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Sterlite Technologies Limited
Public company
Traded as
Founded 2000[1]
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra, India[2]
Products Optical Fibers, Fiber Optic Cables, Copper Telecom Cables, Structured Data Cables, ADSL2+ Modems
Revenue 24,545 million (US$360 million)[3]
2,461 million (US$37 million)[3]
Website Official Website

Sterlite Technologies Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer of optical fibers, telecommunication cables and power transmission conductors and exports optical fiber to overseas markets in China, Europe and South East Asia.[4] The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. The company changed its name to 'Sterlite Technologies Limited' from Dec.2006. It is India's only integrated Optical Fiber producer and one of the largest suppliers of Optical Fibers to overseas markets in China, Europe and South East Asia.[5]

Sterlite Technologies is partially owned by Sterlite Industries (India) Limited, which is in turn 77%-owned by Vedanta Resources.

The company has an optical fiber manufacturing plant located at Aurangabad, India and Telecom Cable & Power Transmission Conductor plants at Silvassa, Pune& Haridwar India. In 2002, Sterlite was forced to shelve plans for a large new facility in Bangalore due to market weakness.[6]

The company has recently acquired Elitecore Technologies, which is a telecom software company.[7]

Awards and controversies[edit]

A Sterlite Technologies ADSL2+ Modem

In 2002, Sterlite was the subject of a major lawsuit,[8] by Fitel USA, a subsidiary of Furukawa Electric charging Sterlite with infringement of a number of optical fiber patents including those related to manufacturing fiber with low polarization mode dispersion.

Sterlite was cited[9] in an Indian parliamentary discussion of government purchasing irregularities.

Sterlite was served a show cause cum demand notice by the Indian Customs and Excise authorities for alleged willful evasion of Custom and Excise Duties in year 2002. This matter is listed for hearing at the Supreme Court of India.


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