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This is a list of people who died between the ages of 30 and 39, who were historical figures or celebrities known for reasons other than their death—relatively few people become notable before that age.

Name Nationality Known for Cause of death Year of death

Aged 30[edit]

Domenico Alberti Italian composer not specified 1740 (exact age at death not known; born c. 1710)
Steve Biko South African anti-apartheid activist severe head trauma while in police custody 1977
Jimmy Blythe American jazz pianist meningitis 1931
Emily Brontë English novelist, poet tuberculosis 1848
Jeff Buckley American singer/guitarist drowned in river 1997
Leroy Carr American blues singer and pianist nephritis through alcoholism 1935
Rex Cherryman American actor septic poisoning 1928
Gaius Valerius Catullus Ancient Roman poet exhaustion 54 BC
Steve Clark British rock guitarist (Def Leppard) alcohol and drug related problems 1991
Patsy Cline American country music singer aircraft crash 1963
Jim Croce American songwriter/singer aircraft crash 1973
Paul Dana American race car driver car accident during a practice run 2006
Nicole DeHuff American actress pneumonia 2005
Brandon De Wilde American actor car accident 1972
Eazy-E American gangsta-rap pioneer (NWA) complications from unknowingly having AIDS 1995
Pretty Boy Floyd American bank robber gunshot 1934
Mehran Ghassemi Iranian journalist heart failure 2008
Talitha Getty Dutch-British actress heroin overdose 1971
Andy Gibb British singer heart failure due to cocaine abuse 1988
Fred Grace English Test cricketer, brother of WG Grace pneumonia 1880
John Harvard English clergyman after whom Harvard University was named tuberculosis 1638
Robert E. Howard American writer suicide 1936
Kenny Irwin, Jr. American Nascar driver accident practicing for race 2000
Little Willie John American musician pneumonia 1968
Bronisław Malinowski Polish Olympic gold medallist (1980) car accident 1981
Alice Martineau English singer, songwriter Cystic fibrosis 2003
Valentino Mazzola Italian footballer (Torino) Superga air disaster 1949
Davey Moore American boxer brain injuries sustained during boxing match 1963
Lenny Murphy Northern Irish Loyalist paramilitary, leader of the Shankill Butchers assassinated by the Provisional IRA 1982
Nero Roman emperor suicide A.D. 68
Ginette Neveu French violinist plane crash 1949
Minamoto no Yoshitsune Japanese General (exact age at death uncertain) Attack ordered by brother Yoritomo 1189
Nalan Xingde Chinese-Manchu Poet unknown illness 1685
Lorenzo Odone American adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) patient aspiration pneumonia 2008
Bobby Phills American basketball player road accident 2000
Sylvia Plath American Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet and author suicide by asphyxiation 1963
Proof American rapper gunfire 2006
Kuljeet Randhawa Indian actress suicide 2006
Virginia Rappe American actress ruptured bladder and peritonitis 1921
Malik Sealy American basketball player road accident 2000
Mieszko Talarczyk Polish singer and guitarist of Nasum tsunami 2004
Oswald Teichmüller German mathematician killed in action 1943
Henri Toivonen Finnish rally car driver car accident during race 1986
Volodymyr Ivasyuk Soviet singer/composer suicide 1979
Chuck Willis American R&B singer peritonitis 1958
Sergei Yesenin Russian/Soviet poet/writer suicide 1925

Aged 31[edit]

