Bubba Cola

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Bubba Cola
Bubba Cola's new label as of late 2005 and early 2006
Type Soft Drink
Manufacturer Cott
Distributor Save-A-Lot
Country of origin United States
Flavour Cola
Variants Diet Bubba Cola
Related products Sam's Choice Cola

Bubba Cola is an inexpensive brand of cola distributed by discount retail chain Save-A-Lot of Earth City, Missouri, United States.

Twelve-ounce cans are sold at a cost of only 17¢ per unit in a bid to get consumers to sample the brand; competing with the 25¢ Wal-Mart's Sam's Choice Cola distributed via vending machine. 2-liter bottles are usually sold at a price of about 63-68¢, depending on the store location, and any ad sales at those locations. Despite, or perhaps because of the brand's low cost, it has attracted a following among soft drink fans as an alternative to major brands.[citation needed]

Save-A-Lot chose to retain Bubba Cola's name after online voters showed support for the "memorable" and "distinctive" brand in 2009.[1]


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