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This is a list of the notable people who have participated in the CIF California State Meet. It includes their results at the CIF California State Meet, cross referenced to a highlight of their notable achievements. For the majority of these athletes, this meet was the last NFHS sanctioned meet of their high school career.

Name CIF Results High School Known for
Terry Albritton 1971 and 1972 2nd Shot Put Newport Harbor High School,
Newport Beach
1976 World Record in Shot put: 71 ft, 81⁄3 inches (21.85m)

National Champion Shot put, 1976, 1977

Andrea Anderson 1992 3rd 100m, 3rd 200m
1993 2nd 100m 3rd 200m
1995 3rd 200m
Long Beach Poly,
Long Beach
2000 Olympic Gold Medal 4 × 400 m Relay
Jeshua Anderson 2006 2nd 110H and 300H
2007 National High School Record 300H
Taft High School,
Woodland Hills
2008 World Junior Champion, now at WSU
Henry Andrade 1979 3rd 300 hurdles Johnson High School,
National Football Champion 1981 and 1982 at SMU
1996 Olympian for Cape Verde Islands
Tori Anthony 2006 and 2007 1st Pole Vault Castilleja School,
Palo Alto
National High School Record Pole Vault
Rink Babka 1954 1st (non-scoring) Discus Palo Alto High School,
Palo Alto
1960 Olympic Silver Medal Discus
Willie Banks 1973 and 1974 1st Triple Jump Oceanside High School,
World Record Triple Jump, 3 time Olympian,
1983 World Championships Silver medal
Arthur Barnard 1947 120y hurdles 2nd La Jolla High School,
La Jolla
1952 Bronze medal Olympic 110H
Lee Barnes 1923 and 1924 1st Pole Vault Hollywood High School,
1924 Olympic Gold Medal Pole Vault just after graduating
world record Pole Vault
Scott Bauhs 2004 2nd 3200m San Ramon Valley High School,
San Ramon
2011 World Championships,
2008 and 2010 World Cross Country Championships
Jahvid Best 2007 1st 100m, 2nd 200m Salesian High School,
Running back for the Detroit Lions, 2016 Olympian for St. Lucia
Ato Bolden 1991 3rd 200m Piedmont Hills High School,
San Jose
4 Olympic medals
1997 World Champion 200m Gold medal
for Trinidad and Tobago
Jeanette Bolden 1976 3rd 100y
1977 1st 100y, 4th 220y
Centennial High School,
1984 Olympic Gold Medal 4×100
UCLA head track coach
Bobby Bonds 1964 1st Long Jump Riverside Poly High School,
14 years Major League Baseball 332 HR, 461 SB,
father of Barry Bonds
Gentry Bradley 1992 1st 200m, 2nd 100m Pius X High School,
1997 World University Games Gold medal 200m
Valerie Brisco Hooks 1977 1st 440y Locke High School,
Los Angeles
1984 Olympics, first person to win both 200m and 400m at the same Olympics
plus 1984 Gold, 1988 silver 4×400 relay
Alice Brown 1978 2nd 100y John Muir High School
1984 Olympics silver 100m, gold 4×100 relay
1988 Olympic, 1987 World Championship Gold medals 4×100 relay
Benny Brown 1971 6th 440y Sunnyvale High School,
1976 Olympic Gold Medal 4×400 relay
Reynaldo Brown 1968 and 1969 1st High Jump Compton High School,
1968 Olympics, 5th place High Jump while still in high school
Ron Brown 1979 3rd 100y Baldwin Park High School,
Baldwin Park
1984 Gold Medal 4×100 relay,
NFL 8 years, mostly with Los Angeles Rams
Stephanie Brown Trafton 1998 1st Discus, 1997 2nd Shot Put Arroyo Grande High School,
Arroyo Grande
2008 Olympic Gold Medal Discus
Wendy Brown 1984 singlehandedly won the team title,
winning Long Jump, Triple Jump
and High Jump, 2nd 100 hurdles
(behind Gail Devers)
1983 3rd Long Jump, 1st Triple Jump
1982 1st Long Jump, 1st Triple Jump
Woodside High School,
1988 Olympics, Heptathlon
2 World Records in Triple Jump
American Gladiators
Noah Bryant 2002 1st Shot Put, 2001 2nd Shot Put Carpinteria High School,