Commodus Roman Roman Emperor assassination AD 192
Richard Beckinsale British television actor heart attack 1979
Paula Björkqvist Finnish politician homicide 2006
Branwell Brontë English painter tuberculosis 1848
Guy Wetmore Carryl American poet undefined illness 1904
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha American author murder 1982
Michael Collins Irish revolutionary leader assassination 1922
Natasha Collins British actress and model drug overdose 2008
Eric Cullen British actor heart attack 1996
Cyril Davies British harmonica player and blues bandleader leukaemia 1964
Sandy Denny British singer cerebral haemorrhage 1978
Bobby Driscoll American actor drug-related heart disease 1968
Pete Duel American actor suicide 1971
Hans Fitting German mathematician unknown 1938
Sidney Fox American actress suicide 1942
Jeff Hanson American singer-songwriter falling 2009
Keith Haring American painter AIDS 1990
Thomas Hansen Norwegian alt-country musician combination of prescribed drugs 2007
Flo Hyman American Volleyball player Marfan's Syndrome 1986
Zygmunt Janiszewski Polish mathematician influenza 1920
Addie Joss American baseball pitcher (Cleveland Indians) tuberculosis 1911
Kostas Karyotakis Greek poet suicide 1928
Terry Kath American rock musician (Chicago) self inflicted gunshot 1978
Harold Lockwood American actor Spanish flu 1918
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes American singer (TLC) car accident 2002
Ettore Majorana Italian physicist missing, presumed dead 1938
Stevens T. Mason American politician pneumonia 1843
Renate Müller German actress undetermined, suicide, or murder by Gestapo agents 1937
Smita Patil Indian actress Childbirth 1986
Vijay Kumar Patodi Indian mathematician kidney transplant 1976
Karen Ann Quinlan American Central figure in a right to die dispute Eventual pneumonia after being in a persistent vegetative state 1985
Wallace Reid American actor influenza 1923
Minnie Riperton American singer cancer 1979
Lyda Roberti Polish actress heart attack 1938
Franz Schubert Austrian Composer possibly syphilis or typhoid fever 1828
Georges-Pierre Seurat French artist unknown illness 1891
Sir Philip Sidney English poet and soldier killed in battle 1586
J.E.B. Stuart American Confederate General died of battle wounds 1864
Carl Switzer ("Alfalfa") American actor homicide 1959
Yutaka Taniyama Japanese Mathematician suicide 1958
Steve Peregrin Took English musician (T. Rex) choking 1980
John Kennedy Toole American writer suicide 1969
Eric Turner American NFL defensive back intestinal cancer 2000
Nat Turner American rebel execution 1831
Rudolph Valentino Italian actor septicaemia 1926
Wenceslao Vinzons Filipino politician & guerrilla leader execution during World War II 1942
Phillis Wheatley American poet, first African-American writer published in US poverty 1784
Yegor Ivanovich Zolotarev Russian mathematician bacteremia 1878

Aged 32[edit]

Angela Aames American actress sudden heart disease 1988
Norifumi Abe Japanese motorcyclist traffic accident 2007
Alexander the Great Ancient Macedonian king, conqueror of "known" world malaria, possibly poisoned 323 BC
Davey Allison American NASCAR racing driver helicopter crash 1993
Aung San Burmese politician assassination 1947
Florence Ballard American singer (The Supremes) coronary thrombosis 1976
Duster Bennett British blues singer car accident 1976
John Bonham British rock drummer (Led Zeppelin) alcohol poisoning 1980
Milton Brown American Western swing bandleader pneumonia following car accident, possibly due to narcolepsy 1936
Karen Carpenter American singer (The Carpenters) cardiac arrest due to anorexia nervosa 1983
Cazuza Brazilian singer AIDS 1990
Jim Clark British Formula One driver car accident during race 1968
Hart Crane American poet suicide 1932
Tim Crews American Major League Baseball pitcher boating accident 1993
Hansie Cronje South African cricketer aircraft crash 2002
Lya De Putti Hungarian actress pneumonia 1931
Ernest Dowson English poet alcoholism or tuberculosis 1900
J Dilla American hip hop producer thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura 2006
Cass Elliot American singer (The Mamas & the Papas) heart attack 1974
Belinda Emmett Australian actress breast cancer 2006
Robert Enke German soccer player suicide 2009
Brian Epstein British businessman, manager of The Beatles overdose, probably of sleeping pills 1967
Wyndham Halswelle Scottish athlete, 400m gold medallist at 1908 Olympic Games sniper's bullet at the Battle of Neuve Chapelle 1915
Christine Hamill English mathematician poliomyelitis 1956
Hibiscus American founder of The Cockettes AIDS 1982
Bill Hicks American stand-up comedian pancreatic cancer 1994
Dana Hill American actress/voice actor stroke from diabetes 1996
Andy Houts American television actor and production assistant leukemia 1997
Attila József Hungarian poet suicide 1937
Bruce Lee Chinese American martial arts actor possibly allergic reaction 1973
Antonio Luna Filipino military general assassination 1899
Magic Sam American blues guitarist heart attack 1969
Mary II of England English Queen of England smallpox 1694
Jim McGlothlin American baseball pitcher leukemia 1975
Matthew McGrory American actor natural causes 2005
Keith Moon British rock drummer (The Who) overdose of anti-alcohol medication 1978
Thurman Munson American baseball player (New York Yankees) aircraft crash 1979
Brittany Murphy American actor cardiac arrest 2009
Hugh O'Connor American actor suicide 1995
Kim Perrot American WNBA basketball player (Houston Comets) brain tumor attributed to lung cancer 1999
Rod Phillips American porn star either AIDS or suicide 1993
Rob Pilatus American-Afro-German Milli Vanilli overdose 1998
Mark Priestley Australian actor suicide 2008
Glenn Quinn Irish actor heroin overdose 2002
Srinivasa Ramanujan Indian mathematician amoebiasis 1920
John Reed American journalist, Bolshevik typhus 1920
Emily Remler American jazz guitarist heart failure 1990
Charles Rolls British co-founder of Rolls-Royce aircraft crash 1910
Michael Roof American actor suicide by hanging 2009
Sakamoto Ryoma Japanese politician assassination 1867
Natasja Saad Danish reggae singer/rapper car accident 2007
Diego Silang Filipino revolt leader assassination 1763
Gabriela Silang Filipino revolt leader execution 1763
Jedediah Smith American Explorer Killed in fight with Comanche Indians 1831
Soundarya Indian actress plane crash 2004
Gilles Villeneuve Canadian Formula One driver car accident during race qualifying 1982
Kim Walker American actress (Heathers) brain tumour 2001
Robert Hudson Walker American actor reaction to medication 1951
Alan Wiggins American baseball player AIDS 1991
Ricky Wilson American guitarist (The B-52's) AIDS 1985
James Wolfe English General, established British rule over Canada killed during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham 1759

