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Meebo brandtag.png
Meebo Logo
Meboo website homepage.jpg
Meebo's homepage as of December 2011.
Web address

"Together is Better"
(September 2007- November 2011)

"More of What You Love" (November 2011-present)
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Social networking service
Registration Optional
Available in Multilingual
Owner Google Inc.
Created by Sandy Jen
Seth Sternberg
Elaine Wherry[1]
Launched September 2005[2]
Alexa rank negative increase 100,804 (April 2014)[3]
Current status All products have been discontinued.

Meebo was an advertising-supported embedded social media platform.[4] It began in 2005 as a browser based instant messaging program which supported multiple IM services, including Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, MySpaceIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, CafeMom, Zorpia, and others.

Meebo was founded in September 2005 by Sandy Jen, Seth Sternberg, and Elaine Wherry, and was based in Mountain View, California.[5]

Meebo also developed a version of Meebo for use on the iPhone[6] and a native application that runs on Android mobile phones.[7]

In June 2012, Google Inc. acquired Meebo as a companion to Google+.[8]


Meebo received funding from Sequoia Capital on December 15, 2005.[9] Meebo includes features such as invisible sign on (to prevent others from knowing when a user connects) and simultaneous connections to multiple IM services.[10] Early angel investors in Meebo include Auren Hoffman and Marc Andreessen.[11]

On August 2, 2006, Meebo launched the "meebo me" widget, which allows users to embed a version of Meebo on their personal website. Additionally, on October 11, 2006, they announced a partnership with Amie Street to include the "meebo me" widget on each Amie Street user page.[12][13]

Meebo allows some people who are behind firewalled networks (networks that block the various instant messaging protocols but have not blocked the domain name) to connect to instant messaging services due to the fact the user connects to only port 443 (HTTPS) and the Meebo service itself then connects to the various instant messaging protocols.[14]

  • As of May 14, 2007, Meebo incorporated "Meebo Rooms". Users of Meebo can connect to chat rooms or host their own for which multiple friends can join and chat. Meebo Rooms also grants a degree of control to the user with invite and ban authority. Classic Meebo was updated to reflect the release prior to Meebo Rooms to allow users with outdated browsers to continue to use meebo.[15]
  • On September 10, 2007, Meebo announced support for file transfers between users.[16]
  • In April 2008, Meebo secured $25M in venture capital funding.[17]
  • In November 2008, Meebo launched Meebo for Android.[18]
  • In December 2008, Meebo added support for two new IM networks, Myspace IM and Facebook Chat.[19]
  • In December 2009, Meebo launched Meebo Bar, a gadget that let visitors use Meebo from the bottom of a webpage. It replaces Community IM.
  • In February 2010, Meebo launched Meebo for iPhone and iPod Touch.[20]
  • In May 2010, the original Meebo Rooms service was discontinued as Meebo believed that it no longer fit their core mission of connecting users with their closest friends. The old public rooms remained online, but could only be accessed by users who added the room to their friends list before the service was discontinued. User responses to the change have been overwhelmingly negative, with many describing the rooms as places that allowed them to create meaningful friendships or as the primary reason that they used Meebo.[21][22] Since the change, the service, which previously featured several active communities, has fallen into disuse.[23] Users can still create private rooms which are password-protected, non-searchable, and require them to invite their friends.[24]
  • In September 2010, Meebo launched Meebo for BlackBerry.
  • In December 2010, Meebo secured another $27.5M in venture capital funding. This brings their total funding amount to around $70M.[25]
  • In August 2011, Meebo announced that all rooms would cease to be available in October 2011. No explanation for the cancellation was given, and user response was overwhelmingly negative.[26]
  • In November 2011, Meebo announced it reached 250 million monthly global visitors.[27]
  • In November 2011, Meebo went through major changes including new features and a new logo.
  • On June 4, 2012 Meebo announced through Meebo Blog that they "have entered into an agreement to be acquired by Google".[28][29]
  • On July 11, 2012, all of Meebo's products, except for the Meebo Bar, were discontinued. [30]
  • On June 6, 2013, the Meebo Bar was discontinued.[31]

Social integration[edit]

Meebo has been integrated into many Social Networking sites for IM features between users. The Meebo look will have changed and be replaced by the site's branding, but still uses Meebo's API's.


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