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JGC Corp. is headquartered in the Queen's Tower A building (left) in Queen's Square Yokohama in the Minato Mirai 21 area.

JGC Corp. (日揮株式会社 Nikki kabushiki gaisha?), formerly Japan Gasoline Co. (日本揮発油株式会社 Nihon kihatsuyu kabushiki gaisha?), is a global engineering company headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. It is listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company was founded on 25 October 1928. In 1976, it changed its original name from Japan Gasoline Co. to JGC Corp. JGC Corp. participates in the design and construction of large energy projects, such as Al Zour Refinery, Nigeria LNG, Pearl GTL, Ichthys LNG, Gorgon LNG, Tangguh LNG and Dolphin Gas Project.[1][2][3]


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