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Usman Alimov is a Grand Mufti (Chief Mufti) of Uzbekistan. Was appointed in August 8, 2006, succeeded Abdurashid Bahromov.


After referring to his illness former Grand Mufti of Uzbekistan Abdurashid Bahromov, resided. After that Mejlis of Ulama of Uzbekistan decided to elect Usman Alimov as new Grand Mufti of Uzbekistan.


He was born on January 1, 1950 in the town of Ishtikhon in Samarqand Region. In 1957–67 studied a school 57, named after Alisher Navoi in his home town. His religion education he acquired in Miri Arab madrassah in Bukhara in 1982-1983s. And lately he graduated Tashkent Islam Institution named after Imom al-Bukhari in 1987.


Beginning from 1987 he worked as imam of 'Imam Bukhari' mosque in Payariq town. Later in 1989-90s he studied at Karaviyin University in Morocco. After university he continued his job in "Imam Bukhari" mosque of Payariq. Starting from January 2000 was appointed as Grand Mufti of Samarkand Region (Viloyat). In August 8 of year 2006 he was appointed Chief Mufti of Uzbekistan.


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