15th 2007 IAAF World Championships in Athletics Shot Put
Reggie Bush 2003 3rd 100m and 200m Helix High School,
La Mesa
USC National Football Championship and scandal, Heisman Trophy,
NFL New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl ring
Jill Camarena 2000 1st Discus, 2nd Shot Put
1999 1st Shot Put, 2nd Discus
Woodland High School,
2008 Olympics, 12th Shot Put
Tonie Campbell 1978 3rd 120yHH, 4th 330yLH Banning High School,
Los Angeles
1988 Olympic Bronze medal 110 metres hurdles
Randall Carroll 2008 1st 100m and 1st 200m
2009 1st 100m and 1st 200m
Cathedral High School,
Los Angeles
One of only three back-to-back champions in the 100 and 200 meters
Ed Caruthers 1963 1st High Jump Valley High School,
Santa Ana
1968 Silver Medal Olympic High Jump
Wayne Collett 1966 1st 440y Gardena High School,
1972 Silver Medal 400 metres
Curtis Conway 1989 1st 100m, 2nd 200m
1988 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m
Hawthorne High School,
NFL 12 years, football broadcaster
Mark Crear 1987 2nd 300 hurdles, 4th 110 hurdles Rowland High School,
Rowland Heights
1996 Olympic Silver Medal 110 hurdles, 2000 Olympic Bronze Medal 110 hurdles, 1994 and 1998 Goodwill Games champion
Randy Cross 1972 1st Shot Put Crespi Carmelite High School, Encino 13 years with San Francisco 49ers,
3 Super Bowl rings XVI, XIX, XXIII
Robert Culp 1947 2nd Pole Vault Berkeley High School,
Actor I-Spy, Everybody Loves Raymond
Tim Danielson 1965 and 1966 1st Mile Run Chula Vista High School,
Chula Vista
the second of only (now) 5 high schoolers to break the 4 minute mile
Desiree Davila 1998 and 1999 1600m, 8th place, 2000 5th place, 2001 3200m 4th place 1999 800m 9th place Hilltop High School,
Chula Vista
qualified for 2012 Olympic marathon
Jack Davis 1949 120y and 180 y hurdles 1st, Long Jump 3rd Hoover High School,
1952 and 1956 Silver medals Olympic 110H
1955 Gold medal Pan Am Games
Steve DeBerg 1972 2nd pole vault Savanna High School,
NFL Quarterback
Lashinda Demus 1999 and 2000 1st 300 hurdles Long Beach Wilson,
Long Beach
2012 Silver medal Olympic 400 hurdles,
Gold medal 2011 World Championships
2005 and 2009 Silver Medal World Championship 400 hurdles
2009 Gold Medal 4×400 relay
National High School Record 300 hurdles and 4×400 relay
Leslie Deniz 1979 and 1980 1st Discus Gridley High School,
1984 Silver Medal Olympic Discus
National High School Record
Gail Devers 1984 1st 100H and 100m, 2nd Long Jump
1983 1st Long Jump, 2nd 300H, 3rd 100
Sweetwater High School,
National City
1992 and 1996 Olympic Gold Medals in 100 metres and 1996 4×100 relay
9 World Championship Gold Medals
Jim Doehring 1980 2nd Shot Put San Clemente High School,
San Clemente
1992 Silver Medal Olympic Shot Put
Charles Dumas 1955 1st, 1954 2nd, 1953 4th High Jump Jefferson High School
Los Angeles
Centennial High School,
1956 Gold Medal Olympic High Jump
and World record holder, first man over 7 feet
Foy Draper 1931 1st 100y, 1932 2nd 100y and 220y Huntington Park High School,
Huntington Park
1936 Olympic Gold Medal 4×100 relay
Clancy Edwards 1973 1st 200m 2nd 100m Santa Ana High School,
Santa Ana
1977 World Cup and World University Games champion 200m
Henry Ellard 1979 1st Triple Jump Hoover High School,
16 years NFL wide receiver, 3 times Pro Bowl
Lee Evans 1964 4th 440y Overfelt High School,
San Jose
1968 Gold Medal 400m and 4×400 relay, both World Records
both lasted almost 20 years
Danny Everett 1985 2nd 400m Fairfax High School,
Los Angeles
1998 Gold medal Olympic 4×400 relay, Bronze 400m
Justin Fargas 1997 1st 100m, 1998 3rd 100m Notre Dame High School