Aged 33[edit]

John Belushi American actor and comedian overdose of cocaine and heroin 1982
Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy American wife of John F. Kennedy, Jr. plane crash 1999
Big Moe American rapper heart attack 2007
Big Mello American rapper car accident 2002
Andrés Bonifacio Filipino revolutionary leader execution 1897
Leigh Bowery Australian conceptual artist AIDS 1994
Eva Braun German Adolf Hitler's lover suicide 1945
William S. Burroughs, Jr. American writer liver failure 1981
Eva Cassidy American singer cancer 1996
Catherine of Siena Italian Catholic saint not known 1380
Marcel Cerdan French boxer plane crash 1949
Charlotte Coleman British actress asthma attack 2001
William Kingdon Clifford British mathematician (inventor of Clifford Algebra) and philosopher tuberculosis 1879
Sam Cooke American soul musician homicide 1964
Roger Cotes English mathematician fever 1716
Laurie Cunningham English footballer car accident 1989
Steve Currie British bassist (T. Rex) car crash 1981
Paul Laurence Dunbar American poet tuberculosis 1906
Chris Farley American comic actor accidental cocaine and heroin overdose 1997
Karl Wilhelm Feuerbach German mathematician unknown 1834
Althea Flynt American wife of pornographer Larry Flynt drowned due to heroin overdose 1987
Blind Boy Fuller American blues singer and guitarist bladder infection 1941
Sanjay Gandhi Indian politician, member of Nehru-Gandhi family aircraft crash 1980
Stephen Gately Irish singer, member of Boyzone unknown 2009
Andy Hallett American actor heart disease 2009
Gary Holton English Musician, actor depression induced heroin and alcohol overdose 1985
Jesus (exact age at death uncertain) Judean founder of Christianity crucifixion ca. AD 30
Kay Kendall English actress myeloid leukaemia 1959
Valeri Kharlamov Russian ice hockey player car accident 1981
Darryl Kile American Major League Baseball pitcher coronary heart disease 2002
Al Killian American jazz trumpeter murdered by landlord 1950
Mary Faustina Kowalska Polish nun and mystic possibly tuberculosis 1938
Carole Lombard American actress, wife of Clark Gable aircraft crash 1942
Andrew "Test" Martin American wrestler oxycodone overdose 2009
Hideto Matsumoto Japanese musician hanged, possibly accidental 1998
Frank Melrose American jazz and blues pianist probably fight, made to look like car accident 1941
Unity Mitford British fascist meningitis 1948
Eva Perón Argentinian actress, wife of President Juan Perón cancer 1952
Harry Nelson Pillsbury American chess player syphilis 1906
Pimp C American rapper Accidental codeine overdose in conjunction with sleep apnea 2007
Moana Pozzi Italian porn actress liver cancer 1994
Roland Ratzenberger Austrian Formula One racing driver crash during race qualifying 1994
Keith Relf British singer / harmonica player (The Yardbirds) accidentally electric shock while playing his electric guitar 1976
Richard II of England English king, who was deposed and imprisoned by his cousin, Henry IV probably homicide or starvation 1400
David Rocastle English footballer non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 2001
Alma Rubens American actress pneumonia 1931
Lev Schnirelmann Soviet mathematician suicide 1938
Dutch Schultz American gangster gunshot 1935
Bon Scott Australian hard-rock singer (AC/DC) Acute alcoholic poisoning. Death by misadventure. 1980
Derrick Thomas American American football linebacker (Kansas City Chiefs) car accident 2000
Wolfgang von Trips German Formula One driver car crash 1961
Theo Van Gogh Dutch art dealer syphilis 1891
Ray Vitte American actor shot by police while resisting arrest 1983
John Wilmot English Restoration poet syphilis and alcoholism 1680

