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MRT Yellow Line
รถไฟฟ้ามหานคร สายสีเหลือง
Bangkok MRT Yellow line unofficial logo.png
Type Rapid transit
System Bangkok Metro
Status planned
Locale Bangkok, Thailand
Termini Lat Phrao
Stations 20 (planned)
Opened 2019 (est.)
Owner Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
Operator(s) MRT
Character aboveground
Line length 30.4 kilometers (18.9 mi) (est.)
No. of tracks 2 monorail tracks
Electrification Third rail
Operating speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
Route map
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The Yellow MRT line is a planned elevated mass rapid transit line to be built in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 30.4 km long Yellow line will have 23 stations (3 of which will be built later) and cost 49 billion baht. It was originally proposed to be an underground and elevated heavy rail line. However, it now planned that it will be built as an elevated monorail line.

Once the Yellow Line is complete, a future extension may eventually be built from Samrong across the Chao Praya river to link with the MRT Purple Line at Rat Burana.


The Lat Phrao to Hua Mark section starts at the intersection of Ratachadapisek and Lat Phrao roads where the Yellow Line interchanges with the MRT Blue Line (Lat Phrao station). The line heads east along Lat Phrao road to Bangkapi junction where it will interchanges with the proposed Orange Line. The line then heads south along Srinagarindra rd to Hua Mark where it will interchange with the Airport Rail Link (Phattanakan station). (Phase I)

From Hua Mark the route continues south along Srinagarindra rd past Bangna-Trat rd all the way to Thepha Rak rd in Samut Prakhan Province. The Line then heads west along Thepha Rak rd before teminating at Samrong where it will interchange with the BTS Sukhumvit Line (extension under construction). (Phase II)


In Dec 2011, the MRTA was instructed by the MOT to divide the Yellow Line into two Phases for tender and construction purposes and to control land appropriation costs.[1] In June 2012, the MRTA contracted consultants to undertake detailed designs of the Yellow Line. In Feb 2013, OTP stated that the tender for the Yellow line should be ready by late 2013 for tender in early 2014 [2] By August 2013, this timeline had changed to a mid 2014 tender date.[3]

However, similar to the MRT Pink Line, delays in finalising the technical requirements of the tender in relation to the selection of monorail rolling stock which will determine the type of track to be constructed resulted in further delay. The subsequent political turmoil of late 2013 & early 2014 caused even more delay. Thereafter, the coup of May 2014 resulted in a new military administration and the tender being deferred for 2014.

The Yellow Line tender will proceed after the Pink and Orange Lines have been tendered according to the MRTA. At the earliest, a tender could proceed by the middle of 2015. More realistically it will not occur until the end of 2015.

The line will be built in two phases. Phase I will be from Latphrao (Y1) to Phattanakan (Y11). Phase 1 construction is planned to be take 4 years to complete. The Yellow Line depot will be located at Hua Mark near Y11.

Phase II will be from Phattanakan Y11 to Samrong Y23.

List of planned stations[edit]

The 30.4 km Yellow line will have 23 stations (3 to be built later) -

  • Y1: Ratchadaphisek (interchange with MRT Blue Line)
  • Y2: Phawana (Latphrao 31)
  • Y3: Chok Chai 4
  • Y4: Lat Phrao 71 (Future station)
  • Y5: Chalong Rat
  • Y6: Wong Thonglang (Imperial World)
  • Y7: Latphrao 101
  • Y8: Bangkapi (The Mall)
  • Y9: Lam Sali (interchange with Orange Line)
  • Y10: Si Kritha (Krunpthep Keetha rd)
  • Y11: Phatthanakan(interchange with Airport Rail Link)
  • Y12: Klong Kalanton (Future Station)
  • Y13: Sri Nut (On Nut rd)
  • Y14: Srinagarinda 38 (Future Station)
  • Y15: Rama 9 Park (Seacon)
  • Y16: Sri Udom (Udomsuk rd)
  • Y17: Wat Sri Iam
  • Y18: La Salle (Suk soi 105)
  • Y19: Bearing (Suk soi 107)
  • Y20: Wat Dan (Suk soi 113)
  • Y21: Thepharak
  • Y22: Thippawan
  • Y23: Samrong(interchange with BTS Light Green line)

Potential Future Extension[edit]

Once completed the Yellow Line will terminate at Samrong. A future extension from Samrong across the Chao Praya river to link with the MRT Purple Line at Rat Burana has been canvassed by OTP.


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