Sherman Oaks
currently 8th year in NFL
Allyson Felix 2003 1st 100m, 1st 200m
2002 1st 100m, 1st 200m
2001 1st 100m, 2nd 200m
L.A. Baptist High School,
Los Angeles
2012 and 2016 Gold medal Olympic 4x400 and 4×100 relays, 2004 and 2008 Silver medal Olympic 200m, tied for most Olympic track and field medals by a woman (9), 3 consecutive times 200m World Champion, plus 400m in 2015
Junior world record 200m
Lauren Fleshman 1999 1st 3200m Canyon High School,
2006 and 2010 American champion in 5,000m
Mark Fricker 1977 2nd Mile 1998 3rd Mile Hemet High School,
notable pacemaker
David Gettis 2003 400m, 2004 400m, 2005 400m Susan Miller Dorsey High School,
Los Angeles
only three-time champion in 400m in state history
Michael Granville 1996 and 1994 1st 800m, 2nd 1995
1993 3rd 400m
Bell Gardens High School,
Bell Gardens
set the still standing National High School Record
in the 800m in qualifying
Mel Gray 1967 1st 100y and 220y, 2nd Long Jump Montgomery High School,
Santa Rosa
13 years in the NFL
National High School Record 100y
Ryan Hall 2001 1st 1600m
2000 1st 3200m
Big Bear High School,
Big Bear
American record holder Half Marathon
2008 Olympic marathon 10th place
qualified for 2012 Olympic marathon
Millard Hampton 1974 1st 200m
1973 2nd 200m
1972 3rd 200m
Silver Creek High School,
San Jose
1976 Silver Medal Olympic 200m, Gold Medal 4×100 relay
Tayyiba Haneef-Park 1997 1st High Jump Laguna Hills High School,
Laguna Hills
2008 and 2012 Silver Medal Olympics on US Volleyball team
Danny Harris 1983 1st 300H, 3rd 110H, 1982 3rd 300H Perris High School,
1984 Silver Medal Olympic 400 hurdles
Junior world record 400 hurdles
Alvin Harrison 1993 joined twin brother Calvin on 1st place 4×400 relay and 3rd 4×100 relay North Salinas High School,
1996 Gold Medal Olympic 4×400 relay, 2000 Silver medal 400 metres, 4×400 later disqualified
due to Drug violation by a teammate
now competing for Dominican Republic
Calvin Harrison 1993 1st 400m, 200m and 4×400 relay, 3rd 4×100 relay North Salinas High School,
National High School Record 400m
2000 Gold Medal 4×400 later disqualified
due to Drug violation by a teammate
Joanna Hayes 1995 1st 100H and 300H, 2nd 4×400 relay
1994 2nd 100H
North High School,
2004 Olympic Gold Medal 100 metres hurdles
Bud Held 1946 4th Pole Vault Grossmont High School,
El Cajon
World record in Javelin throw
invented and manufactured sports products
including Held Javelins and Ektelon
Monique Henderson 1998-2001 1st 400m, 2000 1st 200m Morse High School,
San Diego
2004 and 2008 Gold Medal Olympic 4×400 relay
National High School Record 400m
Jim Hines 1964 1st 100y and 220y McClymonds High School,
1968 Gold Medal Olympic 100m and 4 × 100 m
First FAT world record, lasting almost 15 year
breaking the 10-second barrier
Tom Hintnaus 1976 1st Pole Vault Aviation High School,
Redondo Beach
1980 Gold medal Olympic Boycott Games for USA
1984 Olympian for Brazil
first Calvin Klein underwear model
Bud Houser 1920-1922 1st Shot Put and Discus
1921-1922 16 Lb Shot Put
Oxnard High School,
1924 Gold Medals Olympic Shot Put and Discus, 1928 Gold Medal Discus
developed the spin technique
Denean Howard 1979 3rd 440y 1st 4×440 relay
1980 1st 400m, 1st 4×100 relay, 1st 4×400 relay
1981 1st 200m, 1st 4×400 relay, 2nd 100m
1982 1st 200m, 1st 400m, 2nd 100m
San Gorgonio High School,
San Bernardino
Kennedy High School,
Los Angeles
1984 Gold Medal Olympic 4×400 relay
1988 and 1992 Silver medal 4×400 relay
National High School Record 400m, 4×440 relay and 4×400 relay
Sherri Howard 1979 1st 440y 2nd 100y 1st 4×440 relay
1980 1st 200m, 2nd 100m, 1st 4×100 relay