Aged 34[edit]

Carter Albrecht American keyboardist (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians) gunshot 2007
Rodney Anoa'i (Yokozuna) American professional wrestler heart attack 2000
Richard Burns English rally driver brain tumour 2005
Charles I of Austria Austrian deposed Emperor and King pneumonia 1922
Alma Cogan British pop singer cancer 1966
Maureen Connolly American tennis player cancer 1969
Jeffrey Dahmer American serial killer bludgeoning in prison by fellow inmate 1994
Georges Danton French revolutionary leader execution 1794
Camille Desmoulins French revolutionary journalist execution 1794
Thomas Anthony Dooley American activist cancer 1961
Andreas Floer German mathematician suicide 1991
Leo Ford American porn star motorcycle accident 1991
Yuri Gagarin Soviet cosmonaut, first man in space fighter jet crash during test flight 1968
Gioachino Greco Italian chess player unknown disease 1634
Lil Green American blues singer pneumonia 1954
Robert Greene English playwright unknown 1592
Hermann Hankel German mathematician stroke 1873
Lorraine Hansberry American playwright breast cancer 1965
Owen Hart Canadian professional wrestler fall while being lowered to ring during live televised event 1999
Jesse James American outlaw and train-robber gunshot 1882
Toivo Kuula Finnish composer homicide 1918
Eugenio Elia Levi Italian mathematician killed in action 1917
Cory Lidle American Major League Baseball pitcher killed when his plane crashed into a high-rise building 2006
Jayne Mansfield American actress and sex symbol car accident 1967
Katherine Mansfield New Zealander writer tuberculosis 1923
Maximilian I of Mexico Austrian emperor of Mexico execution 1867
Lynn McGlothen American baseball pitcher died in mobile home fire 1984
Howie Morenz Canadian ice hockey player complications from broken leg 1937
Marco Pantani Italian cyclist cerebral oedema and heart failure from acute cocaine poisoning 2004
Charlie Parker American jazz saxophonist pneumonia and ulcer, brought on by drug abuse 1955
Ronnie Peterson Swedish racing driver pulmonary embolism following racing injury 1978
Dana Plato American actress prescription drug overdose 1999
James F. M. Prinsep English footballer, long-time holder of the record as England's youngest player fighting in Egypt 1895
Joe Orton English playwright bludgeoned to death by his lover Kenneth Halliwell 1967
Bo Rein American college football coach (NC State / LSU) bizarre aircraft crash in Atlantic Ocean, presumed dead 1980
Tim Richmond American NASCAR racing driver AIDS 1989
Chuck Schuldiner American death metal guitarist and singer (Death) pneumonia 2001
Ayrton Senna Brazilian Formula One racing driver crash during race 1994
Elliott Smith American singer-songwriter multiple stab wounds to chest, possibly suicide 2003
Robert Southwell (exact age at death uncertain) British Roman Catholic priest and poet drawn and quartered 1595
Layne Staley American heavy metal/grunge singer (Alice in Chains) cocaine and heroin overdose 2002
Robin Stille American actress Suicide 1996
Michael Ventris British architect, classicist, linguist car accident 1956
Raoul Wallenberg Swedish humanitarian unknown, possibly executed 1947
Simone Weil French philosopher tuberculosis 1943
Weng Weng Filipino actor heart failure 1992
Keith Whitley American country western singer alcohol poisoning 1989
Paul Williams American singer (The Temptations) suicide by gunshot 1973

