Sean Gismonte

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Sean Gismonte

Sean Gismonte (right), with Matthew Bevilaqua and Christopher Moltisanti

Gismonte on right
First appearance "Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office..." (episode 2.01)
Last appearance "Full Leather Jacket" (episode 2.08) (death)
Created by David Chase
Portrayed by Chris Tardio
Aliases "Gis"
"Gismonte with a 'G'"
Gender Male
Title Associate of the Soprano crew in the DiMeo crime family
Relatives Louis "Lou" Gismonte (cousin)

Sean "Gis" Gismonte, played by Chris Tardio, is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos.


Sean Gismonte aka Gis is an associate of the DiMeo crime family. He was Matthew Bevilaqua's partner in crime and an associate in the Gualtieri crew in 2000. Sean and Matt were from West Orange, New Jersey. Sean's ambition was to impress his superiors in order to move up the ranks with his best friend, Matt. He is a cousin of Louis Gismonte, a convict who spent time in the license plate workshop with Richie Aprile. Like his friend and associate Matt, Sean earned a stock brokerage degree. They worked under Christopher Moltisanti at a stock firm assigned to push Webistics, selling shares in the company to naive clients to pump the share price before Gualtieri crew members dumped their shares for a profit.

They got into trouble for stealing cars and beating up a broker who recommended the purchase of other stocks while Christopher was away with his girlfriend Adriana La Cerva. Sean and Matt worked with Christopher at various aspects of organized crime including: the Massarone Construction site, Junior Soprano's executive card game, and some burglary jobs with Chris and Matt. While collecting money, Furio together with an associate, took extra money from them when they came to pick up Tony's cut from the burglaries. Because of their lower status, Matt and Sean could not refuse them. Sean and Matt both tried to impress Tony in the Bada Bing restroom by talking about working with Chris but angered him by speaking candidly about criminal activities when the conversation could have been recorded by law enforcement. Sean then blames Matt for making him do all the talking.

They wanted to move up rapidly in the ranks of the family but realized that they were not respected and were being used by Tony, Christopher, Furio, and other mobsters. After hearing a story from Christopher about how Big Pussy Bonpensiero became a made man after he committed a murder on behalf of Tony's father Johnny Soprano, they planned a hit on Chris in order to get recognized by Richie Aprile, who they knew disliked Chris for hitting his niece, Adriana, however it is revealed that Richie wouldn't have approved had he known. Matt and Sean pulled a drive-by hit as Chris left the Skyways Diner in Kearny. Sean shot Christopher multiple times but then Matt abruptly ran out of the car and Christopher retaliated. Sean attempted to follow Matt but his seatbelt was stuck and he could not escape. Christopher then fired off a shot that hit Sean in the head, killing him instantly. That Sean could not undo his seatbelt is a mishap that connects back to the episode "D-Girl", where Livia Soprano comments to her grandson A.J. Soprano that everyone is destined to die alone through a story about teens being incinerated in a car because they could not unlatch the seatbelts. Given the fact that Matt was killed the night after Sean was, Sean was killed on the afternoon of April 28, 2000.

After death[edit]

After Sean's fate, a few agents try to question Tony's crew about Sean and Matt, but are brushed off, as they'd rather exact vengeance on their own rather than working with law enforcement. In the hospital, an agent explains to Tony that the shooters were "Gismonte, with a 'G'" and "That Bevilaqua Kid". Matt is later located by Pussy and Tony, who proceed to interrogate him. Matt vainly attempts to blame Sean for the entire ordeal since he was already dead, but Tony and Pussy still execute him, shooting him 21 times in the chest, stomach and head.