1st 4×400 relay
San Gorgonio High School,
San Bernardino
Kennedy High School,
Los Angeles
1984 Gold Medal Olympic 4×400 relay
1988 Silver medal 4×400 relay
National High School Record 440y and 4×440 relay
Sheila Hudson 1985 1st Triple Jump, 1984 3rd Rio Linda High School
Rio Linda, California
1996 Olympian Triple Jump
2 time World Record, Triple Jump
Chelsea Johnson 2002 1st Pole Vault, 2000 5th 300H Atascadero High School,
2009 Silver medal World Championships Pole Vault
Cornelius Johnson 1932 and 1933 1st High Jump, 1931 2nd High Jump Los Angeles High School,
Los Angeles
1936 Olympic Gold Medal High Jump
Rafer Johnson 1954 1st 120yHH, 2nd 180 LH Kingsburg High School,
1960 Gold Medal Olympic Decathlon
Florence Griffith-Joyner 1978 6th 220y Jordan High School,
Los Angeles
1988 Gold medal Olympic 100m, 200m, 4×100 relay, Silver 4×400
1987 Gold World Championships 4×100 relay, Silver 200m
1984 Silver medal Olympic 200m
current World record 100m and 200m
Marion Jones 1990-1993 1st 100m and 200m Rio Mesa High School,
Thousand Oaks High School,
Thousand Oaks
2000 5 Olympic medals (3 Gold), 5 World Championship Gold medals
Famously disqualified for using performance-enhancing drugs
National High School Record 100m, 200m
and World youth best 200m
Natalie Kaaiawahia 1980-1983 1st Shot Put, 1981 and 1983 1st Discus Fullerton Union High School,
National High School Record Shot Put
Deena Kastor 1991 and 1990 1st 3200m
1989 3rd 3200m
Agoura High School,
Agoura Hills
2004 Bronze Medal Olympic Marathon
Napoleon Kaufman 1990 1st 100m, 200m Lompoc High School,
6 years Oakland Raiders, 1991 NCAA Football Championship Washington
Meb Keflezighi 1994 1st 1600m and 3200m
1993 2nd 3200, 3rd 1600m
San Diego High School,
San Diego
2004 Silver Medal Olympic Marathon
New York Marathon winner
qualified for 2012 Olympic marathon
Leamon King 1951 1st 220y, 2nd 100y, 1952 2nd 100y Delano High School,
1956 Gold medal Olympic 4×100 relay
Fred Kuller 1964 2nd 220y, 3rd 100y Santiago High School,
Garden Grove
USC world record 4×110y relay
Lionel Larry 2003 1st 200m Dominguez High School,
2009 Gold medal World Championships 4×400 relay
Dave Laut 1972 2nd Shot Put Santa Clara High School,
1984 Bronze Medal Olympic Shot Put
Steve Lewis 1986 1st 400m American High School,
1988 Gold Medal 400 metres and 4×400 relay, 1992 Gold Medal 4×400 relay Silver Medal 400m
Junior world record 400m
Todd Lichti 1985 9th Triple Jump Mt. Diablo High School, Concord 5 years in the NBA
James Lofton 1974 1st Long Jump Washington High School,
Los Angeles
16 years in the NFL
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Chaunté Lowe 2001 1st High Jump
2002 2nd High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump
North High School,
2005 Silver medal World Championships
2004 and 2008 Olympian
Current American record holder High Jump
David Mack 1978 and 1979 1st 880y Locke High School,
Los Angeles
1987 World Championships in Athletics,
Rampart police corruption scandal,
allegedly played a role in the murder of Notorious B.I.G
Joshua Mance 2010 1st 400m, 4th 200m
2009 2nd 400m
Don Antonio Lugo High School,
2012 Silver medal Olympic 4×400 relay, 2010 World Junior Championships 4×400 Gold, 2011 Pan American Junior Championships 400 and 4×400 Gold, 2009 World Youth Championships 400m Silver, Medley Relay Gold
Michael Marsh 1985 1st 200m, 1st 4×400 relay
1984 1st 4×400 relay
Hawthorne High School,
1992 Gold medal Olympic 200m, 4×100 relay
1996 Silver 4×100 relay
Pam Marshall 1978 2nd 220y, 3rd 100y Long Beach Jordan,
Long Beach
1987 World Champion 4×100 relay, 1988 Olympian