Aged 35[edit]

Renée Adorée French-American actress tubercolosis 1933
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa Japanese writer suicide 1927
St. Anthony of Padua Portuguese Catholic saint illness 1231
José Burgos Spanish-Filipino nationalist Catholic priest execution 1872
Ed Delahanty American baseball player fell over Niagara Falls 1903
Guy Fawkes English explosives expert hanged 1606
Josh Gibson American baseball player (Negro Leagues) stroke 1947
Charles Griffes American composer influenza 1920
Andy Kaufman American actor, comedian, hoaxer lung cancer 1984
Jonathan Larson American composer aortic dissection 1996
Meriwether Lewis American explorer gunshot 1809
Patrice Lumumba Congolese first Congolese Prime Minister assassinated 1961
Miguel Miramón Mexican general execution 1867
Donnie Moore American baseball pitcher suicide 1989
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Salzburgian composer Rheumatic fever 1791
Phil Ochs American singer suicide by hanging 1976
Ol' Dirty Bastard American rapper (Wu Tang Clan) accidental overdose of cocaine and painkillers 2004
Elis Regina Brazilian singer overdose 1982
José Rizal Filipino novelist, National Hero of the Philippines Spanish firing squad 1896
Jimmie Rodgers American country musician hemorrage brought on by tuberculosis 1933
Philippa Schuyler American musician aircraft crash 1967
Matthias Sindelar Austrian footballer carbon monoxide poisoning 1939
Silk Smitha Indian actress and sex symbol suicide 1996
Bernadette Soubirous French visionary tuberculosis 1879
Wolfe Tone Irish independence leader suicide by stab wounds to throat while awaiting execution in British custody 1798
Stevie Ray Vaughan American blues guitarist helicopter crash 1990
Kellie Waymire American actress cardiac arrhythmia 2003
Lena Zavaroni Scottish pop singer anorexia nervosa 1999
Sir William Wallace Scottish Knight & Scottish patriot executed - drawn, hanged and quartered 1305

Aged 36[edit]

