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This WikiProject is still in its formative stages. Any input would be appreciated.

WikiProject Geopolitical entities not recognised as states
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WikiProject Geopolitical entities not recognised as states
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This WikiProject aims to add, organize, fill out, and provide a standard format for articles about those regions in the world which have declared independence, and maintain a de facto sovereignty, but are conspicuously unrecognized in international circles. Many of these have very poor articles, or no articles at all, and many lack depth, without articles on key figures.

Fictional countries, or micronations are excluded. Only those entities claiming to be a country which exercise military control over territory will be included.

Target areas[edit]

Some coverage of relevant theory would be nice, as well as prominent leaders, cities and other areas of note within these regions.

Former geopolitical entities not recognised as states[edit]


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  • Footnotes to History – This work provides an overview of ephemeral states, micronations, secessionist states