. He is not part of the county government but is a representative of the President to assist with matters of administration in the county with regards to the national government.

Local authorities[edit]

Authority Type Population* Urban pop.*
Kiambu Municipality 72,139 13,814
Limuru Municipality 70,765 4,141
Karuri Town Council 100,506 19,746
Kikuyu Town Council 165,594 4,104
Ruiru Municipality 100,457 10,104
Thika Municipality 200,500 25,647
* 1999 census. Source: [1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Division Population* Urban pop.* Headquarters
Githunguri 136,554 8,831 Githunguri
Kiambaa 188,055 22,861 Kiambu
Kikuyu 194,521 3,724 Kikuyu
Lari 111,302 0 Lari
Limuru 113,578 3,708 Limuru
* 1999 census. Sources: [2], [3]

Constituencies/Sub Counties[edit]

The county has twelve constituencies/Sub-counties:

  • 1. Githunguri
    • Githunguri Ward
    • Githiga Ward
    • Ikinu Ward
    • Ngewa Ward
    • Komothai 3 Ward
  • 2. Kiambaa
    • Cianda Ward
    • Karuri Ward
    • Ndenderu Ward
    • Muchatha Ward
    • Kihara Ward
  • 3. Kabete
    • Gitaru Ward
    • Muguga Ward
    • Nyathuna Ward
    • Kabete Ward
    • Uthiru Ward
  • 4. Limuru
    • Bibirioni Ward
    • Limuru Central Ward
    • Ndeiya Ward
    • Limuru East Ward
    • Ngecha Tigoni Ward
  • 5. Lari
    • Kinale Ward
    • Kijabe Ward
    • Nyanduma Ward
    • Kamburu Ward
    • Lari/Kirenga Ward
  • 6. Gatundu North
    • Gituamba Ward
    • Githobokoni Ward
    • Chania Ward
    • Mang’u Ward
  • 7. Gatundu South
    • Kiamwangi Ward
    • Kiganjo Ward
    • Ndarugo Ward
    • Ngenda Ward
  • 8. Ruiru
    • Gitothua Ward
    • Biashara Ward
    • Gatongora Ward
    • Kahawa/Sukari Ward
    • Kahawa Wendani Ward
    • Kiuu Ward
    • Mwiki Ward
    • Mwihoko 1 Ward
  • 9. Kikuyu
    • Karai Ward
    • Nachu Ward
    • Sigona Ward
    • Kikuyu Ward
    • Kinoo Ward
  • 10.Juja
    • Murera Ward
    • Theta Ward
    • Juja Ward
    • Witeithie Ward
    • Kalimoni Ward
  • 11.Thika Town
    • Township Ward
    • Kamenu Ward
    • Hospita Ward
    • Gatuanyaga Ward
  • 12.Kiambu
    • Ting’ang’a Ward
    • Ndumberi 3 Ward
    • Riabai Ward
    • Township Ward



Notable High Schools in Kiambu County[edit]

Nairobi Metro[edit]

Kiambu County (purple) within Nairobi Metro (green)

Kiambu County is within Greater Nairobi which consists of 4 out of 47 counties in Kenya but the area generates about 60% of the nations wealth.[8][9] The counties are:

Area County Area (km2) Population
Census 2009
Cities/Towns/Municipalities in the Counties
Core Nairobi Nairobi County 694.9 3,138,369 Nairobi
Northern Metro Kiambu County 2,449.2 1,623,282 Kiambu, Thika, Limuru, Ruiru, Karuri, Kikuyu
Southern Metro Kajiado County 21,292.7 687,312 Kajiado, Olkejuado, Bissil, Ngong, Kitengela, Kiserian, Ongata Rongai
Eastern Metro Machakos County 5,952.9 1,098,584 Kangundo-Tala, Machakos, Athi River
Totals Nairobi Metro 30,389.7 6,547,547

Source: NairobiMetro[permanent dead link]/ Kenya Census


Nairobi Metro[edit]


Urbanisation in Nairobi Metro
Urbanisation in Nairobi Metro (Percent)
Nairobi County
Kiambu County
Machakos County
Kajiado County
 Kenya Average

Urbanisation by County within Nairobi Metro

Source: OpenDataKenya

Wealth/Poverty Level[edit]

Wealth/Poverty Level in Nairobi Metro
Poverty Level in Nairobi Metro (Percent)
Kajiado County
Kiambu County
Nairobi County
Machakos County
 Kenya Average

Poverty level by County

Source: OpenDataKenya Worldbank

Central Kenya Region[edit]


Urbanisation in Central Kenya
Urbanisation in Central Kenya (Percent)
Kiambu County
Nyeri County
Nyandarua County
Muranga County
Kirinyaga County
 Kenya Average

Urbanisation by County in Central Kenya

Source: OpenDataKenya

Wealth/Poverty Level[edit]

Wealth/Poverty Level in Central Kenya
Poverty Level in Central Kenya (Percent)
Kirinyaga County
Muranga County
Kiambu County
Nyeri County
Nyandarua County
 Kenya Average

Poverty level by County

Source: OpenDataKenya Worldbank

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