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Native to Arunachal Pradesh, India
Region Southeast Kameng, Bichom River Valley
Ethnicity Hruso
Native speakers
3,000 (2007)[1]
perhaps including Levai
possibly Sino-Tibetan (Hruso), or a language isolate
  • Hruso
Language codes
ISO 639-3 hru
Glottolog hrus1242[2]

Hruso, also known as Aka (Angka), is a language of Arunachal Pradesh India. Long assumed to be a Sino-Tibetan language, it may actually be a language isolate.[3][2] It is spoken by 3,000 people in 21 villages in Thrizino Circle, West Kameng District (Blench & Post 2011:6).[3] The Hruso people inhabit areas of South East Kameng and are concentrated in the Bichom River Valley, and speak English, Hindi, and Miji in addition to Hruso.[1]

Ləvai (Bangru), spoken on the Tibetan border, might be related to Hruso, but it seems more likely that it is a dialect of Miji (Blench & Post 2011:6).[3]


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