Soprano (software)

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Developer(s) Daniele Galdi and Sebastian Trueg (sponsored by Mandriva)
Stable release 2.8.0[1] / June 27, 2012; 3 years ago (2012-06-27)
Development status Active
Written in C++ / Qt
Operating system Cross-platform
Size 1.9 MB
Type RDF framework
License GNU Lesser General Public License[2]

Soprano is a software library that provides an object-oriented C++/Qt4 framework for RDF data. Soprano was created as a sub project under the NEPOMUK project and forms a part of the semantic desktop in KDE Software Compilation 4. Soprano functions as a repository to store information generated by the NEPOMUK server (like ratings, tags or comments), which will then be indexed by Strigi for better search results.[3]

Soprano comes with support for redland and Sesame2 backends for storing and querying the RDF data.[4]


  • Simple plugin design, with 5 different classes of plugins
  • Server/client architecture which allows to run an RDF storage remotely. Interfaces for communication over TCP, Unix sockets, and D-Bus are provided
  • Fully documented API using Doxygen
  • CLucene index which provides a full-text query index