Bob Mathias 1948 1st 120HH and 180LH Tulare Union High School,
1948 Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon while still in high school
1952 Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon
4 term U.S. Congressman
George Mattos 1947 1st Pole Vault Pacific Grove High School,
Pacific Grove
1952 and 1956 Olympian
Leslie Maxie 1985 1st 300H
1984 1st 300H
1983 1st 400, 2nd 100H
1982 2nd 100H 3rd 400 4th High Jump
Mills High School,
National High School Record
and World youth best 400 hurdles
ESPN newscaster
Misty May 1993 2nd HJ Newport Harbor,
Newport Beach
Beach Volleyball Gold Medal 2004, 2008 and 2012
Remontay McClain 2010 1st 100m and 1st 200m
2011 1st 100m and 1st 200m
Covina High School,
One of only three back-to-back champions in the 100 and 200 meters
Earl McCullouch 1964 1st 120HH and 180LH
1963 3rd 180LH
Long Beach Poly,
Long Beach
9 years in the NFL
National High School Record 180LH
Hugh McElhenny 1947 1st 120HH, 180LH and Long Jump Washington High School,
Los Angeles
13 years in the NFL
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Inger Miller 1988 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m, 3rd 4×100 relay
1989 2nd 100m and 200m, 1st 4×100 relay
John Muir High School
1996 Gold medal Olympic 4×100 relay
1999 Gold medal World Championships 200m, Silver 100m
1997 Gold medal 4×100, 2003 Silver medal 4×100 relay
Obea Moore 1995 1st 400m, 2nd 200m, John Muir High School
World youth best 400m, World Junior Champion 400m
Ron Morris 1952 and 1953 1st Pole Vault Burroughs High School
1960 Silver Medal Olympic Pole Vault
Kim Mortensen 1996 1st 3200m
1995, 4th 3200m
1994 5th 3200m
Thousand Oaks High School,
Thousand Oaks
National High School Record 3200 meters
(set in qualifying)
Jovesa Naivalu 1995 1st 110H
1996 1st 110H, 2nd 300H
Fremont High School
1996 Olympian for Fiji, professional rugby player
Hannibal Navies 1994 5th 4x400 relay Berkeley High School, Berkeley NFL Linebacker Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers
Bryshon Nellum 2006 1st 200m, 1st 400m
2007 1st 200m, 1st 400m
Long Beach Polytechnic High School,
Long Beach
2012 Silver medal Olympic 4×400 relay, Gatorade Track & Field Athlete of the Year 2007
Jim Niedhart 1973 1st Shot Put Newport Harbor High School,
Newport Beach
Professional Wrestler in the WWF
Brent Noon 1990 1st Shot Put, 2nd Discus
1989 1st Shot Put, 5th Discus
1988 3rd Shot Put
Fallbrook Union High School,
1995 5th World Championships
National Champion Shot Put
#2 all-time high school Shot Put
Parry O'Brien 1949 3rd Shot Put, 1st 16 pound shot put Santa Monica High School,
Santa Monica
1952 and 1956 Gold Medal, 1960 Silver Medal Olympic Shot put
developed the glide technique
Charley Paddock 1916 and 1918 1st 100y and 220y
1917 1st 220y 2nd 100y
Pasadena High School
1920 Gold medal Olympic 100m and 4×100, Silver 200m
1924 Silver medal 200m
Doug Padilla 1974 13th 2 Mile Marina High School,
San Leandro
Multiple American records
1984 Olympian and multiple time international athlete
Ramona Pagel 1979 3rd Shot Put Schurr High School,
Current American Record in Shot put, 4 time Olympian

Pan American Games Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist

Michelle Perry 1997 2nd Long Jump Quartz Hill High School,
2005 and 2007 Gold medal World Championships 100H
Andre Phillips 1977 1st 300H, 1976 4th 300H Silver Creek High School,
San Jose
1988 Olympic Gold Medal 400 hurdles
Polly Plumer 1980-1982 1st Mile University High School,
National High School Record Mile run
George Porter 1984 and 1985 1st 300H Cabrillo High School,