Nick Adams American actor drug overdose 1968
GG Allin American punk rock singer heroin overdose 1993
Alberto Ascari Italian Formula One racing driver crash during testing 1955
Antonio Ascari Italian Formula One racing driver crash during French Grand Prix 1925
Georges Bizet French composer "acute articular rheumatism" 1875
Lord Byron English poet tuberculosis 1824
Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot French mathematician and physicist cholera 1832
Iris Chang American author suicide 2004
Cyril Collard French artist AIDS 1993
George Curry American robber justified homicide 1900
George Armstrong Custer American United States Army cavalry commander killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn 1876
Paul Demayo American bodybuilder heroin overdose 2005
Tip Foster English only man to have captained both England football and cricket teams diabetes 1914
John Gilbert American actor heart attack 1936
Adam Goldstein American club disc jockey known as DJ AM suspected drug overdose 2009
Veronica Guerin Irish journalist homicide 1996
Joe Hall Canadian ice hockey player Spanish flu 1919
Mary Hansen Australian musician in Stereolab car accident 2002
Robin Harris American comedian, actor heart attack 1990
Bruno Hauptmann German Lindbergh kidnapper and killer electrocuted 1936
Doc Holliday American dentist, gambler, gunfighter tuberculosis 1887
Blind Lemon Jefferson American blues singer, songwriter and guitarist heart attack or hypothermia when disoriented during snowstorm 1929
Casey Jones American railroad engineer train accident 1900
Loïc Leferme French free diver drowning 2007
Debbie Linden British actress and model heroin overdose 1996
George Lohmann English cricketer tuberculosis 1901
Ada Lovelace English mathematician uterine cancer 1852
Phil Lynott Irish rock musician (Thin Lizzy) drug overdose 1986
Étienne Louis Malus French mathematician & physicist unknown 1812
Bob Marley Jamaican reggae musician melanoma, started in toe, spread to lung and brain 1981
Madhubala Indian actress heart condition 1969
Steve McNair American former NFL quarterback (Tennessee Titans) homicide 2009
Milan Mladenović Yugoslav rock musician pancreatic cancer 1994
Marilyn Monroe American actress, sex symbol barbiturate overdose, probably intentional 1962
Joe Morris American trumpeter and bandleader cerebral haemorrhage 1958
Tom Murphy Irish actor lymphatic cancer 2007
Fatma Ceren Necipoğlu Turkish harpist plane crash (Air France Flight 447) 2009
Kamala Nehru Indian wife of Jawaharlal Nehru tuberculosis 1936
Kimmo Nevonmaa Finnish composer cerebral haemorrhage 1996
Jaco Pastorius American bass player, former member of Weather Report beaten to death by Luc Havan 1987
Patrick Pearse Irish nationalist execution 1916
Arndt Pekurinen Finnish pacifist execution 1941
Jack Pickford Canadian-born American actor syphilis, alcoholism 1933
Evelyn Preer American actress, singer pneumonia 1932
Herman Potočnik Slovene aerospace engineer pneumonia 1929
Henry Purcell English composer unknown 1695
C. P. Ramanujam Indian mathematician suicide 1974
Rene Requiestas Filipino actor tuberculosis 1993
Maximilien Robespierre French revolutionary leader guillotined 1794
Óscar Carmelo Sánchez Bolivian football player cancer 2007
Jessica Savitch American journalist drowning 1983
Gaetano Scirea Italian footballer car crash 1989
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec French artist alcoholism 1901
Lupe Velez Mexican actress/singer suicide 1944
Gene Vincent American rockabilly musician liver damage from alcoholism 1971
Diana, Princess of Wales British royal, ex-wife of Prince Charles car accident 1997
Peter Warlock (Philip Arnold Heseltine) British composer and music critic gas poisoning 1930
Nathanael West American writer car accident 1940
Jacinto Zamora Filipino priest recognized as national martyr execution 1872

Aged 37[edit]

Mike Bloomfield American guitarist overdose 1981
Robert Burns Scottish poet heart problems 1796
Colin Clive British actor pneumonia 1937
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor English composer pneumonia 1912
King Curtis American saxophonist homicide 1971
Jill Dando British television presenter gunshot 1999
Bobby Darin American singer, actor complications during heart surgery 1973
Guillaume Depardieu French actor pneumonia 2008
Medgar Evers American civil rights activist from Mississippi, recognized as national martyr gunshot in front of his home by Byron De La Beckwith 1963
Justin Fashanu English footballer suicide 1998
Stephen Foster American composer accidental fall 1864
Rosalind Franklin English DNA pioneer ovarian cancer 1958
Alexander Friedman Russian mathematician typhoid fever 1925
Arturo Gatti Italian-Canadian professional boxer homicide 2009
Lou Gehrig American baseball player (New York Yankees) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 1941
Albert Girard French mathematician unknown 1632
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden Swedish King of Sweden killed in Battle of Lützen 1632
Carl Gustav Axel Harnack German mathematician unknown cause 1888
Jacques-René Hébert French revolutionary journalist execution 1794
Mitch Hedberg American comedian drug overdose 2005
Henry III of France French King of France assassination 1589
Winifred Holtby United Kingdom novelist kidney disease 1935
István Horthy Hungarian politician and fighter pilot plane crash 1942
Qusay Hussein Iraqi son of Saddam Hussein and head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service gun battle with US forces 2003
Michael Hutchence Australian rock singer (INXS) suicide; hanged himself by belt 1997
Jam-Master Jay American hip hop DJ (Run-D.M.C.) gunshots from unknown attacker in recording studio 2002
Riku Järvinen Finnish bassist (Sir Elwoodin hiljaiset värit) falling from a balcony 2004
Marie Antoinette French Queen, wife of Louis XVI executed 1793
MC Breed American rapper kidney failure 2008
Joe Meek British record producer suicide 1967
Marilyn Miller United States actress and dancer complications from surgery 1936
Sal Mineo American actor murder by stabbing 1976
Murat Nasyrov Russian-Kazakh singer suicide by jumping 2007
Georg von Peuerbach Austrian/German astronomer, mathematician unknown 1461
Drew Posada American comic book colorist pancreatitis 2007
Ramon Power y Giralt Puerto Rican navy admiral yellow fever 1813
Ernst Paul Heinz Prüfer German mathematician unknown cause 1934
Aleksandr Pushkin Russian playwright, poet gunshot during duel 1837
Raphael Italian artist unknown cause 1520
Arthur Rimbaud French poet gangrene 1891
Thomas Sankara Burkinabé President of Burkina Faso assassination 1987
Franklyn Seales Vincentian actor (Silver Spoons) AIDS 1990
Soraya Colombian-American singer breast cancer 2006
Peter Stefan Czech mathematician accident 1978
John Millington Synge Irish novelist Hodgkin's lymphoma 1909
Evan Tanner American Mixed martial arts fighter suspected hyperthermia 2008
Irving Thalberg American film producer pneumonia 1936
Michael Turner American comic book artist chondrosarcoma 2008
Vincent Van Gogh Dutch painter suicide by gunshot to his chest 1890
Hidehiko Yamabe Japanese mathematician stroke 1960
Yasmine Belgian singer Suicide by hanging 2009

