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Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd.
Industry Renewable energy
Founded 2004
Headquarters Qidong, People's Republic of China
Area served
Key people
Ki-Joon Hong, CEO
Products PV Ingots/Wafers, Cells, Modules
Number of employees
Website hanwha-solarone.com

Hanwha SolarOne, Ltd. is an integrated manufacturer of solar panels based in Qidong, China. Its products includes photovoltaic cells and panels, and silicon ingots and wafers.

The company was established in 2004 as Solarfun Power Holdings by Linyang Electronics. In 2006, Solarfun was listed at NASDAQ. In 2008, Solarfun acquired a manufacturer of silicon ingots Jiangsu Yungguang Solar.[citation needed] In 2010, 49% of company shares was acquired by Hanwha Chemical, a subsidiary of Hanwha Group. Consequently the company was renamed Hanwha SolarOne.[1]

By the end of 2010, Hanwha SolarOne had annual module manufacturing capacity of 900 MW, cell manufacturing capacity of 600 MW, and ingot/wafer manufacturing capacity of 400MW. It also had a capacity of 15 MW for automated building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).[citation needed] According to PVinsights, in 2010 it was seventh largest photovoltaic module producer in the world.[2]

Installation highlights[edit]

  • Rovigo (Rovigo, Italy): 30MW of 70MW
  • Elduyen (Valvedere de Mérida, Spain) : 11.483MW
  • Arnedo (Logrono Province, Spain): 33.615MW
  • El Carpio (Cordoba Province, Spain): 9.446MW
  • Morita (Cordoba Province, Spain): 8.69MW
  • Veguilla (Cordoba Province, Spain): 8.02MW
  • Calasparra (Murcia, Spain): 7MW of 20MW
  • Viso (Ciudad Real Province, Spain): 2.5MW
  • Medina de las Torres (Badajoz Province, Spain): 2.28MW
  • Tenerife (Tenerife Province, Spain): 1.672MW
  • Ecija (Seville Province, Spain): 1MW
  • Maials (Leida Province, Spain): 1MW
  • Villanueva (Villanueva de Alcardete, Spain): 2MW
  • Gransolar Ghella (Pescopennataro, Italy): 2MW
  • Polditz (Polditz, Germany): 3.15MW
  • Koppenzell (Koppenzell, Germany): 1.85MW
  • Pfenninghof (Pfenninghof, Germany): 1.7MW
  • Neumarkt (Neumarkt, Germany): 1.6MW
  • Syrovice (Czech Republic): 3.16MW
  • FVE Malešovice (Malešovice, Czech Republic): 3.9MW
  • Xuzhou Xiexin (Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China): 10.2MW
  • Nanjing Suyuan (Nanjing, China): 700 kW
  • Green Island (Shanghai, China): 1MW
  • Shanghai World Expo: French and German Pavilions (Shanghai, China): 25.38 kW(German) and 25.56 kW (French)
  • Yangzhou Villa Rooftop I (Yangzhou, China): 64.4 kW
  • YoungDong DaSan PV Plant (Kangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea): 1.05MW
  • Haeohrum Energy PV Plant (Jangsu City, Korea): 1MW
  • Gwang Valley Solar Power Plant and En Solar Power Plant (Mooan City, Korea): 1MW
  • Youngju PV Plant (Youngju City, Korea): 2MW
  • Yusung Energy PV Plant (Jangsu City, Korea): 1.5MW
  • Arlington Center (Arlington, MA): 105.88 kW

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