National High School Record 300 hurdles
Mike Powell 1981 2nd High Jump Edgewood High School,
West Covina
Current World record Long Jump
1991 World Champion
Suzy Powell 1992-1994 1st Discus, 1991 2nd Discus Downey High School,
National High School Record and American record Discus
3 time Olympian
John Raitt 1935 1st Football Throw Fullerton Union High School,
Stage Actor Carousel, Oklahoma!, The Pajama Game, Carnival in Flanders, Three Wishes for Jamie, and A Joyful Noise and star of 1957 movie version of The Pajama Game, father of Bonnie Raitt
Ken-Yon Rambo 1997 1st 300H 1st 4×400 relay Long Beach Poly,
Long Beach
4 years in NFL, now in Canadian Football League
Grey Cup champion with Calgary Stampeders,
led the league in receiving yards
James Robinson 1972 2nd 880y McClymonds High School,
1976 Olympian, 1979 Gold Medal Pan American Games 800m
1979 and 1981 2nd World Cup 800m
7 time National Champion
Mack Robinson 1934 1st 100y, 4th Long Jump, 4th 4×200 relay John Muir High School
1936 Silver medal Olympic 200m
Carol Rodríguez 2003 3rd 100m Western High School,
2008 Olympian for Puerto Rico, 2010 Gold medal 4×100 relay, Silver medal 200m Central American and Caribbean Games
Shannon Rowbury 2003 1st 1600m Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory,
San Francisco
2009 Bronze medal World Championships 1500m
Felix Sanchez 1995 3rd 300H University City High School,
San Diego
2004 and 2012 Olympic Gold Medal 400 hurdles
2001 and 2003 Gold medal, 2007 Silver medal World Championships
for Dominican Republic
Keri Sanchez 1988 2nd 100H, 2nd 300H, 3rd Triple Jump 1989 3rd 100H, 2nd 300H 3rd Triple Jump Santa Teresa High School,
San Jose
Professional soccer player
James Sanford 1977 1st 400m and 4×400 relay, 2nd 200m John Muir High School
1979 World Cup champion 400m
Steve Scott 1974 2nd 880y Upland High School
American Record Mile run, most sub-4 minute miles in history
Bob Seagren 1963 4th Pole Vault Pomona High School,
1968 Gold medal Olympic Pole Vault
1972 Silver medal Pole Vault
2 time Superstars winner
actor on Soap
Guinn Smith 1937 tied 2nd High Jump and Pole Vault Glendale High School,
1948 Gold medal OIympic Pole Vault
Herschel Curry Smith 1922 1st 100y, 4th 220y, 1923 3rd 100y, 2nd 220y San Fernando High School,
San Fernando
Track coach, creator of Los Angeles Invitational track meet
Ronnie Ray Smith 1966 3rd 220y Manual Arts High School,
Los Angeles
1968 Gold medal Olympic 4×100, tied World Record 100m
Tommie Smith 1963 1st 440y, 4th 100 y 1962 4th 100y 2nd Long Jump, 4th 440y Lemoore High School,
1968 Gold medal Olympic 200m, first FAT World Record
1968 Olympics Black Power salute
Duane Solomon 2003 1st 800m Cabrillo High School,
4th place, 2012 Olympics 800m, International competitor at 2007 World Championships 800m
Shalonda Solomon 2002 2nd 100m, 2nd 200m 1st 4×100 and 4×400
2003 2nd 100m, 2nd 200m 1st 4×100 and 4×400
2002 2nd 100m, 2nd 200m 1st 4×100 and 4×400
2001 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m
Long Beach Poly,
Long Beach
2010 Silver medal World Cup 100m and Gold 4 × 100 m
Jim Sorensen 1986 6th 800m Villa Park High School,
Villa Park
Masters world record 800m and 1500m
James Stallworth 1989 1st Long Jump, 4th 100m Tulare Union High School,
National High School Record Long Jump
World Junior Champion
Willie Steele 1941 2nd Long Jump Hoover High School,
San Diego
1948 Olympic gold medal Long Jump
Michael Stember 1995 and 1996 1st 1600m
1994 2nd 1600m
Jesuit High School,
1999 and 2003 Silver medal Pan American Games 1500m
Dwight Stones 1971 1st High Jump Glendale High School,
1972 and 1976 Olympic Bronze medal High Jump