Aged 38[edit]

Guillaume Apollinaire French poet influenza 1918
Caravaggio Italian artist pneumonia 1610
Diana Barrymore American actress suicide 1960
Blackbeard English pirate justified homicide 1718
David Byron English singer, (Uriah Heep) alcohol related complications 1985
Mary Kay Bergman American voice actress (South Park) suicide 1999
Charlotte Brontë English novelist tuberculosis (debated) 1855
Harry Chapin American singer-songwriter car crash 1981
Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates) aircraft crash 1972
Jackie Curtis American actress drug overdose 1985
Dimebag Darrell American guitarist (Pantera) murder 2004
Osamu Dazai Japanese novelist suicide 1948
Ted Demme American film director heart attack 2002
Lolo Ferrari French porn star drug overdose, possible murder 2000
Vernon Forrest American professional boxer homicide 2009
Federico García Lorca Spanish writer shot by Spanish Nationalists 1936
George Gershwin American composer brain tumor 1937
Eddie Guerrero American professional wrestler heart failure 2005
Florence Griffith Joyner American sprinter cavernous angioma, possibly caused by performance-enhancing drugs 1998
Corey Haim Canadian actor pulmonary congestion 2010
Imogen Hassall English actress suicide 1980
Tubby Hayes British jazz musician heart failure 1973
Minako Honda Japanese singer, actress acute myeloid leukemia 2005
John F. Kennedy, Jr American journalist, publisher aircraft crash 1999
Sam Kinison American stand-up comedian car accident caused by drunk driver 1992
Aleksis Kivi Finnish author borreliosis 1872
Alan Kulwicki American NASCAR racing driver plane crash 1993
Mario Lanza American operatic tenor and actor heart attack 1959
J. B. Lenoir American blues singer and songwriter heart attack following injuries from car accident 1967
Sonny Liston American heavyweight boxer drug overdose 1970
Louis XVI of France French King of France execution 1793
Apolinario Mabini Filipino Prime Minister of the Philippines cholera 1903
James MacCullagh Irish mathematician suicide 1847
Anna Malle American pornographic actress car crash 2006
John Matuszak American football player, actor heart failure 1989
Vera Menchik British chess player V-2 rocket 1944
Felix Mendelssohn German composer stroke 1847
Jeff Porcaro American drummer heart attack 1992
Marie Prevost Canadian-born American actress alcoholism, malnutrition 1937
Quorthon Swedish black metal songwriter heart failure 2004
David Rappaport British diminutive actor suicide 1990
Joseph Schmidt Austro-Jewish tenor pneumonia 1942
Charles Kingsford Smith Australian pioneering aviator presumed aircraft crash 1935
Joseph Smith, Jr. American founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) assassination (gunshot and fall from window) 1844
Herman Spöring, Jr. Finnish explorer dysentery complications related to food poisoning 1771
Leonid Stein Russian chess player heart attack 1973
Thomas Joannes Stieltjes Dutch mathematician unknown 1894
Johnny Thunders American glam rock guitarist/singer (New York Dolls) methadone and alcohol poisoning 1991
Bill Williams American game designer cystic fibrosis 1998

