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Place of origin Chile
Region or state Central Chile
Main ingredients beef, French fries, onion, salt and other spices
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Chorrillana is a typical Chilean dish consisting of a plate of french fries topped with beef sliced into strips, eggs, fried onions and occasionally sausages.

The origin of the dish is unknown. The name is an adjective of Chorrillos, a fairly common place name in Latin America, and especially Peru and Chile, after the Battle of Chorrillos that took place during the Pacific War. It is also possible the name originates from the word "chorreado" (oozed, spurted), referring to the juices that ooze over the French fries.[1]

Chorrillana is considered one of the most traditional dishes in the Chilean city of Valparaíso. Because of its large size, it is usually served as a dish to share.[2] and it is a common choice among university students in the city.[3]

There are several recipes for chorrillana, depending on the restaurant and the chef.[4] The base of fries is the only constant. Traditional recipes mix scrambled egg, fried onion and sliced beef. Some preparations use chopped frankfurter sausages, Chilean longanizas and seasonings such as garlic or oregano. Sometimes, the dish is served with fried or scrambled eggs on top. [5]

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