National High School Record High Jump
ESPN and NBC sports commentator
Lynn Swann 1970 1st Long Jump Serra High School,
San Mateo
NFL 9 years, Pro Football Hall of Famer
4 Super Bowl rings (IX, X, XIII, XIV) and Super Bowl MVP
ABC sports football commentator
Adam Tafralis 2002 2nd Shot Put Mills High School,
2008 Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Jeneba Tarmoh 2006 and 2007 1st place 100m and 200m Mt. Pleasant High School,
San Jose
2012 Gold medal Olympic 4×100 relay, 2008 World Junior Championships in Athletics Gold medal 100m and 4×100, 2012 Olympian
Henry Thomas 1983 2nd 100m, 1st 200m, 4×400, 2nd 4×100
1984 1st 100m 1st 200m and 4×400
Hawthorne High School,
World youth best 100m and 400m
National High School Record 4×400 relay
Earl Thompson 1915 1st 120 y Hurdles Long Beach Poly,
Long Beach
1920 Gold medal Olympic 110 metres hurdles running for Canada
Delos Thurber 1934 1st High Jump Glendale High School,
1936 Bronze medal Olympic High Jump
Geoff Vanderstock 1964 4th 120HH Pomona Catholic High School,
1968 Olympian, World Record Holder 400IH
Maggie Vessey 1999 6th 400m Soquel High School,
Qualified for 2009 IAAF World Championships in Athletics
Janeene Vickers 1987 1st 100H, 1st 300H, 1st 100m
1986 1st 100H, 1st 300H
1985 4th 400m, 5th 100H
1984 6th 300H
Pomona High School,
Bronze medal 1992 Olympics 400 hurdles
Tyree Washington 1994 1st Long Jump
1995 2nd 400m
La Sierra High School,
2003 World Champion outdoors and Indoors
Quincy Watts 1988 2nd 200m
1987 1st 100m, 1st 200m
1986 2nd 100m, 1st 200m
Taft High School,
Woodland Hills
1992 Olympic Gold medal 400m and 4×400 relay
current World record 4×400 relay
Melissa Weis 1990 1st Discus, 2nd Shot Put
1989 1st Discus, 1st Shot Put
1988 1st Discus
Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield International competitor at 1995 World Championships
Charles White 1976 1st 300H San Fernando High School,
San Fernando
Heisman Trophy
9 years in the NFL
Russell White 1987 2nd Triple Jump Crespi Carmelite High School, Encino 3 years in NFL
Bruce Wilhelm 1963 1st Shot Put, 2nd Discus Fremont High School
1976 Olympian in Weightlifting
1977 and 1978 World's Strongest Man
Angela Williams 1997 and 1998 1st 100m Chino High School
2003 Silver medal World Championships 4×100 relay
National High School Record 100m
Dokie Williams 1977 1st Triple Jump
1978 1st Triple Jump, Long Jump, 4th 100y
El Camino High School,
5 years with Los Angeles Raiders
1 Super Bowl ring (XVIII)
Randy Williams 1971 1st Long Jump Edison High School
1972 Gold Medal Olympic Long Jump
Junior world record Long Jump
Ulis Williams 1960 1st 440y
1961 1st 440y 2nd 4×220 relay
Compton High School
1964 Gold medal Olympic 4×400 relay
President Compton College
Linetta Wilson 1984 and 1985 2nd 400m John Muir High School
1996 Gold medal Olympic 4×400 relay
Reggie Wyatt 2009 1st 300H and 400m
2007 2nd 300H, 4×100 and 4×400
La Sierra High School,
North High School,
National High School Record 300 hurdles
Frank Wykoff 1928 1st 220y, 2nd 100y 2nd 4×220 relay
1927 1st 100y, 220y, Long Jump, 4×220 relay
1926 3rd 100y 2nd 4×220 relay
Glendale High School,
1928, 1932 and 1936 Gold medal Olympic 4×100 relay
Juliana Yendork 1989-1991 1st Long Jump and Triple Jump Walnut High School
National High School Record Triple Jump
Olympian for Ghana while still in high school
Kevin Young 1984 3rd 110HH Jordan High School,
Los Angeles
1992 Gold medal Olympic 400H
1993 Gold World Champion 400H
current World record 400H
Louis Zamperini 1934 1st Mile Torrance High School
1936 Olympics World War II prisoner and hero