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Black Duck Software Inc
Privately held
Industry Development software
Founded Massachusetts, USA (2002)
Headquarters Burlington, MA
Key people
Lou Shipley, President & CEO
Products Black Duck Code Center
Black Duck Protex
Black Duck Export
Black Duck Hub
Professional Services
Slogan Intelligent Management of Open Source Software

Black Duck Software is a private company which headquarters are based in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. Black Duck Software is a provider of solutions to help companies secure, streamline, and manage the use of open source software (OSS). The company’s products and services allow organizations to analyze the composition of software source code and binary files, search for reusable code, manage open source and third-party code approval, honor the legal obligations associated with mixed-origin code, and monitor related security vulnerabilities.[1][2][3]

In 2015, Black Duck released new tools to help security and development teams identify and remediate security vulnerabilities. The Black Duck Hub's [4] lightweight scanning, tracking, and monitoring solution helps find and mitigate open source risks across application portfolios. And the free Black Duck Vulnerability Plugin for Jenkins [5] extracts dependency data from the Jenkins build and automates the discovery of open source software used within projects while detecting known security vulnerabilities.

In 2011, Black Duck acquired the open source business strategy consulting company Olliance Group which organizes and manages the Open Source Think Tank conference on the commercial application of open source, mobile and cloud computing technologies. In 2013, the Olliance Group fully integrated into the company, changing its name to Black Duck Consulting.[6]

Black Duck Software maintains a KnowledgeBase of open source and third party components - most of which are available on the Internet. Each component is characterized by metadata such as license, language, version, author, and known security vulnerabilities. Black Duck products use this information to facilitate search, selection, approval, auditing and tracking of software components. Black Duck Software also maintains the open source search engine Ohloh Code,[7] a free resource for software developers, and Open Hub, a free public directory of open source projects and contributors.

Black Duck Software maintains the Open Source Delivers[8] industry blog on the adoption and enablement of OSS, and the Open Source Resource Center (OSRC).[9]


Douglas (Doug) Levin founded Black Duck in 2002. Black Duck Software began shipping its first product, Protex, in 2004. In July 2004, the company had its first round of venture capital funding for $5 million, with investments from Flagship Ventures and General Catalyst Partners.[10][11]

In March 2005, the company announced a hosted service, Black Duck Transact[12] In June 2005, a second round of funding added $12 million in investment capital led by Fidelity Ventures of Boston and including Intel Capital (a division of Intel Corporation), SAP Ventures (a division of SAP AG) and Red Hat, along with existing investors Flagship Ventures and General Catalyst Partners.[13] Throughout 2005, the company created partnerships with other open source organizations, including Red Hat, the Open Source Software Institute, Sourceforge, and Olliance Group [31].

During 2006 Black Duck integrated Protex with the IBM Rational[14] management platform[15] and released the Black Duck Export product.[16] Also in 2006, the company expanded its distribution network to include resellers in Australia, New Zealand,[17] the UK,[18] Israel,[19] and Korea.[20]

In February 2007, Black Duck Software completed a third round of venture capital investment for $12 million, led by Focus Ventures and also including existing investors.[21] The company joined the Open Solutions Alliance[22] in April 2007, received IBM SOA Specialty acceptance in October[23] and, in November 2007, added distribution partners in Hong Kong.[24] Also in November 2007, the company began a distribution partnership with NEC in Japan.[25]

On January 28, 2008, Black Duck introduced Black Duck Code Center, a role-based management system for mixed-origin software development.[26] [27]

On April 28, 2008, Black Duck Software acquired the assets and technologies of open source code search engine Koders. The Koders search engine will remain free of charge.[28]

On February 10, 2009, the company announced Tim Yeaton as the new President and CEO of Black Duck Software.[29]

On October 5, 2010, Black Duck Software acquired, a free public directory of open source software and OSS users, from Geeknet.[30]

In January 2011, Black Duck acquired The Olliance Group, a privately held independent open source business and strategy consulting firm.[31]

In October 2013, the Olliance Group changed its name to Black Duck Consulting.

In December 2013, the company announced Lou Shipley as the new President and CEO of Black Duck Software.[32]

On July 15, 2014, became Black Duck Open Hub.[33]

In September 2014, Black Duck secured a $20 million investment round led by General Catalyst Venture Partners, along with all other existing investors.[34]

In April 2015, Black Duck announced the launch of the Black Duck Hub, [35] a lightweight scanning solution to help security and development teams find and remediate open source security vulnerabilities across their application portfolios.


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