British passport (Montserrat)

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Montserratian passport
British passport (Montserrat) new.jpg
Front cover of the British Montserrat passport
Montserratian passport information page
Issued byUnited KingdomMontserrat Governor of Montserrat on behalf of
United Kingdom Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
(on the advice of the
United Kingdom Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs), at the request of the
Montserrat Government of Montserrat made to the
United KingdomMontserrat Deputy Governor of Montserrat
Type of documentPassport
Eligibility requirementsBritish Overseas Territories citizens connected to the Montserrat
Expiration10 years for adults aged 16 or over, 5 years for children

The British passport (Montserrat) issued to British Overseas Territory Citizens who live in, or have a connection (for example by birth, naturalisation or by descent) with Montserrat. From 2015, all Montserratian passports are issued by Her Majesty's Passport Office in the United Kingdom. Although Montserrat is a full member of the Caribbean Community, its passport does not conform to the CARICOM passport common design.

Passport statement[edit]

Montserratian contain on their inside cover the following words in English only:

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