Aged 39[edit]

Swami Vivekananda India monk mahasamadhi 1902
Pier Angeli Italian actress suicide 1971
Evald Aav Estonian composer not specified 1939
Dave Batters Canadian politician suicide 2009
Bill Black American bass player for Elvis Presley brain tumour 1965
David Bloom American reporter for NBC deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism 2003
Frédéric Chopin Polish composer tuberculosis 1849
Alfred Clebsch German mathematician diphtheria 1872
Cleopatra VII Egyptian Queen of Egypt suicide 30 BC
Davie Cooper Scottish soccer player cerebral hemorrhage 1995
Crazy Horse Sioux warrior (exact age at death uncertain) assassination 1877
Amelia Earhart American aviator plane disappeared while crossing Pacific Ocean, presumed dead 1937
Mihai Eminescu Romanian poet probable syphilis 1889
Carlo Farina Italian composer and violinist not specified 1639
Brenda Fassie South African pop singer cocaine overdose 2004
Gao Qi Chinese poet executed for "inciting rebellion" 1374
Gidget Gein American musician overdose 2008
Johnny Golden American golfer pneumonia 1936
Felix Gonzalez-Torres American artist AIDS 1996
Che Guevara Argentine Marxist revolutionary and Cuban guerrilla leader executed while in Bolivian army’s custody 1967
Tim Hardin American singer, songwriter heroin and morphine overdose 1980
Jaroslav Hašek Czech writer tubercolosis 1923
George Herbert English poet tuberculosis 1633
Craig Heyward American former NFL running back brain tumor 2006
Eldon Hoke American drummer train collision 1997
Uday Hussein Iraqi son of Saddam Hussein gun battle with US forces 2003
Johnny "J" American music producer suicide 2008
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson American Confederate Civil War general pneumonia - result of friendly-fire 1863
Philip Jourdain English mathematician Friedreich's ataxia 1919
Graciano López Jaena Filipino journalist and writer tuberculosis 1896
Kenneth Keith Kallenbach American comedian (The Wack Pack) pneumonia 2008
Michael Kennedy American son of Robert F. Kennedy skiing accident 1997
Martin Luther King, Jr. American Nobel laureate, minister, civil rights activist gunshot 1968
Meena Kumari Indian actress Cirrhosis of the liver 1972
Suzanne Lenglen American tennis player leukemia 1938
Billy Mackenzie Scottish musician suicide 1997
Van McCoy American record producer heart attack 1979
Colin McRae Scottish rally driver helicopter crash 2007
Jean Baptiste Meusnier French mathematician killed in action 1793
Veronica Micle Romanian poet suicide by arsenic 1889
Carl Morton American baseball pitcher heart attack after jogging 1983
Mitch Mullany American actor, comedian diabetes related stroke 2008
Klaus Nomi German singer AIDS 1983
Flannery O'Connor American Author lupus 1964
Kevin O'Halloran Australian swimmer accidentally shot himself 1976
Blaise Pascal French mathematician and philosopher possibly tuberculosis or stomach cancer 1662
Barbara Payton American actress heart and liver failure 1967
Howard Taylor Ricketts American pathologist typhus 1910
Bernhard Riemann German mathematician tuberculosis 1866
Bartholomew Roberts Welsh pirate justified homicide 1722
Pio Sagapolutele American Samoan American football player aneurysm 2009
Anna Nicole Smith American model and actress overdose 2007
Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog) British Wrestler heart attack 2002
Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki Finnish musician alcohol-related health ailments 1987
Jermaine Stewart American musician AIDS 1997
Dylan Thomas Welsh poet alcohol poisoning 1953
Evangelista Torricelli Italian physicist and mathematician typhoid fever 1647
Georges Vézina Canadian ice hockey goaltender (Canadien) tuberculosis 1926
Carl Maria von Weber German composer tuberculosis 1826
Dan White American politician suicide 1985
Dennis Wilson American rock and roll musician (The Beach Boys) drowning due to intoxication 1983
Malcolm X American leader of militant black nationalism gunshots 1965
Karen Young American disco singer bleeding ulcer 1991
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Jordanian Al Qaeda leader bomb attack 2006
Guru Dutt Indian actor and director suicide 1964

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