Drammens Is

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Drammens Is AS
Industry Food manufacturing
Fate Purchase
Successor Nestlé
Founded 1937
Defunct 2005
Headquarters Drammen, Norway
Products Ice cream

Drammens Is is a former ice cream manufacturer based in Drammen, Norway.

Drammens Is was founded in 1937. Among the brands made by Drammens Is were Gullkrone, Kjempe-Yes, Hip, Hawaii, Mr. Yankee, Break, Luksuspinne, Kjempe-Nuggi, Sjokoladepinne, Banansplit, Twin, Kokosboller and På Minuttet.

On 4 June 1997, a car bomb exploded outside a Bandidos MC clubhouse in Drammen as a part of the Great Nordic Biker War. The Drammen factory was completely destroyed after a fire due to the bombing. Soon afterwards the company was bought by Nestlé who took over the rights to the brands, and made an agreement with Diplom-Is, a Norwegian ice cream manufacturer regarding production and distribution of Drammens Is products.[1]

After large losses in the Norwegian ice cream market, Nestlé closed down its Norwegian ice cream division in 2005. At the same time Diplom-Is AS took over the marketing and distribution of Nestlé's international ice cream brands in Norway while the former Drammens Is brands disappeared from the marketplace.[2]