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Wine Country Casual is a dress code commonly cited in invitations to events in California's wine-growing regions. This dress code embodies the formality and appropriateness of "business casual,"[1] balanced with the laid-back, country feeling of a vineyard.[2] Within "wine country casual" there is a spectrum of acceptability, from somewhat dressy (dress pants, jacket, cocktail dresses paired with flats) to more casual (including denim and sandals) depending on the event and ultimately your individual preferences. Imagine country club goes wine tasting in a vineyard. The exercise of defining this dress code is highly subjective, and so this article errs on the conservative side in offering suggestions.

For men, suggestions for wine country casual include:

For women, the options are much more varied (in style, but still casual):[3]

  • pants (dress pants, light colored, linen, khakis, chinos, avoid tightly fitted)
  • skirts (no minis, not restrictive)
  • dresses (light fabrics, light colors, no minis; if sleeveless, probably needs a sweater or other shoulder covering for the evening or a business event)
  • tops ( collared shirt, light fabrics like silk or linen)
  • shoes (walkable, closed toe or a sandal if summertime, a wedge or kitten height if a heel is preferred, no stiletto heels)


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