List of wars involving the People's Republic of China

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The following is a List of wars and conflicts involving the People's Republic of China.

War People's Republic of China and allies Opponents Result
Chinese Civil War
Communist Party Nationalist China Victory (to the Communist Party)
Battle of Chamdo
 China Tibet Tibet Victory
  • Incorporation of Tibet into the PRC.
Korean War
 North Korea
 Soviet Union
 South Korea
 United States
 United Kingdom
Ethiopian Empire Ethiopia
 New Zealand
Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935.svg Greece
 South Africa
Tibetan Uprising
 China Tibet Chushi Gangdruk Victory
  • Uprising suppressed.
Vietnam War
Vietnam North Vietnam
Viet Cong FNL
Flag of Democratic Kampuchea.svg Khmer Rouge
Laos Pathet Lao
Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg United States
Flag of South Vietnam.svg South Vietnam
 South Korea
 New Zealand
Flag of Laos (1952-1975).svg Kingdom of Laos
Cambodia Khmer Republic
Withdrawal (1970)[2]
Sino-Indian War
 China  India Victory
Chola Incident
 China  India Defeat
Zhenbao Island Incident
 China  Soviet Union Status quo ante bellum
Sino-Vietnamese War
 China  Vietnam Both sides claim victory
Johnson South Reef Skirmish
 China  Vietnam Victory

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  1. ^ Although main fighting ceased in 1950, warfare with the Republic of China continued throughout the 1950s and 1960s with the
  2. ^ Ang, Cheng Guan, Ending the Vietnam War: The Vietnamese Communists' Perspective, p. 27.