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Telemundo Studios, formerly known as Telemondo Television Studios, is a division of NBC Universal that develops original programming in Spanish.


In 2005, Telemundo Communications Group, announced the acquisition of the totality of its property next to RTI Colombia, Telemundo-RTI, to create Telemundo Television Studios and signed an agreement to acquire the operational assets of its international distributor, Tepuy International, now Telemundo International.

After these agreements, Patricio Wills, former president of Telemundo-RTI, pass to be the person in charge of Telemundo Television Studios, and Marcos Santana, previous CEO of Tepuy International, will become the President of Telemundo International, division that will be in charge to distribute its programming abroad.

Telemundo Television Studios will continue producing telenovelas and other programs for Telemundo and will look for opportunities of production for other chains of Latin America.

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